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Beaver Beacon 2011 Archive

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January 2011 Beaver Beacon

February 2011 Beaver Beacon

March 2011 Beaver Beacon

April 2011 Beaver Beacon

January 2011
February 2011
March 2011
April 2011
  • News from the Townships
  • Santa for Soldiers
  • Christmas for, and by, the Kids
  • On This Date
  • For a Clear Approach (Township Airport clearing complete)
  • Beaver Island District Library News
  • More Shoreline Protected
  • Pretty in Pink
  • Foundations
  • "Poem of the Year" : Snow
  • One Hundred Years Ago
  • The Charlevoix County Community Foundation does Well, and Good
  • Stargazing on Whiskey Point
  • A little History about History
  • It's to let your belly Laugh: The Beaver Island Comedy Group's Holiday Hilarity II
  • It's to Give Back: A Dream Trip for Father Pat
  • Heart of the Winter
  • Northern Lights All-League Teams
  • The Lynne Marie
  • Congratulations to Brian Sommer
  • 2nd Annual Lake G Winter Fest to be held Saturday, February 19 Video Link: Lake Geneserath Winter Fest
  • News from the Townships
  • Happy Tails a waggin'
  • A posse of poets
  • Note Worthy
  • Winter Wind
  • Our Old Friend
  • Destination Paradise Bay: "A Dog's Tale"
  • Fresh New Heroes - Six new EMT students as the EMS will mark its 25th anniversary
  • One Hundred Years Ago
  • Economic Growth & the Environment: Challenges & Opportunities
  • Shared stories strengthen with Arranmore
  • 2nd Annual Lake G Winter Fest to be held Saturday, February 19 Video Link: Lake Geneserath Winter Fest
  • February with a light sprinkle of Cardinals
  • Haiku For You
  • Who's the invader
  • Senior Housing Now Available - Forest View Apartments: Windows In
  • Red Hats Off to Thelma
  • There will be a test: What's going on at the School
  • In Memory: Joseph Thomas Schmidt, Jr.
  • Improving our Health Care: The BIRHC Moves Forward, new board members, and an agreement signed with NMH
  • On This Date
  • News from the Townships
  • Northern Michigan Hospital and the Beaver Island Rural Health Center get together
  • Angela LeFevre-Welke selected to serve on NATA airports committee
  • Congratulations, Christie
  • Don Spencer returns to the CCCF Board
  • News from the Library
  • One woman's Inspiration is everyone's gain: Hats off to Mary
  • The Beaver Island Volunteer Corps – an update on current efforts
  • QDM, WC, APR: Lansing update on Wildlife Club efforts
  • Chamber solicits more turkey hunters
  • Thoughts along the Kuebler Trail
  • Haiku for You
  • Beaver Island represented at Outdoorama
  • The St. James Boat Shop: paddling to serenity
  • Letters: About the end of the NREC
  • The last NREC event
  • It's All Green ta Me
  • In Memory: Connie Eicher
  • Everything you wanted to know – about Dogwood
  • On This Date
  • A Day on the Ice: from the Fresh Air Winterfest at Lake G
  • Destination Paradise Bay
  • Students Succeed in the Titan Challenge
  • Letters: Island Roads
  • One Hundred Years Ago
  • News from the Townships
  • How we spend our money: the Budgets
  • Welcome, Archivists (and classical musicians)
  • Forest View Apartments Sneak Peek Tour set for April 17
  • What must be done (and spent) to restore the Whiskey Point Light
  • On This Date
  • A new idea for parlaying Whiskey Island
  • Let's go Sugaring
  • What's new at School
  • Teacher Lauded
  • Budget Tightening
  • Muddy Boots
  • Walden Pond
  • Conn's Cove Preserve Named
  • The Government Boat Pays a Call - the mighty Neah Bay breaking the bay so spring can begin
  • The Great Day on Beaver Island - St. Pat's, the Clan-na-Gael games
  • The artist with a tiger by the tail: Cindy Ricksgers (on the cover)
  • Signs (of spring): Charlie Donaldson announces the change of season
  • First Beaver Island Lighthouse Fund — Couple Starts Scholarship Fund
  • DNR solicits comments on Antler Point Restrictions
    In Memory: David Broder, Sally Davis, June DeRosia, Ellen Hill, Bailey Kathleen Lott O'Donnell
  • Viva Murano (if you bring boots)
  • The Beaver Island Talent Show
  • Order your shirts for Gail's Walk
  • Just One Star
  • New Charlevoix County Community Foundation Staff
  • April Evening Seduction
  • One Hundred Years Ago


Beaver Beacon 2010 Archive

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January 2010 Beaver Beacon

February 2010 Beaver Beacon

March 2010 Beaver Beacon

April 2010 Beaver Beacon

January 2010
February 2010
March 2010
April 2010
  • News from the Townships
  • BICAA awards mini-grants to Community Players and the Recorder Group
  • Island Students help celebrate Christmas
  • On This Date
  • Last Baby
  • Architects Show First Museum Addition Plans
  • C3F Grants towards construction of the senior housing development
  • How the New Museum may look
  • We get Letters (concerning the airport and in support of the town board)
  • View from the End
  • In Memory: Madonna McCafferty, Jim Willis
  • Your Community Food Pantry
  • Thank You Ken!
  • Listen to the Island sing
  • Got Apps? Jeffrey Powers Jr. and Vikas Reddy create amazing success with RedLaser
  • Let's Build a Boat
  • This is how to Fight Fires
  • Welcome to the World: Norah Lynn Scheller, Ko Tidmore, Tripp Redding BeVier, and Samuel W. Fogg
  • One Hundred Years Ago
  • Tip Off
  • This is My Story and I’m Sticking to it
  • Here Came Santa, right down Santa Claus Lane
  • If Only We Had Wings; wait a second, we do
  • Naked Tree with Apples
  • The Ban Stays
  • Largest Maple
  • News from the Townships
  • A letter from the Assessor
  • Finding Gold
  • Natural Resources & Ecotourism Commission
  • Music News – bands lined up for the summer
  • One Hundred Years Ago
  • Eagles off Garden Island
  • The Community Players tell it Like It Is
  • The Winter Carnival
  • Beaver Island Historical Society Acquires Land
  • On This Date Are these the Modern Times
  • Madonna’s eulogy
  • The Blue Jay Knows
  • In Memory: Gordy Hays, Leona Schellenberg
  • The Adventures of Gablo
  • Operation Coal Shovel, and aerials of our ice sheet just starting to form
  • The Mighty Islanders
  • Establishment of the Beaver Island Conservation Club
  • The Beaver Island Wildlife Club
  • News from the Townships
  • New Gunslinger in Town
  • Letter to the Editor: Duplicating Efforts?
  • MLA to hold Great Lakes Lighthouse Preservation Conference June 14-17
  • Bike the Beaver - a new event June 25-27
  • Favorites from The Great Day in Years Past - What will this year bring on March 20?
  • Cara's Coming
  • EMS Expands
  • Beaver Island Ice Classic Underway
  • The Pros and Cons of Clear-cutting
  • Let’s not forget about Biodiversity
  • That good old feeling: Like a Kid Again
  • You may not believe it, but it happened On This Date
  • A very cool party on Lake Geneserath’s ice
  • Quality Deer Management for the Non-hunter
  • What’s Black and White and Red all over
  • Direct from “little ESPN”: Islanders sweep League Titles
  • Tuning up for this year's Music Fest
  • It seems like yesterday, but it was One Hundred Years Ago
  • A Shaggy Dog Story to remember February by
  • Internet: March 15: DSL is now available to 95% of the Island
  • News from the Townships
  • Here they are–the big numbers in our Budgets
  • Fall Turkey Hunt
  • The winner of this year's Beaver Island Ice Classic
  • Paradise Bay Beaver
  • “We’ll dance the snakes Out of Ireland”
  • If it barks like a deer, and rolls over like a deer
  • Beaver Island Wildlife Club's meeting with DNR's Tim Reis and Beaver Island Conservation Club QDMA presentation with Bob DeCharme
  • Living off the Grid
  • Boston Revisited: A view of the Boston Marathon experience from the reminiscences of an Island summer resident written to familiarize Beacon readers with an event that is linked to the Island’s September Marathon
  • Broadband Now available to 95% of Island: Beaver Island to Chicago now 25 milliseconds, round trip!
  • Community Senior Housing Project
  • The dear little girl who stole our hearts
  • Annual School Election in May Important
  • Northern Michigan Hospital Grant to help Beaver Island
  • Was it A Hundred Years Ago, or just yesterday
  • Fresh Air in the Movies
  • Easter Eggs
  • Baroque on Beaver will be "Made in Michigan"
  • Islanders split in Title Tilts; District Dreams don't Come True
  • Beaver Island Citizen of the Year Banquet set for April 24 at the Community Center
  • We give this land – to you, and you, and YOU: Stoffregen Family Donates property to Land Trust
  • Deja Vu – a symphony in five movements, each separated by a decade
  • Let these trout Run Free
  • In Memory: Jene Casper, Thomas M. Flynn, John Aloysius “Allie” McDonough, Vince Olach
  • Joining Beaver Island Hospice
  • Health & Human Services Fair set for September 16
  • New CoA Head Jack Messer visits Team at Community Center

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May 2010 Beaver Beacon

June 2010 Beaver Beacon

July 2010 Beaver Beacon

August 2010 Beaver Beacon

May 2010
June 2010
July 2010
August 2010
  • News from the Townships
  • NRETC (Natural Resources and Ecotourism Committee) Hiking Guides, Garden Island Clean-up, & Forest and Wildlife Management Symposium
  • The Glassman
  • Destination Paradise Bay: the Season’s first Sail
  • A Freak of Nature
  • Running—How to get Started
  • One Hundred Years Ago
  • Sandhills on the Fen
  • A New Book from the BIHS set for release July 1
  • The Second Annual Beaver Island Archipelago Challenge Poker Run set for July 11
  • Aerial photography underway
  • The Eric Fogg Family Spreads the Word
  • Introducing the Human Services Commission
  • Hold the Train
  • The View from the End
  • Whirly Goes Down: An Air Station Detroit US Coast Guard Rescue Helicopter accident reminds us not to become dull to life
  • Let the good times roll: Par for the Course
  • Museum Week Almost finalized
  • Painting on Ice: the art of Mary Stewart Scholl (on the cover)
  • No place like nowhere
  • Beaver Island Volunteer Corps has "Cottage for Karen" foundation in; Framing set for July 10
  • Beaver Island Citizen of the Year
  • Destination Paradise Bay: “What's the ferry ride going to be like?” - Checking in with #45002
  • On This Date
  • Training to Save Beaver Island
  • News from the Townships
  • Townships to acquire / trade / protect Whiskey Island
  • Bringing "Green" to Beaver Island
  • Three Beavers patrol Miller's Marsh
  • A Quiet Morning
  • School Election Strong Support
  • Chamber Moves
  • BIHS Board Seat Opens
  • Senior Housing FONSI Notice
  • Garden Island Cleanup
  • New Library Roundabout
  • A Commitment Ceremony
  • One Hundred Years Ago
  • Homecoming
  • In Memory: Russ Green, Sarah "Sally" Delia
  • The Symposium
  • New C3F Director
  • Which Island?
  • 2010 Island Graduates
  • Drug Money Discovered
  • Par for the Course
  • Baroque on Beaver 2010
  • The Right Stuff
  • Resolute round Garden's little Island
  • May Apple Blossoms
  • On This Date
  • BIRHC Car Raffle
  • Veterans' Memorial Park
  • News from the Townships
  • Mike Myers gets his Due: BICS's Outstanding Person in Education
  • No Tipping
  • Let’s build Green: Beaver Island Association Meeting to feature "Green Building" Presentation
  • Thoughts on the upcoming primary and Beaver Island's county representation
  • Helicopter Rescues
  • Pictures from the annual 2010 Beaver Island 4th of July Parade
  • Health matters; Thanks to the EMTs and the BIRHC
  • Par for the Course
  • Letters to the Editor: About Clear Cuts, Game, and the Wilderness Experience
  • Island Musicians go Baroque
  • 100 years ago, or close to it
  • A Poet’s Island
  • Ruined by Beaver Island
  • Artist Bill Byers to be shown as Montaage's 2010 featured artist
  • Administrator to remain with BI School District
  • The Sinking of the Tiffany
  • The Island’s Resources in Good Hands (coverage of the first NRETC symposium)
  • Honoring our History at Museum Week
  • The Flag Retirement Ceremony
  • Holy Cross 150th
  • Boxes that Sing: the work of Len Chambers
  • Digging up the Past: Northern Michigan University students discover the Burke Farm, Cable's Bay, and south Greenes' Bay.
  • On this Date
  • Leather to the pedal - the 1st Beaver Island Bike Festival, a great new early-summer event fot the Island
  • In Memory: John Boatman, Dale K. Boyles
  • A Heart-warming, well-stocked Food Pantry
  • CMU/BIHS Nature Walks are back
  • News from the Townships
  • Beaver Island Veteran's Park Groundbreaking & Build
  • Let us Sing you a Story: Beaver Tales 2 - as good as it gets!
  • Anybody seen ... Whiskey Island?
  • Every Day is Important: the Stearman biplane circling the Island
  • Par for the Course for this course
  • On this Date
  • Beach Cleanup set for September 11
  • PT at the BIRHC
  • The Glen McDonough Memorial Concert and Music Scholarship
  • The Hit of the Summer: West to Donegal Bay
  • One Hundred Years Ago
  • Irish Tree Love
  • 3 Steps to E-Step - stopping the European Swamp Thistle from taking over
  • Put another nickel in ... Music, music, music
  • Baroque on Beaver 2010; Meet the Artists
  • Hey, hey, what’s that sound, everybody knows what’s goin’ round
  • From Music on the Porch, Museum Week, the Thunder, and this year's Beaver Island Music Festival
  • A U-Maryland prof connects us with . Irish immigrants and communities
  • “Let me see if I’ve got this straight:” How to Build a Bridge
  • Michigan Author Holds Reading at the Beaver Island Library: Freshwater Boys
  • Letters: Forestry

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September 2010 Beaver Beacon

October 2010 Beaver Beacon

November 2010 Beaver Beacon

December 2010 Beaver Beacon

September 2010
October 2010
November 2010
December 2010
  • News from the Townships
  • Amvets Grant $1000 Scholarship
  • Celtic Games Postponed
  • BIRHC Raffle Drawing at Beaver Island Lodge
  • Father Dan Joins BIHS Board
  • The Ten-year Plan for the Municipal Airport
  • October 2 - Bite of Beaver Island
  • Letters to the Editor: Response to Brent Pike's Letter on Forestry
  • Letters to the Editor: Thanks EMS
  • Marathon Course Changes
  • Buy a Brick and support the Beaver Island Veteran Memorial Park
  • Letters to the Editor: Irish Tree Reality
  • Beaver Island Gordons 1861-2010
  • Thanks for a great class
  • Pat Tinney: capturing Beaver Island
  • New Landscape Design-build Company On BI
  • On This Date
  • A Quality Camp-out
  • Letters to the Editor: Clear-Cutting in our public forests, Aspen populations, Game species, and Biodiversity
  • BIRHC Benefit Golf Tournament Big Success
  • New Charlevoix County Forum
  • They’re About to Break Ground: Senior Housing - at Last!
  • Holy Cross Church: Celebrating 150 years of Guidance (September 12 Mass)
  • Health Fair to be held September 16
  • Let there be Art: The Royale Watercolor Society show on Beaver Island
  • One Hundred Years Ago
  • New Culvert for Iron Ore Creek
  • Welcome Trevor Joseph Gorlewski
  • Who's next? Turning 50...
  • Pilot Safety seminar to be held September 18
  • 4 Generations: Alvina Sarah Cornstalk Napont is very proud of her great-grandmotherhood.
  • Jerry's Book
  • Homecoming 2010
  • S/V Juniper; Home Port Traverse City - Destination Paradise Bay - Sailboat + Lightning = Disaster
  • Letters to the Editor: Time for Action with Clear-cuts
  • BI Helping Hands and Island/Munson Hospice
  • View from the End
  • Walls are Up, Roof is On - the Beaver Island Volunteer Corps' Cottage for Karen project is starting to look like a home
  • In Memory: Perry 'Budger' Palmer 1933-2010; Laraine Dawson
  • News from the Townships
  • What Do the Apples Mean?
  • Destination Paradise Bay - MV Nikola Tesla - Home Port: Belgrade, Serbia
  • On This Date
  • Letters: So What's the Real Argument Here?
  • Flag Raising at the new Veteran’s Park
  • BIRHC Thanks the Community
  • A newly-trained tracker tries our trails
  • Native Meanings
  • Have a haiku/don’t mind if I do
  • Attention Green Thumbs
  • BICAA announces Mini-Grant Program
  • One hundred years ago
  • A Month for Running - the Island Boodle and the Marathon
  • At last: senior housing underway
  • Beaver Island Library News
  • Avian Botulism may Arrive
  • Great Lakes Islands
  • Welcome Faolán Leif McGinnity
  • Letters: Beaver Island Roads and the Island’s place in the county
  • As the Island Turns, or, The "Other Side" of a Beaver Tail
  • Goodbye, good friends: In memory: Dan Van Vels, Howard Demorest
  • Army of Volunteers Mobilizes to Attack Phragmites
  • A Day at the Races
  • News from the Townships
  • Here's how we Voted
  • News from the School: Early college, Suzuki Strings, Stained glass windows, Historic action tour
  • CMU to oversee $10 million Great Lakes Restoration grant
  • Another artist does us proud: A glimpse at the art of Rich Sarrazin
  • Avoiding the Big Blow
  • Ruby on Rails
  • Hunter's Dinner; Let 'em Grow
  • Off Sand Bay - the freighter barge McKee Sons
  • Island poets ply their craft
  • One Hundred Years Ago
  • On This Date
  • BIRHC Receives State Funding
  • Letters: Thanks for Never Giving Up!
  • Halloween at the Old Rectory; Trunk or Treat at the Gregg Fellowship Center
  • In Memory: Ruth Catherine Hallahan, Eileen Perry
  • Munson Honors Joyce Runberg
  • The VJ-Day Kiss
  • Line-up at the School: Yellow Ribbon Campaign
  • About Fox Lake
  • A Dig Online A Dig Online
  • Blessing of the Pets
  • Memorial Bricks set at Veterans' Park
  • The beaver Island Rural Health Center Receives Grant from Kellogg Foundation
  • This is the NREC: Developing a Management Plan for Beaver Island's Natural Resources
  • News from the Townships
  • The BIRHC Board needs YOU!
  • On This Date
  • Have a Seat – as long as you're John Johnson
  • Beans acknowledged – Pirate receives prestigious award
  • Welcome: Braxton Wheeler Hart, Brody Alexander Timsak, and Laney Megan Perdue
  • To Dress Up Downtown
  • Island Apples in Chicago
  • Letters: We deserve roads with character
  • Christian Church loses its Pastor
  • Fifty Happy Years
  • Local student gets telecom experience
  • The Israelite Kingdon on High Island
  • Adding up all the chamber does
  • The Beaver Island Comedy Group presents Holiday Hilarity II
  • One Hundred Years Ago
  • 11 11 at 11
  • Sure, the summer has Baroque, but the winter brings the Cantata!
  • Thanks from the Wild
  • Letters: Every generation should pay for themselves
  • In memory of Gail Weede and Don Welke
  • Forest View: soon ready to move in!

Beaver Beacon 2009 Archive

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January 2009 Beaver Beacon

February 2009 Beaver Beacon

March 2009 Beaver Beacon

April 2009 Beaver Beacon

January 2009
February 2009
March 2009
April 2009
  • News from the Townships
  • Letters: ORV Use
  • 26-mile Island marathon being planned as Boston Marathon qualifier
  • Save the date for the Grand Rapids Party - February 28
  • Winter sports seasons off to slippery start
  • Amvets Auxiliary fundraiser for Christmas community events
  • John recognized
  • Meet the Editor ... of Guns & Ammo1
  • Bringing the winter oil
  • How Many Deer?
  • So This Is Christmas
  • Santa's Workshop
  • On This Date
  • In for an old-fashioned winter
  • An Island Traveler
  • Donald's Duck on Tour
  • Good Investments in the recession
  • A chance to serve
  • Coast Guard airlifts Snowmobile Rider
  • One Hundred Years Ago
  • In Memory: Beatrice Bauman, John Crouse, Dolores Gallagher
  • Bio Station recognized by AIA; A Brave Gal; Father to Stay; B/R and PC Posts
  • Welcome back and thank you party on 1-31
  • What to do when stuck in an airport
  • News from the Townships
  • Our Air Ambulance: ready to fly - Island Airways provides air ambulance service
  • Beaver Island Health Center Honors Anne Glendon
  • Win some, lose some - A season of inconvenience of the Islanders
  • On This Date
  • In Memory: Annie HayHoe, Catherine “Georgie" Gatliff, Dolores Gallagher
  • My First Snowmobile Ride – 1979
  • Beaver Island gets out its Pen
  • Hello, Lil, are you open?
  • Ships of Destiny: the Griffon and the Endurance - State wants to drop shipwreck case; Antarctica draws closer through Rand Shackleton's Pure Antarctica
  • The Great Ellipse
  • A Dangerous Trip South, lasting generations
  • Fanny
  • Charlevoix County Future Land Use Plan Public Hearing
  • Charlevoix County Road Commmission Beaver Island garage on infastructure stimulous plan list
  • Citizen of the Year
  • Country Roads
  • One Hundred Years Ago ... Seems like Yesterday
  • News from the Townships
  • AmVets and Paddy Wagons
  • Gary Voogt named NCBA President
  • A Busy Month for the Islanders includes One League Title
  • Six and Two: Not bad for BICS - the Geniuses
  • The New School open for business
  • On This Date
  • Island Engagements
  • The Coast Guard: medical evacuation, one way or another
  • Icemobiling around the Archipelago
  • Not One Dollar More – we hope: Charlevoix's new Dollar "Beaver Island" Toll
  • County Plan Explained
  • Hazardous Duty: Our Heroes “to the rescue,” never mind the risk
  • Tuning up... for Baroque
  • Beaver Island Rural Health Center adds a Stepfather
  • In Memory: Jack O'Reagan: Sweetie McDonough, Frederick Howing
  • An Island Artist’s work goes digital
  • Everything You Always Wanted to Know – about Coyotes
  • News from the Townships
  • Notes on the Island Budget
  • The Budgets
  • Calendar of Island Events
  • A Brighter Light-over there: City of Charlevoix and the Charlevoix Historical Society recieve grant from the Michigan Lighthouse Assistance Program for the Charlevoix South Peir Light
  • The View from Five Hundred Feet: A Sentimental Journey
  • The Elders Speak – and George Anthony has been Listening
  • Library Girds Up
  • Sunbows
  • Road Rally #7
  • The Gertrude K – it seems we hardly knew ye
  • One Hundred Years ago: the more things change, the more they stay the same
  • The music is coming
  • St. James, Serbia
  • Ah, ‘tis great to be Irish – on St. Pat’s
  • The Charlevoix mayor attempts to Defuse Tensions
  • Wind Farms
  • In Memory: Charles K. (Chuckie) Dudley
  • Lady Islanders complete sweep
  • Boys play short-handed but not short-hearted
  • Hockey on the Harbor
  • The Mobile Bay returns to open the harbor for the ferry season to begin
  • A long trip and a deep dive
  • The Kids are Coming
  • Care to sweep the floor – in a Lighthouse?
  • Our Health Center
  • On This Date – and the news that was fit to print (and reprint)

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May 2009 Beaver Beacon

June 2009 Beaver Beacon

July 2009 Beaver Beacon

August 2009 Beaver Beacon

May 2009
June 2009
July 2009
August 2009
  • News from the Townships
  • TDS DSL expansion planned; Cherry Capital Connections makes wireless proposal to Peaine Township
  • A Whiz of a Quiz team - "We Made it to State!"
  • Calendar of Island Events
  • Letters to the Editor: Take Care of the Cemetery
  • Beaver Island Citizen of the Year - congratulations to Jim and Mary Gillingham and the Beaver Island Fire Department
  • On This Date
  • Cormorant Harassment Program
  • Island Athletes Honored
  • Students take Chicago
  • Council on Aging addresses Island audience
  • Things You Should Know about the Beaver Island Rural Health Center
  • BIBCO and Money
  • Beaver Island Community School MEAP Scores among Top in State again!
  • The Great Egg Hunt
  • Welcome to our new Deputy
  • The New Island Whimsy!
  • Letters to the Editor: Gravel Plant
  • In Memory: Phil Gregg, Harold Lounsberry
  • One Hundred Years ago
  • News from the Townships
  • Par For the Course - Beaver Island Golf Course turns 50!
  • About the Glen McDonough Memorial Concert July 11
  • Doing Community Service
  • A full summer calendar of events
  • Beaver Island Rural Health Center Focuses on Gains
  • A Smooth House Move (down Main Street)
  • View from The End
  • A Salty Study in HDR
  • BIRHC Raffle Car Arrives
  • Pinky's Tree
  • The upcoming June 26-28 Beaver Island Air Show featuring the B-25 Yankee Warrior
  • The upcoming July 16-18 Beaver Island Music Festival
  • The upcoming June 26-27 Second Annual Beaver Island Electric Car Show
  • A car, a tree, music, and a plane, Carnac
  • Christening the new-born School
  • Outa Here, for now - Beaver Island Community School Grads ready to move on
  • Beth wins OPiE (outstanding person in education) award
  • Summer Islander makes TCC’s Hall of Fame
  • Talk a walk on the wild side - this year’s enlightening BIHS/CMU Biological Station Nature Walk series
  • Peainers discuss Off-road vehicles
  • Archipelago Challenge - a Beaver Island poker run to be held this summer to benefit the Community Center
  • BICS Strings - Four Beaver Island students play the mainland
  • Who is a real Celt and who's a "Wanna-be"?
  • PABI RTV Raffle
  • Kids fly through Wingin' It! - These kids can act (unless it was no act)
  • One Hundred Years (and one minute) Ago
  • It Really Happened (On This Date)
  • News from the Townships
  • Deeper into the Mine: Cindy Ricksgers approaches a vein of pure gold
  • Destination Paradise Bay: the Fet-Esch
  • Cormorant “fish-eater” refuge or wildlife sanctuary: Hat, Shoe Pismire, Gull: U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service seeks public input.
  • Help: community service from St. Mike’s (Coopersville)
  • On This Date
  • Museum Week: experience a little History
  • Island Firemen Tested
  • Beaver Tales: on stage here now; coming to a theater near you soon?
  • The Wind at our Back (and above our head)
  • One Hundred Years Ago
  • In Memory: Helen Grace Ries, Winifred Mary Claire (LaFreniere) McDonough
  • The summer solstice gathering: the “Ceremony of Unity”
  • Memories of the great Bombing Runs
  • Destination Paradise Bay: the Chippewa, valiant boating at its best
  • Driving down Electric Avenue: “pass the gas, brother”
  • Letters: Invasive Garlic Mustard
  • It’s not just the Thumb (that’s green)
  • News from the Townships
  • Stimulus for Wireless
  • Meet the Artists as Claudia sings - a whirlwind summer gale of music, art, and good fun
  • Anne Glendon Honored
  • Letters: What is the Lighthouse Fellowship?
  • Letters: Fortunate to have EMS
  • Baroque on Beaver
  • Eco-Tour Sightings
  • Destination Paradise Bay: Island Time
  • The Sounds of Island Life
  • On This Date
  • “View from the End”
  • “Par for the Course,” with Fairway Frank
  • Paddle for Food
  • Museum Week
  • Jazzy - rehabilitating an injured fawn
  • Destination Paradise Bay: Auburn Angel
  • A Coast Guard Medivac
  • One Hundred Years Ago
  • In Memory: Sister Marie Eugene, Aaron Ryan Anthony, Bill Conn
  • Jumping for Mongolia
  • The Honest Gull - New Art Studio/Gallery Opens
  • While Standing on Greenes' Bay Below the McFadden Point Hills
  • Testing the Deep from a floating lab
  • The 4th and the 2009 Lighted Boat Parade
  • The Chamber gets tough with the Dang Cormies
  • Ghost Ships of High Island

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September 2009 Beaver Beacon

October 2009 Beaver Beacon

November 2009 Beaver Beacon

December 2009 Beaver Beacon

September 2009

October 2009
November 2009
December 2009
  • News from the Townships
  • Our First Marathon
  • Beaver Island Cultural Arts Association Gifts BICS
  • Vyse Honored
  • On This Date
  • Rhizome Swap Set
  • Capturing the Island’s beauty ... with Paint
  • So you missed out on this year’s Music Festival ... Observations from the Advice Booth
  • LetterS: COA Continues with new Director; Emeritus recognition
  • Goodbye to our Renaissance Man: Phil "Doc" Lange
  • Beans – how it all began
  • Meeting New Friends in High Places: Revisiting South Fox Island
  • The Historical Society's Annual Meeting
  • Quilt Guild's Raffle
  • You're in the Air Force now!
  • AmVets Award Scholarship
  • The Dial-up Era's Over
  • Fall sports start kicking and spiking
  • Celtic Games become the Celtic Festival
  • A Roundball Roundup
  • Annands Celebrate 50 Years on Beaver
  • Food Pantry Prepares to Restock
  • Destination Paradise Bay: Here’s to the Stern
  • Par for the Course
  • One Hundred Years Ago
  • The Municipal Airport: Grow, baby, grow
  • Live Yankee–another good ship goes down
  • What are they talking about – at the Townships
  • Who’s Old House – and what’s Buried in the Yard?
  • Fingers Crossed: both Beaver Island Broadband Inc. & Island Telephone apply for Internet stimulus funds to bring new possibilities to the Island; meanwhile, DSL roll-out delayed until Q1 2010 due to microwave upgrade problem and all local dialup set to end December 8
  • Into These Hands – we Commend our Youth: New Year, New Faces at Beaver Island Community School
  • Islanders run, kick, set and spike to victory
  • A Long Way to Paddle, but he had the Wind at his Back
  • Hey, know what happened – On This Date
  • Remembering Dr. Lange: an evening of friends, family, memories, and more
  • Great athletes, but none could run 26 miles
  • The Beaver Island Celtic Festival: Kilts in the wind
  • The First Beaver Island Marathon: The Run of their Life AND toss the caber over their head
  • They came to Paint
  • Letters: Blessed to have Our Beaver Island Rural Health Center
  • Letters: Good Job Road Commission Employees
  • An Opportunity for BIRHC: the possibility of an expanded affiliation between our Health Center and Northern Michigan Hospital
  • A silver bracelet takes the Grand Tour: Lost and Found: the Good Luck of Good Neighbors
  • Education on the Island
  • Threads, Speak
  • Return to Tara's Meadow
  • Welcome to our world: Katherine Isabelle Moore
  • Photos from Labor Day at Northcutt on Garden Island
  • Destination Paradise Bay: ah, for a moment’s peace
  • Par for the Course
  • One Hundred Years Ago
  • News from the Townships
  • AmVets’ plans for a new Beaver Island Veterans Memorial Park on the former Arranmore Park Site
  • A Dog’s Life - Andy's Grooming and Boarding Barn provides the Island with a new service and convenience for travelers
  • Boodling – it can be a Good Thing
  • Ray Murray; we were honored to have known you
  • View from the End - a Summer Lament
  • On This Date
  • Par For the Course
  • September 4, 2010 Date Set For Marathon 2010 with Planning Underway
  • PABI receives People Fund Grant
  • Volunteerism Alive and well - "Beaver Island Volunteer Corps" formed
  • Will there be an air show or fly-in in 2010?
  • So Far, So Good (Governor Granholm includes Beaver Island Broadband in recommendation group of eight last-mile Michigan applicants for Federal Stimulus funding)
  • News from the Port St. James Association
  • Harold Lounsberry Hunters' Dinner to be held November 14
  • BICAA to fund local artists’ explorations
  • Remembering Harold
  • Cameron, we hardly knew ye
  • Native American studies at BICS
  • One Hundred Years Ago
  • Open Season on winning comes to a close
  • Fight Like a Girl & more


  • News from the Townships
  • Beaver Island sports: Lady Islanders give their all at District Tourney; Are you ready for some basketball?
  • Looking for a Painter
  • BIHS Archive Balloons
  • Lucky Kempker
  • The night they burned Australia (A Homeland Scarred)
  • Gearing up for the Holidays: Children's Lunch and Santa, Ellen Welke Memorial Toy Drive, The Cantata
  • Lighthouse Schol Receives 1.1 million dollar grant for YouthBuild program; Position Available
  • It’s to Laugh: the new Beaver Island Comedy Group
  • Our Focal Point Joins the Red Hats (Construction work underway on the Whiskey Point boathouse)
  • Protecting the Bob S from Storms
  • Shake-up with the Transit Bus
  • The Health Center Linkage: Not Yet
  • Island Comes Together for Emma Lee
  • One Hundred Years Ago
  • In Memory: In Memory: Kathleen Marie (Campbell) Boyle, Larry Malloy, Bill Olson, Eleanor Mooney
  • The Bucket List: Return to Garden Island
  • Two Seasons
  • Veterans Day on Beaver Island
  • On This Very Date
Beaver Beacon 2008 Archive

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January 2008 Beaver Beacon

February 2008 Beaver Beacon

March 2008 Beaver Beacon

April 2008 Beaver Beacon

January 2008
February 2008
March 2008
April 2008
  • News from the Townships
  • I Love to Hunt
  • A Holiday Gathering of Song
  • Thanks to Santa's Helpers
  • Blindscape, Tales from the Ted Zone
  • Beaver Island, in Gingerbread
  • One Hundred Years Ago
  • Economic Conference Wrap-up
  • BIRHC Receives Grant from Charlevoix County Community Foundation
  • School Improvement Plans Moving Forward
  • A Masterful Cantata
  • Local Singer wins Prestigious Award
  • Water Levels
  • First Snow—Time to Go
  • On This Date
  • Irish Crosses
  • Writers’ Retreat Coming
  • Good times, bad times on the court
  • A column from the Beaver Island EMS
  • A Memoir
  • Beaver Island Hospice Receives Grant
  • In Memory: John Works, Sr.
  • Adventures
  • Welcome Graicen Mae
  • Towers, a tease for the coming year
  • News from the Townships
  • Letters: Primary, Secondary, and Seasonal Road Snowplowing
  • Update on Towers
  • Letters: Economic Plan
  • Our Library Improves
  • TDS plans DSL deployment to begin in mid-February, 2008
  • BIRHC thanks Leonor Jacobson, welcomes Cook, McCafferty, and Hansz
  • Winter Sports Action: Hoopin' it up at Hannahville; Islanders take three of four from Rockets
  • Was ist Los, Fraulein?
  • Geo Bee Good
  • One Hundred Years Ago
  • Inland
  • The Art of Lois Stipp
  • Our EMS: the Year-end Report
  • An EMS Reminder: February is Heart Month
  • Welcome to our world: Matthew James Szafoni
  • Letters: Coming together - thanks to everyone who made New Years's a success
  • Irish Crosses - the last in a four part series
  • Printshop Addition Planning
  • On This Date
  • Melissa Bailey: A True Creative Force
  • Catherine “Georgie” Gatliff's 85th
  • “A Great Lakes Jewel” up for a MI Emmy
  • BICS building plans move toward completion
  • PABI Takes a Giant Step
  • In Memory: Grace Hill, Charles Allers, Sarah Higdon Drew, Roy Dale Burge, Fay Kempker
  • News from the Townships
  • Summer Bible School
  • TDS Island broadband DSL system — a taste of the 21st century to ease the winter days
  • Artist's Market
  • The View from Five Hundred Feet: The Night of No Return
  • Citizen of the Year (deadline for nominations is March 30)
  • Thanks from ‘Little Girl’
  • Great Lakes Environmental Budget
  • Letters: Lake Levels In Decline
  • Coast Guard $37.5 million delivery order for 18 new boats to Marinette Marine Corporation.
  • Emerald Isle Technologies - music, and much, much more
  • One Hundred Years Ago
  • Northern Peering - Northern Michigan high-speed ISPs form partnership
  • On This Date
  • Snowmobile Driver Devastated by Friend’s Death
  • Mary: in her own little World
  • PABI Beaver Island Ice Classic underway; calendar of events
  • Safari to Cross Village
  • Islanders bag their limit of Eagles
  • Islanders cap cage campaign on the road
  • Shooting the moon
  • Dealing with waterfowl mortality this spring
  • BIRHC & BIEMS team up for heart-healthy February
  • In memory: Dr. Donald W. Alimenti, Rena Thorsen, Joe Favazza
  • News from the Townships - Township Regular Monthly and Annual Meetings
  • A look at the Township Budgets
  • News from Our Health Center
  • The View from Five Hundred Feet
  • Crossing The Ice - Islanders take a snowmobile trip to Mackinac City over the ice bridge
  • A Fat St. Pat’s
  • The ‘Refuge’ Returns - Garden Island social club Refuge moved off garden to comply with DNR ruling
  • Camp Quality Teen Camp plans for 2008
  • Island Conservancy takes a Big Step Forward
  • Beaver Island’s Jenny Bousquet on NPR
  • Thanks for a successful Chili Cookoff and a great Grand Rapids party.
  • BI Ebay E-store Opens
  • On This Date
  • On the Horizon - Calendar of Events
  • “Jazz and More” to be explored during this summer’s Kids Music
  • Internet: TDS – Simply amazing what a phone line can do
  • A Winter Run to supply the Island with gasoline
  • Lake Lights in Ice
  • Island Ingenuity - the return trip
  • In Memory: Wendy Lynn Weidenhamer, Loretta “Loy” Loyola Malloy, Mary Minogue, Betty Welke, Shirley Gallagher
  • One Hundred Years Ago
  • Islanders Stumble at NLL Tourney; Fall at Districts
  • The Kens Take a Break - Islanders take a trip to the Caribbean Islands
  • Burning the Weed
  • A Concert Evening of Chilean Song, in Recognition of Father Pat Cawley
  • A grand Beaver Island Easter egg hunt
  • A Time to Rhyme, a Season of Meter - April is National Poetry Month
  • The bids are in on school project
  • Christmas computers now grace BIRHC

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May 2008 Beaver Beacon

June 2008 Beaver Beacon

July 2008 Beaver Beacon

August 2008 Beaver Beacon

May 2008
June 2008
July 2008
August 2008
  • News from the Townships
  • Jason Allen - Legislator of the Year
  • Teacher leaving
  • Thunder Coming; Jazz and More Music Camp; Yankee Lady; Museum Week Schedule
  • The Chandler Wells
  • Living Large
  • Beaver Island Community Center Grand Opening
  • Docks Rebuilt; Nature Walks; Charlie’s Car
  • Our Candidates for Township Office
  • A Local Hero; Car Raffle; Lindsey Marries; Flags are Burned
  • A Celebration at Tara’s Meadow
  • McDonough’s Market 75th; A New T-shirt; A beautiful Baby
  • The Electric Car Show; Sunset Picnic
  • Baroque; Fashion Show; Island Calendar; EMS Run
  • Honoring the Island’s Irish Heritage - a day at the Community Center
  • The 4th of July Parade
  • Celebrating the Island’s First Community
  • BIA Lecture Series; the Phragmites Ordinance
  • Kate Wojan; Mary Blocksma; Paul Baron; Silent Auction
  • Nancy does Murano (conclusion)
  • Par for the Course; Ladies Golf
  • One Hundred Years Ago
  • Pirate Captured
  • Keith Grassmick Discovered
  • On This Date
  • Marking Time
  • News from the Townships
  • Beach Trash
  • Beaver Island Community School welcomes new teacher Timothy Eaton
  • Developing a Strategic Plan
  • Destination Paradise Bay
  • Katja and Bob: Modern Day Gypsies
  • A Huge Garage Party in honor of Jerry LaFreniere: Music Benefit + Barn Dance + Pig Roast August 29
  • A Legislative Caucus: what to do about the damn cormorants
  • One Hundred Years Ago
  • Taking Care of What Is Lent Us - A Conservation Easement with the Little Traverse Conservency
  • Thunder Run: Racing for Camp Quality
  • Another Great Museum Week
  • Farmers’ Market Growing (Thursdays 9-11)
  • The Historical Society’s Art Show and Pet Show
  • In Memory: Carl Ray 1946 – 2008
  • The Yankee Lady takes Beaver Islanders on a Bombing Run
  • Par for the Course
  • From Baroque on Beaver: Many favorite classics and some surprise appearances
  • Memories galore at 25th Fashion Show
  • The Beaver Island Association’s Annual Meeting
  • Grants: C3F Supports BIRHC & Hospice
  • Brake for Bufo
  • Traveling Author.Minister Offers Workshop August 24
  • Art in the Harbor: Saturday Art Fairs
  • Ceramics + Papermaking + Book Arts show at CMU
  • Meet the Artists: a show and sale from Livingstone's artists withperformance by Claudia Schmidt
  • On This Date

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September 2008 Beaver Beacon

October 2008 Beaver Beacon

November 2008 Beaver Beacon

December 2008 Beaver Beacon

September 2008
October 2008
November 2008
December 2008
  • News from the Townships
  • Senior Housing Near
  • EMT Class Offered
  • You Too Can be a Hero - Beaver Island Fire Department Fire Fighter 1 and 2 certification classes
  • A Walk on the Wild Side
  • Big Band comes to Beaver Island September 12
  • The View from One Thousand Feet - All in a day’s work
  • Lake Trout May Return
  • On the Lighthouse Quest - a trip to Squaw Island, Lansing Shoal, the South Fox Island lights, Skillagalee, Grays Reef, White Shoal, and the old Waugoshance Lighthouse
  • One Hundred Years Ago
  • Jodie Dewey, we hardly knew yee
  • The CMU Royale Watercolor Society Show
  • Saying Goodbye to Jerry - the "Biggest Garage Party Ever" Music Benefit, Barn Dance & Pig Roast at Unfinished Farms in honor of Jerry
  • In Memory: Max Neils, Jodie Dewey, Jerry LaFreniere
  • Destination Paradise Bay: S/V Snow Goose
  • Destination Paradise Bay: S/V Gunkholer
  • BI’s EVs make the Big News
  • Homecoming 2008 - from the Bud McDonough Memorial Softball Tournament
  • Quality Camping on Beaver Island
  • Par for the Course
  • On This Date
  • News from the Townships
  • Beaver Island Rural Health Center fights on
  • Please Support the Peaine operational millage request
  • A breakdown of what Peaine’s Operating Millage actually funds
  • On This Date
  • Goodbye Forest
  • A Working Sunday at the Dock
  • The new Harbour Market Now Open
  • Arranmore Grotto Stonework
  • Par For the Course
  • The Bite and the Boodle
  • The Mighty, Mighty Celts
  • One Hundred Years Ago
  • An Island Poetry Sampler
  • BICS Sports: Islanders open fall seasons in style
  • Destination Paradise Bay: S/V Filauvent
  • Events again show strong support for our Health Center; Robert’s Health
  • If you missed ‘em on NPR, you can soon get the CD: Pinky Lee
  • The Lake Isle of “It's for Free”
  • In Memory: Brother Kevin Mackey, Fully Present, Fully Faithful; Tim Dwyer
  • Beaver Island Library News
  • Island Son Moves Up
  • Big Sound
  • Our New Teacher
  • News from the Townships
  • Beaver Island Election Results
  • Letter from Jack Gallagher, Peaine Township Supervisor Elect
  • Creating An Island Inventory
  • First Buck
  • Take a Look at our School
  • Island Students Excel
  • On This Date
  • Par For the Course
  • Against the Baiting Ban — the Lake is our protection
  • Islanders cap successful soccer campaign; Volleyball team prepping for Districts
  • The Tug Wendy Anne
  • A Boodle on Wheels — starting a new tradition
  • Eagle sightings on the rise
  • The Big Bradley - Words and music by Barry Pischner; The Braqdley Goes Down
  • Winning The Boodle
  • The View from Above — Fire Department protects Island from disaster
  • Only on Beaver Island
  • This Winter’s projected Logging Operation on the State Land
  • Beach Clean-up Results
  • Welcome Andrew James Grogan and Cameron Marshall Hohn
  • New equipment, services, classes, and providers at the Health Center
  • In Memory: Glenn L. Wood, Jerry Gerstler, Margaret Lynch Gibson, Jerrie Turner, Bea Boyle
  • One Hundred Years Ago
  • The Blessing of the Pets
  • News from the Townships
  • Letters: Thanks from John
  • Support the Beaver Island Chamber of Commerce
  • Islands Unite (the Beaver Island Association to host the Third meeting of the Bi-national Collaborative for the Conservation of the Great Lakes)
  • Mary Acker’s Dream
  • Armistice Day
  • Rich’s rebound
  • Michael Nilles - Officer of the Year
  • Stocking up for a long Winter
  • On This Date
  • Bonneville Rocks the (Community) House
  • Beaver Island Film Fans announces Winter Movie Series
  • Destination: Paradise Bay - USCG 25626; Home Port: Charlevoix
  • Ballast Water Law Upheld
  • Stars are Born ... on the Community Center stage
  • Dropping a wreath to honor the memory of the Carl D. Bradley
  • Closing the Door on Opening the World: Goodbye, Coach Boyle
  • Islanders Claim Final Title for Coach; fall at Districts
  • Winter sports schedule
  • Beaver Island Rural Health Center building partnerships
  • Dexter - the "Marina Dog"
  • The Army and Navy unite; Dan’s cake; a beautiful baby; remembering Emmett
  • One Hundred Years Ago
  • Beautifying the Health Center
  • Protecting the Big Birch
Beaver Beacon 2007 Archive

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January 2007 Beaver Beacon

February 2007 Beaver Beacon

March 2007 Beaver Beacon

April 2007 Beaver Beacon

January  2007
February 2007
March 2007
April 2007
  • No Snow, No Problem – Christmas still brings Much Joy!
  • News from the Townships
  • Coast Guard cancels Live Fire Zones due to public, environmental outcry
  • News from the Beaver Island Wildlife Club
  • Thanks to Dean and the EMS
  • V-6: Island Families
  • A Big Step Forward… for Beaver Island Music: You Don’t Know Me – brilliant new release by Sheri Timsak
  • On This Date
  • In Memory: Clayton A. Kline
  • goes forward
  • Broadband wireless meeting – Joint Township & Public with NG Wireless, Inc. (now Central Solutions, Inc.) – January 17th.
  • Out of the Blue - a serial science fiction story starring people and places of Beaver: Episode 5 Song Lines
  • Don't Pull the Plug on the Great Lakes
  • Beaver Island Calendar of Events
  • Wishlists for Santa
  • Dody Bedford: fascinated by Beaver
  • Islanders open season with double sweep
  • Twelve Days: our school’s Wonderful Christmas program
  • Letters to the Editor: Port St. James Association Actions
  • The Next Big Invasion: Shrimp
  • First Snow, Time to Go
  • Island Firm Merges
  • Knitting toward a Big Goal: 1, 2, 3, 4 … 100,000 ‘Sweaters for Kids’
  • Elsenheimer takes on School Funding Inequalities
  • The AmVets choose Dave
  • Grant for BIYC Arts
  • The Cantata Hits Six
  • One Hundred Years Ago
  • News from the Townships
  • Year-end report from our EMS
  • School board filing deadline nears
  • What can we do to Improve our Roads
  • It’s not easy to save a life on a night like this - the Beaver Island Rural Health Center, EMS, and Coast Guard ship Biscayne Bay team up to achieve a night rescue
  • Is Wireless Broadband almost here, there, and everywhere? Visits from OnWeb90 and Public and Joint Township Meeting with Central Solutions, Inc.
  • On This Date
  • A Bumpy Month for Islanders
  • CMU’s new Academic Center
  • How is it possible? Tim Turns Fifty!
  • Out of the Blue - a serial science fiction story starring people and places of Beaver Episode 6: Certainty
  • Welcoming Yoo
    Goodbye to ‘Papa Bob’
  • Brad and Drew graduate
  • Neal Green receives award
  • One Hundred Years Ago
  • Students Sparkle at the Geo Bee
  • News from the Health Center; BIRHC Plans New Summer Fundraiser
  • About the Cover: the long-delayed snow finally blanketed Beaver Island on January 15th, including the beautiful scenic overlook built by the Friends of the Trails at Martin’s Bluff.
  • News from the Townships
  • some info about BIBCo’s new schedule
  • Island Residents show interest in School Board Openings
  • School building improvements - School Board Chooses BETA Design
  • Island Students Recognized for Commitment to Academics
  • Island Students Outscore Others on MEAP tests
  • Island Roads: Good Enough - Public votes against additional road millage
  • pictures from an afternoon at the Burke Farm
  • One Hundred Years Ago: Strang defended
  • Little Traverse Conservancy reaches out to Our Kids
  • Welcome Ava Lorraine!
  • It's the Little Things that Count
  • Biggest Loser; Biggest Winner
  • Take part in the Citizen of the Year nomination process
  • The Wildlife Club receives input on cormorants
  • Out of the Blue - a serial science fiction story starring people and places of Beaver Episode 7: The Decider
  • On This Date
  • Islanders wrap up their seasons
  • Better WATCH Out
  • News from the Townships, EMS, & reports from the Township Annual Meetings
  • Music camp to accompany sixth Baroque on Beaver
  • Beaver Island: A Great Lakes Jewel stage one coming to completion
  • Honoring Chief Peaine – the new display at Peaine Hall
  • From the 21st Annual Beaver Island Talent Show
  • 2007 Golf Course News
  • Arranmore... Somewhere
  • Upcoming School Election
  • Thanks from AmVets Post 46 and AmVets Auxiliary the generous support of the benefit breakfast for the family of Jean Palmer’s grandson, SP E-4 Nicholas Brown
  • On This Date
  • (on the cover) James Kenwabikise and Skip Duhamel open the harbor
  • The Rewards of being Citizen of the Year
  • In Loving Memory of Ronald Haggard
  • Surprise, Surprise... Happy 60th, Chris!
  • Beaver Island Celebrates the Great Day... photographs from St. Patrick's Day
  • Fireman’s Fund Insurance presentation to the Fire Department
  • One Hundred Years Ago
  • BI Broadband News... Central Solutions on-Island lighting up harbor area
  • Why Do I Like Pancakes?
  • Islanders volleyball stung at Districts by Hornets
  • Basketball team second in first NLL tourney
  • Doing Well by Doing Good - our trip to New Orleans
  • Start Saving! Resale Shop to begin anew
  • Michigan Sued by Foreign Fish

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May 2007 Beaver Beacon

June 2007 Beaver Beacon

July 2007 Beaver Beacon

August 2007 Beaver Beacon

May 2007
June 2007
July 2007
August 2007
  • News from the Townships
  • The fate of Rural EMS is Different
  • News about Music - Baroque on Beaver Summer Music Camp
  • Beaver Island Wildlife Club - a continued effort to improve our wildlife habitat
  • A Community Garden?
  • PABI Road Rally
  • The 6th Citizen of the Year is named
  • Spring Sports Awards, and a farewell to coach Myers
  • What does the Historical Society do? Please vote yes on May 8
  • On This Date
  • Oh my; Mary has done it again
  • One Hundred Years Ago
  • In memory: JoAnne Scripps Hooker, James Martin, Thomas Kleppe
  • Central Solutions Inc. now signing up wireless broadband customers in town
  • Loons return
  • CMU Tracking Smallmouth Bass
  • Non-discrimination on the golf-course: Does Your Biology Prohibit You to Play in the men's league?
  • In a world ruled by Bugs
  • Do you know which way the wind blows? A talk on the downsides of Wind Farming in marginal lcations
  • “You can’t be too careful” to be staged by the Beaver Island Community Players June
  • The American Girl's first run of the season
  • Welcome Philip Mogford
  • Resale Shop lot gets a tree and brush trim
  • News from the Townships; Island Broadband Plans continue
  • Beaver Island Calendar of Events
  • Melissa wins Another Award; Summer Kids Ace College; Islander Graduates
  • Baroque on Beaver Summer Music Camp
  • Beaver Islanders invited to May-Pole Dance at Tara’s Meadow .
  • BIRHC pursuing Digital X-Ray Technology: Senior Housing Facility
  • New Plan for BIRHC Summer Fundraiser
  • Sarah McCafferty - Paramedic!
  • Total Response to Wildfire
  • Loon Trip
  • Wildlife Club Improving Habitat
  • Diamonds on the Water
  • Annual Ladies’ Golf Tourney
  • Honoring BI Women
  • On This Date
  • CMU Summer Field Trip Schedule
  • Inland Lake Eco-Tours
  • Beaver Island Community School Grads Ready to Begin Next Chapter
  • Setting the Resale Shop
  • One Hundred Years Ago
  • News on the ‘evil weed’ - Phragmites Control Update
  • In Memory: Roberta McDonough Huey, Merriam Neurohr, Josephine DeVogel
  • The Art of Sailing
  • PABI's Casino Night
  • Austin Eicher wins Again!
  • The Paradise Bay Pedicab Arrives
  • Team Peterson Claims Road Rally
  • Summertime and the driving is easy (new SUV for the BIRHC summer raffle fundraiser arrives)
  • Letters: Two Sides to Every Story
  • Doc, Doc Goose - a prescription for fun
  • Vote Set for School Improvements
  • News from the Townships
  • Arranmore Grotto underway
  • Switchback July 5 Irish Music Concert to benefit the Aranmore Park Benefit Fund.
  • Inland Seas July Kayak Eco-tours
  • Donovan Langford IV Music Room to be dedicated July 15
  • CMU Summer Nature Walks
  • The Vances and Greggs celebrate; Rachel announces; Eric welds; BICAA recieves check from Charlevoix County Community Foundation to support summer Baroque on Beaver programs
  • Let’s Go Golfing
  • Mitch Ryan comes to town August 2 to speak about his experience working with the Karen people of Burma
  • The Dennis Sullivan comes to the rescue
  • Nets full of Green
  • AmVets ceremony to dispose of unserviceable Flags
  • On This Date
  • Art at Montaage and Livingstone Studio
  • Independence Day events
  • the Big Neils are coming
  • Thunder on the horizon - July 21st
  • Museum Week: the schedule
  • What really happened at the May Pole
  • One Hundred Years Ago
  • In memory: Robert Allen Kenwabikise, Helen Selfridge, Norman L. Banghart, M.D.
  • Save the petals, save the scales: Letters: Where Have all the Flowers Gone? Save the Smallmouth
  • Forrest Powers - on the Dean's list - again.
  • The Amazing Story of the Quilt that Named Itself–and other true tales of art
  • Library loses some services due to state cuts, remains strong with others
  • Support the BIRHC and win wonderful unique packages from locals
  • News from the Townships
  • BIPOA Annual Meeting - Shoreline owners asked to fight Phragmites
  • Upcoming Island Events
  • PABI Sunset Picnic
  • Blob, Glob, and Chuck tour Beaver Island
  • A Farmer’s Market coming to the Paradise Bay Coffee Shop in August
  • Letters to the Editor: in support of School Building
  • Sizzle into Summer: the Annual PABI Beaver Island Fashion Show with fashions from the Boat-Tique
  • Let's Build a Better Boardwalk - repairing ravages wrought by beavers
  • Coming Attractions at the Beaver Island Rural Health Center Auction - an Affair to Remember
  • A Camp Quality Thank-you to the Island!
  • The Fine Art of Ferryboat Sleeping
  • Photographs and stories from Museum Week 2007
  • On This Date
  • Welke Flies AmVets to see the Yankee Lady; Plans underway to bring this B-17 Flying Fortress to the Island next year
  • Baroque On Beaver - four performances and music camp
  • Irish Road Bowling comes to Beaver Island
  • The Mystery at Eleven Feet
  • Gillingham Academic Center Dedicated
  • One Hundred Years Ago
  • The Fourth of July Parade - Main Street’s heavy traffic
  • Boyne Thunder - skimming across Lake Michigan for a good cause
  • New Langford Music Room Dedicated at the Library
  • Charging Around - Paradise Bay Coffee Shop Electric Charging Station
  • Pikes Prevail in Playoff; then Ladies find Perfection

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September 2007 Beaver Beacon

October 2007 Beaver Beacon

October 2007 Beaver Beacon

October 2007 Beaver Beacon

September 2007
November 2007
December 2007
  • News from the Townships
  • September Island Events
  • Beaver Island Community School Recognition Dinner for Joe Moore, Jim and Donna Stambaugh, Jacque LaFreniere, and board members John Fiegen and Linda McDonough 9-15
  • A New School; a thank-you to voters
  • Three New Teachers at the Beaver Island Community School
  • Welcome to our world: Aiden Christian Acevedo
  • Attention Gardeners: Let's plant and maintain a new garden at the Health Center, and beyond...
  • The Lakes: 22" Down and Falling
  • Our New Grinder
  • A Season of Change: MHSAA switches eight scholastic sports’ seasons beginning fall 2007
  • Road Bowling: Every Tuesday at 6:30 - come to Paid een Og’s to watch or roll!
  • Soccer: Islanders Scrimmage Red Hawks; Volleyball: Islanders shine at early tourney
  • Homecoming; Booster Club Thank-You
  • Tough Times for the Tiffany
  • The "Affair to Remember" - Generosity Makes BIRHC Auction a Success!
  • On This Date
  • Little Sand Bay Trail Improvements Complete
  • Great things for harvest at Farmer’s Market
  • Bright reflections and perceptions: from the CMU Royale Watercolor Society
  • One Hundred Years Ago
  • Senior Housing coming Closer
  • A Perfect Day for an Art Fair
  • Making Tiles, Books, and Paper
  • Nurse Practitioner Needed
  • In Memory: Dr. Leonard J. Siudara 1913-2007
  • Island Library Helps Scouts Earn Badges
  • Par for the Course; Trudy’s Tournament; Sowa repeat, sort of
  • Events at the Christian Church
  • Baroque on Beaver: To the Community; Island Tribute
  • News from the Townships
  • Bite of Beaver Island weekend events: the annual Island Boodle 5k/Run Walk, the Bite expanded to both the Holy Cross Hall and a tent across from the Municipal Marina, a performance by the Chenille Sisters at the CMU Auditorium, dancing with a Ceili and Hooley
  • Crossing Lake Geneserath–on Foot
  • New School Building Project fall schedule; State Superintendent of Education Mike Flanagan plans to visit Beaver Island
  • “Island Treasures Resale Shop” to open soon on Donegal Bay Road
  • Beaver Island Rural Health Center Raffle has Record Sales - thanks all those who made raffle a success once again
  • BIPOA thanks community for work on Phragmites
  • A Great Place to Write
  • Fall Sports in Full Swing
  • The Third Annual Beaver Island Celtic Games with the Grand Traverse Pipes & Drums
  • On This Date
  • In Memory: Agnes Bird 1915-2007
  • Draining Lake Michigan - More Information on Water Levels
  • Reunited—the mighty Kahlenberg goes back in the Bob S
  • Remembering our shared tragedy on 9-11
  • Arranmore Grotto Dedicated
  • One Hundred Years Ago
  • Healing & Joy at Tara’s Meadow
  • A Music Benefit at Unfinished Farms that drew the whole Island
  • Letters to the Editor: excessive gravel on Island Roads, Island Dogs deported by law enforcement
  • Nackerman Family Reunion
  • The Annual Bridge Walk
  • Par for the Course
  • Observations from the Advice Booth 2007
  • News from the Townships
  • Letters: Glen Felixson retires as Harbormaster and manager of the Yacht Dock (Municipal Marina) after 17 years
  • Commission on Aging to improve
  • Wireless project to move forward once again following zoning update - construction on three tower sites to commence soon
  • BIRHC Landscaping Begins!
  • A Budding local Writer from the Beaver Island Lighthouse School
  • Halloween at The Stone House
  • Islanders clean up at sloppy Northern Lights League tourney
  • Chenille Sisters Conquer Beaver Island, first the children and then their parents
  • Regulated periodic search of the school for violation of drug-free schools guidelines: nothing found
  • Par for the Course: It was the best of times, it was the best of times. Bill Detwiler, Bob Simpson, Ron Wojan: Fall League Champions .
  • One Hundred Years Ago
  • Happy Birthday, Dear Airplane: Liz and Paul Niehaus' complete bicentennial makeover of their Cessna 172, thanks to the skill of Paul Welke and Island Airways
  • Fastest on the Island. the annual Boodle & Bite of Beaver Island
  • Blessing of the Pets; An old friend on the Horizon, the St. Marys Challenger
  • Low-water reflections: still beautiful (and some improvements at Miller's Marsh, despite the low-water year)
  • On This Date
  • In Memory: Eunice Hendrix, Jim Egbert
  • 20 Thoughts on Phragmites
  • Island Educational Pioneers
  • Algae Monitoring Results
  • Hannahville claims volleyball title
  • The Irish Return
  • Beaver Island Historical Society: a Summary of Activity
  • Tight Little Island II
  • News from the Townships
  • Last run of the Emerald Isle on December 14 (the Beaver Islander will finish the last week)
  • News from the Christian Church
  • School plans begin to take shape
  • Public input wanted for Charlevoix County Vision Statement
  • High hopes in new era of Hoops
  • Pellston hosts'n’ boasts at Districts
  • Sports Boosters Update
  • A Special Flight on the Wings of Mercy
  • A New Name for BIPOA: The Beaver Island Association
  • A letter from Brian Mastenbrook, Wildlife Habitat Biologist: Phragmites Treatment in review
  • Job Shadowing on Beaver Island
  • The Boodle: A Tradition
  • Wireless Internet tower foundations poured
  • TDS press release: DSL Coming Soon to Beaver Island
  • Wintry Road Trip
  • Cindy Ricksgers: Art through time and magic
  • One Hundred Years Ago
  • On This Date
  • It Was Only A Bird; a fitting story by Phil Gregg reprinted for the Holidays
  • In Memory: Joy Green, Sheila Robert, John W. Works, Emmett Martin
  • Clinic grounds get Upgrade
  • Horseshoe Reef; Scientists: Riverbed not eroding
  • Alarming Bird Deaths
  • Holiday Happenings for Kids; New Year's Dance; The Cantata (December 8th and 9th); School Program December 18th
  • Letters: The Gravel, The Dust (on West Side Drive and Fox Lake Road)
  • Michigan Outdoor Writers Association Group to Visit Beaver Island
  • BIRHC Solicits Board Applicants
  • Beaver Island needs Advanced Life Support
  • Letters: Shanghaied to Charlevoix
  • Par for the Course
Beaver Beacon 2006 Archive

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January 2006 Beaver Beacon

February 2006 Beaver Beacon

March 2006 Beaver Beacon

April 2006 Beaver Beacon

January 2006
February 2006
March 2006
April 2006
  • News from the Townships
  • Beaver Island Wildlife Club News
  • A New Release from Fort Solletude
  • Letters: Community Input Needed on Master Plan
  • Give 2006 a Healthy Start - Free Screenings from the BIRHC & EMS
  • An Elegant Elementary Performanc
  • On This Date
  • Community Players stage Captains Outrageous
  • It’s not Christmas without a Cantata
  • The Beaver Island Wind Scale Contest
  • Letters to the Editor: The Cisco
  • Letters to the Editor: ‘Environmentalist’
  • BIBCO saves Christmas
  • Islanders open Winter Sports Season
  • Death by Island: Episode
  • In Memory: Nora McDonough, BuckyVreeland, Daniel Emerald Gallagher, Alex “JR” Cornstalk Jr., David Leslie Wyman
  • Let Him Go-to Let Him Grow
  • The Season’s First Snowshow
  • One Hundred Years Ago
  • In With the New (Cutter)
  • Great Lakes Clean-up Plan Approve
  • Beaver Island Calendar of Events & Upcoming Islander Sports Calendar
  • News from the Townships
  • AMVETS Post 46 Member Appointed Michigan Army Reserve Ambassador
  • Island to get 24’ Rescue Boat from Grand Traverse Bay Band of Chippewa and Odawa Indians
  • Making the Dean’s List
  • CMU Bio Station to Grow with 11,800-square-foot project
  • BIRHC Solicits Board Applicants
  • New Geography Bee winner crowned
  • On This Date
  • Death by Island: Episode 6
  • Humanities students present the world
  • A Resolve to Win
  • Thanks to our Wonderful EMS
  • BIRHC Board tackles Funding Shortfall
  • Beaver Effects
  • Health Fair fares well
  • Is Your Home Unique – a search for interesting Island homes
  • Citizen of the Year Nomination Form; Plans Underway
  • Upcoming DSL Decision
  • Summer Writing Workshop
  • PABI Progress
  • One Hundred Years Ago
  • News from the Townships
  • Supreme Court Ruling Stands – The public has access to the high water mark
  • Chamber of Commerce asks you to nominate your citizen of the year
  • Youth Consortium looking for a new Leader
  • Chili Cook-off set for March 9
  • Recreational Volleyball at the Gym on Monday
  • Beaver Island – Ours to Protect awarded grant
  • Washington Island visits the BIRHC
  • On This Date
  • May 20 - Beaver Island Fire Department Ladies Auxiliary Celebrity Roast of Kathy Speck
  • PABI Works to Settle Dispute with Former Architects
  • Home on the Island - A Unique Chapter of Irish American History
  • Larry Kubic and Jacque LaFreniere join VPN
  • The Revised 2006 Draft Beaver Island Master Plan
  • Island School celebrates President’s Day
  • Island Ritual moves to Alaska . a teaser for St. Patrick’s Day
  • PABI’s “Beaver Island Ice Classic” now that we have a little ice
  • Death by Island: Episode 7
  • Against all odds – Islander Sports
  • In Memory: Alan Gillespie 1930 – 2006, Jerry Sowa 1936 – 2006; A State of Grace For Grace Boyle Matela – 9-9-1937 to 3-1-2005
  • One Hundred Years Ago
  • Beaver Island Calendar of Events
  • News from the Townships & Township Annual Meeting Reports
  • Glen McDonough Music Scholarships
  • School welcomes the first Emerald Isle - welcome spring, good-bye"winter"
  • Phil Gregg receives an Award
  • Welcome Xavier
  • Easter Egg Hunt is on thanks to the AMVETS Post #46 Ladies Auxiliary - April 15th
  • USO’s 65th Birthday
  • Don't miss the Citizen of the Year Banquet - April 22nd at the Shamrock
  • Ladies and Gentlemen - Start Your Engines (for the PABI Road Rally)
  • Looking for a few great houses
  • Upcoming Beaver Island Community Players auditions for "Steel Magnolias"
  • B.S. Contest
  • Islander girls repeat as NLL champs
  • Death by Island - the Final Episode
  • Talent
  • When the Governor came to Town
  • The Great Day on Beaver Island - St. Patrick’s Day 2006
  • On This Date
  • She’s Done it Again - sculpting paper into art
  • Doing Their Part
  • Health Center Moves Ahead
  • Beach Grooming
  • The Wildlife Club Takes Aim - time for action regarding the double-crested cormorant
  • In memory: Arthur Lewis and Ronald Haggard
  • Basketball season wrap-up - Strong district showing caps Islander season
  • One Hundred Years Ago
  • The Evolution of Deerwood
  • Island Calendar

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May 2006 Beaver Beacon

June 2006 Beaver Beacon

July 2006 Beaver Beacon

August 2006 Beaver Beacon

May 2006
June 2006
July 2006
August 2006
  • News from the Townships
  • Bart Stupak Comes to St. James
  • Beaver Island Boathouse Promises CMU Students New Adventures
  • Island Paramedics – a glimpse at just one of their thousand hours of training
  • Jim Wojan named 2005 Beaver Island Citizen of the Year
  • New Natural Beauty Road
  • Changes at the Transfer Station
  • One Hundred Years Ago
  • A Divine Equine Adventure
  • Island Grads!
  • Students receive Community Center update
  • 5th–6th graders strike gold
  • Ireland 2006
  • Big Man Dead: A Kingdom’s End Replayed
  • Beaver Island Calendar of Events
  • PABI Mardi Gras on Beaver
  • Wolves at the Door?
  • In Memory: Margaret Reibel, Doreen Bloch
  • Just give an Artist a Camera - a summer photography show
  • On This Date
  • The Lady Slippers are Coming
  • Christian Church breaks ground on the new Gregg Fellowship Center
  • The Beaver Island Golf Course – a Short Tour
  • News from the Townships; EMS, BIRHC, and BITA Reports
  • CMU Field Trip Schedule
  • Open House and Heritage Celebration at 'Tara's Meadow'
  • Squirrels at Work
  • If you put all your eggs in one Basket -- beautiful cedar baskets available from Steve Connaghan's shop
  • On This Date
  • Public Hearing on the Master Plan
  • Mark your calendars for Baroque on Beaver - A Festival of Classical Music - July 29th and 30th
  • Talking Threads Quilt Raffle
  • Bob Welke inducted into the Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) Hall of Honor in Lansing
  • BIRHC Endowment Plan Update
  • The Chamber in Action
  • Fifth Annual BIRHC Truck Raffle
  • One Hundred Years Ago
  • Restoring the stained glass windows of the Holy Cross Church
  • The children of Russell and Joy Green invite you all to share in the celebration of their parents' 50 years of marriage July 7th.
  • Banquet and Bash Big Hits
  • BICS Graduates Eight
  • The Chief Comes Home - A Ceremony to present artifacts to Peaine Supervisor Works and board.
  • Our Kids can Play - performing at the John Hall Auditorium
  • Beaver Island Calendar of Events
  • Sports Boosters Thanks Community
  • July 4th plans
  • Climate Change and the Great Lakes - July 17th
  • The Good Samaritans keep Coming - Beaver Islanders help out in Grand Bay, Alabama
  • Turkey Challenged
  • Wildlife Club welcomes DNR - talk of some planned 30-acre clear-cuts, habitat for our herd, turkeys, and cormorants
  • AmVets Fund-risers
  • BIHS seeks Board Member
  • Strang Writers: Schedule
  • A peak at Museum Week
  • Big Guns take aim at … the cormorants
  • Letters: Our Life-savers
  • Honoring the memory of Grace Matela
  • Stambaugh Award
  • Thanks for Voting
  • Honoring Paul Nelson
  • Plants Year-around
  • Beaver Island Chirstian Church to hold Kid's Camp
  • News from the Townships & Beaver Island EMS Report
  • New Governmental Building Offices in the old Medical Center Building
  • Wolves are Coming - a CMU and BIOPA nature lecture
  • Photographs from this year's 4th of July parade
  • Blood Drive Set for August 10th
  • On This Date
  • Beaver Island Calendar of Events
  • Celebrating the Living Landscape at Tara’s Meadow
  • Meet the Artist at Livingstone Studio
  • When Will It Be Solved? A search for the Marold II
  • Free Golf Clinics by a teaching pro
  • The 150th Anniversary of the Murder of James Strang
  • Museum Week Events - July 17th-22nd
  • Now You Can Be a Beaver
  • A New Gate for Protar’s Tomb
  • Sparta Cross Country Team runs Beaver
  • The Largest Morel
  • One Hundred Years Ago
  • Kate Wojan Honored
  • Forrest Powers Excels
  • A New CD - Island Time
  • Karioke Outdoors every Wednesday throughout July
  • Wildflowers of Beaver Island - an introduction to all that surrounds
  • Baroque on Beaver Receives C3F support
  • Billy Martin Remembered
  • Phragmites & cormorants: welcome to Beaver Island – now go home
  • News from the Townships, Beaver Island EMS, and BIRHC
  • Calendar of Upcoming Island Events
  • Summer Golf Tournament highlights from the Golf Course
  • A Stop Sign for the Monarchs
  • On This Date
  • “Look Everywhere” – a training session with the Fire Department
  • Help When You are Hurting is Priceless - Vote Yes for the Health Center Millage Renewal
  • on August 8th
  • Board of Education appoints New Officers
  • Keeping Honey Bees Alive on Beaver Island
  • Letters: Thanks to all the Volunteers who helped on the 4th; They're Our Roads
  • One Hundred Years Ago
  • Summer Softball
  • From the 26th Annual Museum Week Events
  • Beaver Island Hospice and Helping Hands-News
  • In Memory: Klaus Mueller 1928-2006
  • BIPOA Annual Meeting - phragmites organization; video underway
  • Helen Pike to celebrate her 90th
  • Launching with a Strat-O-Vette!
  • Madonna caught on a Harley
  • Boyne Thunder – even the cormorants turned their heads to watch
  • An Electrifying Boat Parade to light up the Harbor
  • Ecological Evaluation of Publically Accessible Wetlands
  • A Few of the Many Wildflowers of Beaver Island: the Bottle Gentian
  • Drawing the Map of ‘06
  • Through a Beaver Island Looking Glass
  • Fashions, Songs, and More - the 23rd Annual Fashion Show

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September 2006 Beaver Beacon

October 2006 Beaver Beacon

November 2006 Beaver Beacon

December 2006 Beaver Beacon

September 2006
October 2006
November 2006
December 2006
  • News from the Townships, EMS Report, August Election Results, Legal Alert from BIRHC and Hospice
  • Champion Tree Dedicated
  • Please Buy Truck Raffle Tickets – Help the BIRHC
  • Library Notes: Bring Back Summer Books
  • Historical Society Annual Meeting
  • Island Grandson a Big Hit - Austin Bowersox reaches the PONY League World Series
  • 2006 CMU Watercolor Show
  • Sowa Memorial Golf Outing a rousing success
  • Island Fairy Doors
  • Fundraising Workshop from the CCCF
  • Out of the Blue - a serial science fiction story starring people and places of Beaver. Episode 1: Discoveries
  • Letters to the Editor: Northcutt Building Conflict
  • 2006 Gerard E. Keidel Memorial Golf Tournament
  • One Hundred Years Ago
  • September 7 – Fire Department Propane Emergency Class & Live Burn
  • Thanks to the Hurkmans from the BIFDA
  • Lost in the Woods: Bill/Paul/Ivan Kind/Selfless/Composed
  • BICS Soccer Season Kicksoff
  • A Little Help from Our Friends - Training with the Coast Guard
  • On This Date
  • Mark your calendars for the Celtic Games September 16
  • The Picton Castle, a 179' triple-masted barque, visits Beaver
  • First Flights from New Airline
  • Hunting on Garden - a CD by Jim McIntyre
  • New Books at the Museum: Seamus Metress’s Irish in Michigan, and Antje Price’s Protar: A Different Life.
  • The Homecoming Softball Tournament
  • In Memory: Carol Ann Wierenga, Earl Ayers, Rudy Comes Home
  • Beaver Island featured in Michigan BLUE magazine
  • “The Best Quilt Book in the World!” -- a book signing for Gwen Marston's 23rd Book
  • Former Island Student wins Several Awards - Signé Thomas wins two 1st-place awards
  • A Few Words about Homecoming
  • Observations from the Advice Booth... at the Music Fest
  • Green Slime Returns
  • Needle Notes
  • News from the Townships
  • The Harlem Ambassadors are Coming - October 17.
  • Honoring Jerry
  • EMS Education
  • Fire Department – Into the Flames
  • Out of the Blue - A serial science fiction story starring people and places of Beaver. Episode 2: The Birds.
  • BIPOA Report on Beaver Island Phragmites Program
  • Labor Day Bridge Walk
  • New Township Airport Plow
  • Bartels brings Kahlenberg back, assembled!
  • Beaver Island Cultural Arts Association (BICAA) nonprofit formed
  • Doing Our Part to Reduce Algae
  • A Big Canoe
  • The Second Annual Celtic Games
  • On This Date
  • Letters to the Editor: Regarding Northcutt
  • BIRHC Truck Raffle Ends a Great Success
  • Islanders kick off soccer season
  • May the Peace of the Wilderness be with You
  • BIHS receives figureheads from two schooners
  • One Hundred Years Ago
  • Cover Photograph by Frank Solle -- Islanders make Regionals!
  • News from the Townships
  • November 18th – A Benefit Party for a very good cause
  • Beaver Islanders travel to New Orleans again this February
  • Letters to the Editor: Garden Island and building on state land
  • Boater and environmental concerns over Coast Guard ‘Live Fire’ Zones
  • Just Desserts - December 2, to benefit the Preservation Association
  • Out of the Blue -a serial science fiction story starring people and places of Beaver. Episode 3: Powers
  • Another beautiful Boodle
  • Cox Medendorp Olson lawsuit settled in favor of PABI
  • Kudos to the Chamber for another year of Island publicity well done
  • Lovely Art: it comes Naturally
  • On This Date
  • A Little Dance, a Lot of Dazzle – a night with the Harlem Ambassadors
  • The Maritime Academy pays a Call
  • One Hundred Years Ago
  • Beaver Island Calendar of Events
  • News from the Townships
  • Beaver Island Rural Health Center Solicits Board Applicants
  • Honor Roll at the Beaver Island Community School
  • Response From Our Troops
  • BICS has grades online
  • Thanks to Students - School Community Service Project
  • Let’s Fix the Roads
  • Beaver Island Community Players present Just Desserts
  • Needlers of Beaver Island knitting for babies of Burma
  • Going to See Frank’s Play
  • Our Health Center
  • Winter Sports Return
  • Out of the Blue - a serial science fiction story starring people and places of Beaver. Episode 4: Secrets
  • Environmental Disruptions draw Closer - bird die-offs
  • Debate continues over firing 7,000 lbs. of lead into the lakes (live fire zones)
  • A Fabricator of Fantasies in our midst - Pat Boyle’s Amazing Drawings
  • Wireless in 2007 at last? Two working on broadband plans for next year
  • The Acacia’s new home
  • Don’t Miss Santa - December 16 at the Emerald Isle Hotel
  • School Improvement
  • On This Date
  • Welcome to our world: Lillian Noel Moore & Margaret Abigail McCafferty
  • Local Man becomes new CCCF chairman
  • A New Ferry to our South–or not?
  • ‘Baroque on Beaver’ Tax Exempt, Expanded Concerts
  • A Difficult Hunt this year
  • Charlevoix: No Big Rock Park
  • Veterans’ Day
  • Beaver Islander Jeremy Bearss in Service
  • Pictures from Beaver Island by Carl Ray
  • Mackinaw loads 1,000 Christmas Trees in Cheboygan
  • Ode to Beaver Island
  • 50’ of Ladder, 100’ of Heart; BIFD continues to improve equipment
  • One Hundred Years Ago
Beaver Beacon 2005 Archive

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January 2005 Beaver Beacon

February 2005 Beaver Beacon

March 2005 Beaver Beacon

April 2005 Beaver Beacon

January  2005
February 2005
March 2005
April 2005
  • News from the Townships
  • The Beacon celebrates its 50th Anniversary Issue!
  • Santa and Wife Arrive; School Christmas Program
  • On This Date
  • Breaking Ice for the Last Fuel Run
  • New East Side Fire Hall
  • Winter Wine Tasting Wonderful!
  • Home on the Island
  • The Cisco as a Ghost Ship - Best Christmas Lights of 04
  • From the Cookie Carnival
  • Drive-by Dear Counts
  • A Review of The Emerald Isle Repertory Theatre's Where Are You Christmas?
  • Island Family Travels from Coast to Coast to pick up new yacht
  • Historical Society Progresses
  • GLE Explains Outage
  • Barking Squirrels, Blind Mice, and other Hunting Tails
  • Thirty-two Miles of Water
  • Christmas Cantata
  • Local Artist Cindy Ricksgers on Tour
  • In Memory: John Zanella 1943 – 2004
  • Maylone Enterprises Proposed Broadband Link to Include Beaver Island
  • Little Traverse Conservancy Receives 4-Star Rating
  • One Hundred Years Ago
  • News from the Townships
  • Beaver Island Community School Board of Education Filing Deadline February 8, 2005
  • Celebrity Roast May 21
  • School Board members Honored
  • Grace and Joe retire from the BIRHC
  • Community Players to present A Bull in a China Shop February 25-26
  • BICS Student Council/Catholic Youth Organization Tsunami Relief Soup Cook-off
  • Matching funds sought for Student Community Service Awards
  • Nominations wanted for Beaver Island Chamber of Commerce Citizen of the Year Awards
  • St. Patrick’s Day Games March 19th; Grand Rapids Party February 26
  • CCCF’s past YAC Grants
  • Enjoying Islander Sports
  • On This Date
  • Shipping Up
  • In Memory: Regina Kay Kakac, Grace Niedbala, Lester D. Connaghan
  • Poetry: Reunion on Beaver Island
  • Strang play debuts in TC
  • Signé Thomas Brings Home Gold... Again!
  • Students put photography into focus
  • One Hundred Years Ago
  • The Beaver Island Experience
  • Snow Dust
  • Beaver Island Wildlife Club–A Look at 2004
  • BIRHC’s Annual Meeting
  • BITA receives Final Report
  • A Year of Rising Water
  • News from the Townships
  • Preliminary Plan for Peaine Township Hall Addition
  • Chamber of Commerce Elects Officers
  • Tip of the Mitt offers help
  • Undaunted PABI Board Sets Goals for 2005
  • Birds, birds and more birds
  • On This Date
  • Islanders win Championship
  • The King and his Wives
  • Museum Week Dates Changed to July 11-16, 2005
  • Karen Whitecraft: Balancing Two Worlds
  • Island Students make Dean’s Lists
  • BIHS Receives Grant for Bob S Roof at Marine Museum
  • Beaver Island Community Players present Bull in a China Shop starring Beth Croswhite, John Fiegen, Abby Fogarty, Lisa Gillespie, Brenna Green, Donna Stambaugh, Bill McDonough, Bob Bass, Karen Whitecraft, and Elaine West.
  • From Snow Storm to Sunshine – The True Connection
  • Fighting Invasive Species
  • Letters to the Editor: Tree Cutting
  • Know of someone who should be Citizen of the Year?
  • Golden Wedding Anniversary: Harold and Rosemary Smith
  • In Memory: Darrell Anthony 1959–2005, Adrian VanderLinde 1923–2005, Pat Burris 1931–2005, Bernadine Jouzapaitis 1912–2005
  • One Hundred Years Ago
  • News from the Townships
  • Townships’ Annual Meetings
  • The Age of Restoration
  • Upcoming School Election
  • Out for Beaver - an Expedition with Beaver Island's Trapper
  • Many old favorites and some surprising new Talent, at the Talent Show
  • On This Date
  • Gaelic, anyone?
  • The Celtic Games
  • Eggs in the Snow, you know
  • Chili Cook-off Sizzles
  • PABI Road Rally
  • A House on the Move
  • BIRHC News; North Flight services, billing, and insurance
  • The Annual St. Patrick’s Day Games, with a new twist due to mother nature
  • Goldie and the Three Bears
  • One Hundred Years Ago
  • Beaver Islanders do Peru
  • In Memory – Grace Boyle Matela
  • An Invitation to Gail Norton

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May 2005 Beaver Beacon

June 2005 Beaver Beacon

July 2005 Beaver Beacon

August 2005 Beaver Beacon

May 2005
June 2005
July 2005
August 2005
  • Phil and Lil Gregg: Beaver Island Citizens of the Year
  • Dan Gentle: A Consummate Craftsman on Paid een Og's Road
  • Being Careful on the Water - Cold Water Dangers
  • EMT Cold Water Rescue
  • When Pirates Ruled Beaver Island
  • On This Date
  • The Acacia's Last Icebreak
  • New Artwork at Mary's Studio
  • Township News
  • Charlevoix County Board of Commissioners
  • Workplace Smoking Ban
  • Open Houses Abound on June 18th
  • Museum Week Shaping Up
  • Laurain Lodge Annual Morel Contest
  • 2005 Gatliff Family Reunion
  • Cholesterol Testing now available at the BIRHC
  • Turkeys go Wild
  • Garden Center to Move
  • New Beaver Island Businesses Announced
  • EMS E-Car
  • The Launching of the New Mackinaw
  • A Visit from the C. G.
  • Islanders take a Trip
  • All Night Party follows Junior/Senior Banquet
  • Beaver Island’s Boating Options Expand
  • Letters to the Editor
  • Commission on Aging provides services and care on Beaver Island
  • One Hundred Years Ago
  • News from the Townships
  • The Verdict is in: Charlevoix's out (a million dollars)
  • Familiar Faces, a new Real Estate Company
  • Coast Guard Night Rescue 500 yards from Beaver Island
  • DNR Donegal Bay Land Disposal
  • BIRHC Raffles Best Vehicle Ever
  • Sixth Annual Celebrity Roast
  • CMU Summer Field Trip Schedule, BIPOA Nature Lectures, The Hopi Prophesy, June 18th Open Houses
  • Emerald Isle Rep. Kicks off 2005 Summer Season
  • PABI Third Annual Road Rally
  • On This Date
  • Beaver Head loses a Good Man
  • The 25th Museum Week
  • Diversity, Talent, Promise mark Class of 2005
  • Letters to the Editor
  • Calling All Turkeys
  • Annual Fourth of July Golf Tournament Sunday July 3rd
  • John Albin wins TDS Essay Contest
  • In a Peacock’s Eye
  • In Rememberance: Alexandrine M. Siudara, Matthew Taylor
  • Hospice News
  • “Red Hats” in Jail
  • Is There a Shipwreck Out There?
  • June 25th Open House at the Old Carpenter’s Mill Site
  • Fashion Tea-Silent Auction set for July 8th
  • One Hundred Years Ago
  • News from the Townships
  • 4th of July Schedule of Events - Choir, Parade, Carnival, Clyde Fogg Memorial Boat Parade, Fireworks
  • Jeffrey R. Powers Reaches a Milestone
  • Gallagher-Lanier Family Holds Island Reunion
  • BIRHC Fashion Tea–Silent Auction
  • Letters to the Editor: On Change
  • Beaver Island Music Festival Fundraising Event 2005
  • Looking for Par on The Course
  • New Beaver Island Map, PABI Islandopoly for sale
  • Bob S roof going up
  • Masini Features “Island Speak” at Local Art Show
  • Presenting the Photography of Lindy Johnson
  • Letters to the Editor: Did the New Ferry Study Go Deep Enough?
  • Cheryl’s Store in a new location
  • Garrett William Hirschey, Graduating with Honors
  • The Hopi Prophecy comes to Beaver Isle
  • On This Date
  • A Farewell in Three Parts
  • Baroque on Beaver and Beyond July 30-31
  • New Municipal Dock, New East Side Fire Hall Grand Openings
  • Engagement Announced: Mike Reed and Ashley Edison
  • Museum Week 2005 Schedule of Events
  • A Tribute to Clyde Fogg
  • Celebrity Casino Night July 9
  • The Bite of Beaver Island Poster Contest
  • In Memory: Sheldon Reynolds, Helen Rose Allers Nicolen
  • Charlevoix Firm Devastated by Embezzlement
  • A Mardi Gras for Fireflies
  • Schoolship Inland Seas visits Beaver
  • EIR Summer Season Underway
  • Keith Grassmick: keeping the Girl here...forever
  • A Warm Farewell to the Class of 2005
  • One Hundred Years Ago
  • The Shooting of Strang
  • Beaver Head Open House
  • News from the Townships
  • Island celebrates the 4th of July
  • The Clyde Fogg Memorial Boat Parade
  • 25th Museum Week a Success
  • News from the Rural Health Center
  • BIPOA Annual Meeting
  • Charlotte McDonough - Sandy Sanderson Reunion on Beaver
  • A CMU Surprise
  • On This Date
  • BoyneThunder Poker Run raises funds for Camp Quality
  • For Distance, or Over the Bar: The First Annual Beaver Island Celtic Games
  • A Beaver Island Horse Show at Unfinished Farms
  • Communities in the Path of Development
  • Tea and Fashion Show a Big Hit
  • One Hundred Years Ago
  • Playoff Decides Golf Outcome
  • Biggest in 35 Years: Larry Green's 45" 21 1/2 pound pike caught near Garden
  • Mysterious footprints appear at McDonough's
  • Ladies take to the course
  • In Rememberance: Carlyle Latoff, Alexander “Lex” Marcinak, Ruth Denny
  • Great Lakes Energy Director’s Position
  • EIR Theatre Closes its Doors

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September 2005 Beaver Beacon

October 2005 Beaver Beacon

November 2005 Beaver Beacon

December 2005 Beaver Beacon

September 2005
November 2005
December 2005
  • News from the Townships
  • Island expects another fun Bite of Beaver & Boodle - this year with poster contest, apple pie contest, 4th annual Bite, 3rd annual Boodle, and Merchant Open House
  • CMU Art Show a Big Hit with Islanders
  • Emergency Responses Up! Emergency Transports Normal!
  • Death by Island, the first installment of a serial murder mystery
  • Kiteboarding - sport’s cutting edge comes to Donegal Bay
  • On This Date
  • Skip and Larry save the Tesoro
  • A Day Trip to the Squaw Island Light
  • BIRHC Silent Auction–Fashion Tea A Great Success
  • One Hundred Years Ago (the cable arrived)
  • PABI Endowed Chair Campaign Underway
  • Big Rock Climbed by 90-year-old man
  • The Micro Photography of Carl Ray
  • Blood Drive Results
  • In Memory: Ernie Martin, “JUG” Edith Eileen (Gatliff) Flynn
  • The Island’s First Road Grader finds a new Home
  • Baroque on Beaver – and Beyond: Beautiful Music
  • Homecoming 2005
  • Thanks to the Grand Traverse Band of Ottawa and Chippewa Indians
  • Community Tennis Association Formed
  • News from the Townships
  • Smoking Ban Tweaked
  • Who Took Jack's Tapes
  • Winners: AMVETS sailboat raffle, PABI cash drawing, and BIRHC Truck Raffle
  • Island Generosity – $1731 raised for Hurricane Katrina victims
  • Wildblue from Midwest Energy: better-than-ever out-of-town Internet
  • Recognition of Beaver Island Community School's Outstanding Sportsmanship
  • Islanders kick off soccer season in style
  • On this Date
  • Going to the Island: The 9th annual Labor Day weekend at Tara’s Meadow
  • News from the Beaver Island Wildlife Club
  • In Memory: Marguerite Teter 1911–2005, Rita Elms 1922–2005
  • Flu Vaccine Available at the BIRHC
  • Great weather, fast runners, fantastic food – another fun Bite & Boodle
  • New faces, new places grace BICS: The Beaver Island Community School welcomes three new teachers
  • The town comes out to watch the launch of the CISCO
  • Robert Armstrong receives Award
  • Circling the Lansing Shoals Lighthouse
  • Letters: appreciation for the Island’s support of the fourth edition of “Baroque on Beaver”
  • A trip to that other Island
  • Death by Island, Episode Two
  • Junk cars heading off Island
  • One Hundred Years Ago
  • Community House Excavation
  • BIPOA’s Beach Clean-up a Success
  • Grand Opening of Donegal Danny’s Pub at Stoney Acre Grill
  • A Crowded Runway
  • Signé Thomas lands role in The Glass Menagerie
  • Preparing for the Arrival of the Wolf
  • How many Coyotes is Too Many?
  • Diary of an Obsessed Cook
  • The Commission on Aging thanks Organizations for support of Beaver Island services
  • BIRHC on the Upswing
  • News from the Townships
  • Fall Hospice News
  • Letters: A Ban of New Structures in the Marine District
  • County Committee Openings
  • First Michigan Island to participate in Beach Cleanup
  • Islanders take a Bus Trip to Washington D.C.
  • Bay de Noc knocks off Islanders
  • Jack Erber’s Lobster Boat launched
  • The “Green” Shamrock
  • Thanks to all for another Successful Bite of Beaver Island Island
  • On This Date
  • The Kahlenberg goes into the Bartels’ Shop
  • News from the Historical Society
  • A Fall Trip to Northcutt and Pete Monatou’s Bay
  • Sojourn on Garden
  • Speaking of Old Island Cars - the cars outside the harbor
  • Fall Colors from the Air
  • One Hundred Years Ago
  • Death by Island: Episode Three – a serial murder mystery starring Island people and places
  • Upcoming Boat Parade
  • Speaking of Island Broadband: TDS possibly considering DSL on Beaver Island in 2006

  • News from the Townships
  • Charlevoix opts out of Workplace Smoking Ban
  • Family Traditions featuring Ed Palmer and His Girls
  • Welcome Liesel May Owsinski
  • Letters: KiteBoarding on Donegal
  • Charlevoix Park upgrade
  • Veteran’s Day: The Eleventh Day of the Eleventh Month at the Eleventh Hour
  • BIRHC – the pieces falling into place
  • On This Date
  • Nancy Peterson’s Open Studio
  • An Appreciation of Beaver Island Hospitality
  • Death by Island: Episode 4
  • Lost and Found in the Woods
  • Letters: Golf Carts on Beaver
  • Construction Begins on the Beaver Island Community Center
  • Rx: Beaver Magic for Camp Q Kids
  • Rouse Simmons Novel
  • Whiskey Point Grant
  • Kellie Gillespie Engaged
  • New Books: Michigan’s Shadow Towns, Vintage Views of the Charlevoix-Petoskey Region
  • Sojourn on Garden: Part 2
  • A Christmas Freighter
  • New Film on Ecology
  • Gerry Volgenau’s Islands
  • One Hundred Years Ago
  • Island Evolution?
  • 2006 Beaver to Ireland Trip; Calendar of Events
  • In Memory: Isabel L Alimenti, Charles Denko, Francis J. Fry, Mary Margaret Hill, Dickman Kausrud
  • About Frank Fry and his art
Beaver Beacon 2004 Archive

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January 2004 Beaver Beacon

February 2004 Beaver Beacon

March 2004 Beaver Beacon

April 2004 Beaver Beacon

January  2004
February 2004
March 2004
April 2004
  • PABI’s Revised Community Center Parking Plan
  • Successful Hunter Report
  • News from the Chamber: Board Seats Available, Advertising, Citizen of the Year
  • The Helen N, an Island-built Boat
  • Twas the Week before Christmas, and all through the Hall
  • News from the Townships
  • Charlevoix County Commissioners Synopsis
  • Christmas Lights around the Island - "The Best and The Brightest of 2003"
  • Santa Visits the Emerald Isle Hotel
  • Letters: Heating the New Health Center
  • BIRHC Thanks Those who Helped with the Annual Appeal
  • Geography Bee Returns
  • Grandparents’ Day
  • Apology to North Flight
  • The Third Annual Christmas Cantata
  • On This Date
  • Time’s “Man of the Year” visits Beaver Island
  • A Parallel Archipelago
  • The BIFD Rolls Again
  • EMS Movie
  • Furniture Arrives for the New Health Center
  • Writer's Workshops; New Arrivals
  • A Coyote on the Ice
  • One Hundred Years Ago
  • June Quartermaine-McDonough 1913 - 2003
  • Mary McDermott 1922 - 2003
  • Northern Lakes Expands; Economic Alliance Director wins Award
  • Get Ready for the March 11th Chili Cook-off
  • News from the Township Boards and Planning Commission
  • Thanks, and HNY from the Beaver Island Fire Department Auxiliary!
  • Zoning Moves Along
  • Parking Lot Underway
  • Double Two Time Geography Bee Winner
  • Strang Gang coming to Beaver Island
  • Doll Lear Remembered
  • New Health Center Open House and BIRHC Survey
  • January BIRHC Meeting
  • An Exchange of Letters: Island Dental Care
  • On This Date
  • The Always-Stunning Artwork of Mary Scholl
  • A Winter Walk in the Woods
  • Keeping our Eyes and Ears Open, reprinted with the author's permission from Michigan History Magazine
  • Speaking of Eagles
  • The Challenger Tucks In at Sand Bay
  • DEQ Denies Permit for BIHS Roof to Protect the Bob S
  • Maggie Bennett 1934 – 2004
  • Mary McCauley 1909 – 2004
  • Upcoming Events
  • Old Store Facade Sized Up for new PABI Community Center
  • A Christmas Tree–Portrait of a Life
  • Charlevoix County Commission Meeting Synopsis
  • Death of close friend leaves an unfillable void - Jim Remick 1954 - 2004
  • Bill Hannon 1944 – 2004
  • Letters to the Editor: Wanted: EMS Patients
  • Beaver Island Treasure: Melissa Bailey
  • One Hundred Years Ago
  • Charlevoix Prosecutor faces Challenge
  • CMU Summer Kayak Course to be offered by Inland Seas School of Kayaking
  • News from the Townships
  • Beaver Island Internet Meeting with TransWorld / Great Lakes Energy
  • Letters to the Editor: Will Beaver Islanders'interests be represented in Master Plan
  • Talent Show Moved Up to March 26
  • A Grand, Grand Opening! An Open House at the new Beaver Island Health Center
  • BIRHC Board Thanks those who Helped with Move
  • BIRHC & EMS receive Grants from Grand Traverse Band
  • Letters to the Editor: To the BIRHC Board
  • Sock Hop Set for April 24
  • Robert Palmer 1944-2004
  • Nature Preserve now Closed to Hunting
  • Conservation Easement Workshop June 22
  • A Report from the Grand Rapids Party
  • Harvey King 1915-2004
  • PABI Attempts to Satisfy Parking without Compromising Site Design
  • Gavin West Honored
  • CCC Meeting Synopsis
  • Donations Start for Our School
  • Ex-Island Beauty Bares All
  • The Roast is On
  • Dems Caucus at the Rose Garden
  • The Carisle Boathouse Comes Down
  • Chili Cook-Off – March 11
  • They Didn’t Know We Were Here - Visiting a Freighter by Snowmobile
  • Dentist’s Contract Resolved
  • New Fire Station about to be Built
  • Matches
  • On This Date
  • Art of the Southwest comes to Beaver Island
  • One Hundred Years Ago
  • News from the Townships and Planning Commissions
  • A Ghost Ship slices through the Ice
  • On this Date
  • Sports Boosters’ Chili Cook-off a Delicious Success
  • Best of the Class: Kerrie Gillespie
  • Beaver Island on the fictional Map
  • Don’t Miss the Citizen of the Year Banquet on April 24th
  • It's a Wonderful Life…
  • St. Patrick's Day: Hay seeders 2, Fish chokers
  • Hospitality Abounds on Beaver Island
  • Charlevoix County Commission
  • Beaver Island Thoughts
  • In Memory: Fran Moroney, Maurice Teeter, Helen Gallagher, Charles Anglin
  • Ideas for Arranmore Park
  • An Evening with Stephen Sondheim May 8th
  • From The Talent Show
  • Holy Week at St. James Mission
  • Strang Writers’ Agenda
    Letters to the Editor: To the Board of Directors, BIRHC
  • Health Center Board Meeting
  • One Hundred Years Ago
  • BITA Proposed State Application for Capital and Operating Assistance
  • School Board Candidates
  • The Newest Anderson
  • News from the MLUI

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June 2004 Beaver Beacon

July 2004 Beaver Beacon

August 2004 Beaver Beacon

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September 2004 Beaver Beacon

October 2004 Beaver Beacon

November 2004 Beaver Beacon

December 2004 Beaver Beacon

September 2004
October 2004
November 2004
December 2004
  • News from the Townships
  • Historical Society Annual Meeting
  • A Visit from the Superyacht Mystic
  • The New Golf Course Sign
  • The 154’ gaff-rigged topsail schooner Highlander Sea
  • On This Date
  • The incised gourd bowls of Terry Conner
  • Jewelry design by Joane McIntyre
  • Bluebird Owner Launches New Political Book
  • BIRHC Meeting
  • Blood Drive a Success
  • A Disheartening Flood
  • Letters to the Editor - Dialysis on Beaver
  • Letters to the Editor - Those pesky golf carts
  • The Annual CMU Beaver Island Watercolor Show
  • Goofy Golf Results
  • What were we Thinking? Peaine Operating Millage Voted Down.
  • A Sondheim Surprise
  • BIPOA Annual Meeting
  • How's the Water - BIPOA Summer Nature Lecture on Water Quality
  • Thanks from BIPOA
  • Lightning Strike victims receive Credit
  • 9-12-2004 Dedication of the 9-11 Memorial
  • No Sale at the Resale
  • BIRHC Benefit Dinner September 17
  • Signe Thomas takes New York
  • Get Ready for the Island Boodle 5K / Run / Walk October 9
  • One Hundred Years Ago
  • Photos from Homecoming 2004
  • Fishing Tourney Cancelled
  • A Fire Controlled
  • First Deerhead Returns
  • In Memory: Ralph Napont, Kleofa (Kay) O’Donnell, David Washegesic, John “Sel” Selwin Pierson, Glen McDonough
  • News from the Townships
  • WTC Fragment Dedication
  • BICS Recognition of Patriot Day
  • On This Date
  • Somewhere Over the Rainbow
  • Forest Montgomery
  • Bite of Beaver Weekend Festivities:
    • PABI’s Casino Night October 8th starting at 7:00 pm at the Hall
    • The Second Annual Island Boodle 5k/run/walk October 9th at 10 am
    • The Third Annual Bite of Beaver Island October 9th from 1:00 - 4:00 pm at the Hall
    • The New Third Coast Band at 9:00 pm at the Shamrock
  • PABI Selects Community House Contractor
  • A Reply: Those pesky golf carts
  • Let's Meet our new Teacher
  • One American Dream
  • Fall ‘Shroom Outings
  • Bowling for Bush
  • New Highway Laid; Old Cable Pulled
  • Memphis Boys Take a Flying Leap to Beaver Island
  • PABI's House Auction
  • Island golfer scores Hole-in-one
  • What's Katrina Up To?
  • Stellar Sellers on BIRHC Truck Raffle
  • One Hundred Years Ago
  • Kathleen May Tighe Aagaard
  • Licorice takes the Lead
  • BICS to offer Computer Classes
  • BIBCO Declares Dividend
  • Sports Boosters Spaghetti Dinner - October 27th, 5:30-7:30
  • Hunters’ Dinner - November 13th
  • BIRHC Benefit Thank You
  • News from the Townships
  • Read A Good Book Lately? A new occasional feature contributed by Arnie Rich
  • Michigan's Crown Jewel
  • Rebuilding the Yacht Dock
  • Where’s Dianne?
  • Blaze Orange Cowboys
  • Beaver Island Economic Development: an Outline for Discussion
  • A year without television
  • A Tremendous Weekend
  • On This Date
  • Other Ferries go on Break
  • Big Rock tower down
  • Chamber of Commerce Fall Membership Drive
  • EIR Announces First Full-Length Production - A Tuna Christmas
  • Hey, pumpkin, mind if I cut in? - The Laurain Lodge Grand Halloween Pumpkin Contest
  • One Hundred Years Ago
  • Septic System Dangers
  • Fall News from the BIHS
  • Tennis Tourney, Anyone?
  • Earl Gallagher 1910-2004
  • Sally Lockhart 1937-2004
  • Hospice News
  • Looking Ahead
  • Hunters’ Dinner November 13th at the Beaver Island Lodge
  • PABI Thanks You
  • Out on a Limb No More
  • Ellen Welke Memorial Toy Drive
  • News from the Townships
  • Island Election Results
  • Children’s Christmas Party Dec.11th from 11-2 at the Emerald Isle Hotel
  • EIR’s upcoming production: Where are you Christmas?
  • Great Bazaar Gifts
  • The New Homeland Security Fence surrounding the Ferry Dock
  • News from the Camps
  • A Grandson’s Buck
  • On This Date
  • A Day on Aranmore
  • “Mackinaw” may become a Museum
  • Tribes Gather to Protect Lakes
  • The Rebuilt Yacht Dock is Taking Shape
  • Freighter Aground
  • Read A Good Book Lately?
  • A Toothpick Bridge
  • Another Book, Another Reviewer
  • Tuna Tuna Tuna
  • Health Center Meeting; BIRHC Solicits applications for board
  • Veterans’ Day
  • The Island’s New Fire Truck Arrives
  • Lights on the Harbor
  • One Hundred Years Ago
  • BICS Finances Improving
  • In Remembrance
    • Denny Fisher 1942–2004
    • Thomas Graham 1918–2004
    • Susan Waskul 1957–2004
    • Chick Gallagher 1918–2004
    • Violet McCafferty Custer
  • New Pollutant found in Lake Michigan
  • Improved Cellular Service in Town
Beaver Beacon 2003 Archive

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February 2003 Beaver Beacon

March 2003 Beaver Beacon

April 2003 Beaver Beacon

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September 2003 Beaver Beacon

October 2003 Beaver Beacon

November 2003 Beaver Beacon

December 2003 Beaver Beacon

September 2003
October 2003
November 2003
December 2003
  • Greene Family Reunion
  • A Summer of Tall Ships: The Caledonia anchors in Paradise Bay
  • Beaver Island Property Owners Association Annual Meeting
  • The Lumberyaard Party, part 2
  • An Island Grandchild: Maclaren Aisling
  • Beaver Island Health Fair to be held September 13th
  • CMU Art Show 2003
  • On This Date
  • Tom Dorais 1921 - 2003
  • Charlevoix County Commissioners Meetings
  • Island Blood Drive Goes Over the Top
  • Island Boodle 5k/Run/Walk to be held October 4th
  • "Bite of Beaver Island" plans move forward for October 4th & 5th
  • New Traffic Rules
  • Historical Society Annual Meeting
  • News from the Townships
  • A Wonderful Afternoon Sail aboard the Schooner Madeline
  • Trudy Boyles 1910-2003
  • One Hundred Years Ago
  • BIRHC Disagreement Continues
  • An Open Letter to the Beaver Island Community from Sue Meis
  • CCG Pledge Drive
  • Letters: Safe Biking
  • Letters: Dr. Wendy White and the BIRHC
  • The Summer’s Softball Finale
  • Homecoming Celebrations 2003
  • Letters: Lake Geneserath Fishing Contest Called Off
  • The Lucky Seven Walleye
  • PABI's Goofy Golf a Smashing Success
  • Letters: The Egg Lake Seven
  • Letters: Restrictions Impact Land Value
  • Beaver Island featured on the WMTA Cover
  • Recreation Resource Project Draft Report
  • The Circle M re-auctioned
  • Sue Solle is hired as a new Family Nurse Practitioner for the Island
  • School Board Vacancy
  • A Hundredth Birthday Party
  • Letters: Concerning the BIRHC Consultant
  • This Year’s “Peaceful Communities’ Beaver Island Retreat”
  • The Chippewa, a Doughty Little Boat and an Island Treasure
  • On This Date
  • Beaver Island Wildlife Club's “Successful Hunter” Contest
  • Charlevoix County Commissioners Meetings
  • Las Vegas coming to the Holy Cross Hall
  • Montserrat, anyone?
  • Charlevoix County Road Commission holds meeting on Beaver Island
  • ‘Haunted’ Lake Michigan Lights
  • Don't miss the Island Boodle and the Bite of Beaver Island, October 4th
  • News from the Townships
  • Suttons Bay Anthropology Club Digs Out History
  • The Chamber raises its Sights
  • Beaver Island Health Fair
  • The Poor Ironton Ferry
  • Letters: We’re a Community
  • Thanks to Robert Gillespie
  • History in the News: Jim Wojan to donate first Island Road Grader
  • BIRHC Board Thanks Community for Support
  • Larry K. Tepe 1965-2003
  • BIRHC Meeting Report
  • Here Lies Beaver Man – a narrative poem
  • Letters to the Editor Regarding the New Health Center; Terrorism on Beaver Island
  • One Hundred Years Ago
  • Whiskey Point Light – another step
  • Carl Vertican Sr.: 1923 - 2003
  • Thanks from the Preservation Association
  • A Good Time at Dannyville
  • A Wedding on the Hill
  • Celebrities... on Beaver Island?
  • News from the Beaver Island Hospice
  • November 4th: Montserrat (a free presentation)
  • Ellen Welke Memorial Toy Drive
  • Births - Welcome New Islanders!
  • Christmas Bazaar November 23
  • Jerry Volgenau’s New Book
  • Beaver Island Historical Society Highlights
  • Photos from the Second Annual Bite of Beaver Island
  • On This Date
  • Letters to the Editor: Island Planning
  • Neal Green awarded Silver Dolphins
  • Coffee House To Open
  • Elizabeth Whitney Williams Fest
  • The Blessing of The Pets
  • A 50th Class Reunion on Beaver Island
  • News from the Townships
  • Running the Boodle
  • BIRHC Meeting Summary
  • BIRHC Receives $15,000 Grant
  • PABI’s Parking Problem may be solved
  • The Home that Paddy Ruah Built
  • One Hundred Years Ago
  • Boatsmart Author Visits
  • Partnership Project; Head Light Concerns
  • Letters to the Editor: On the State of the Island
  • Beaver Island’s 20 Irish Tappers
  • News from the Wildlife Club; thoughts on the proposed tournament
  • The Way it Was: The Winter of ‘36
  • Next Year’s Fishing Tournament
  • Don't miss the Cantata December 6th and 7th
  • Santa visits the Island December 13th
  • BMX at Peaine Park?
  • On this Date
  • A Marvelous Week with Moondance: Irish Film Company’s Week on Beaver Island
  • Letters: Thanks to the people of the Island; Medical Center Conflict
  • Welcome home, Sue and Frank
  • Eleanor Felix 1921-2003
  • Mediation comes to Beaver Island
  • Excerpts from the Letter from the Prosecuting Attorney
  • The CCG Responds to the Prosecutor’s Letter
  • The Annual Christmas Bazaar
  • Our first winter storm
  • Thanks from the Sports Boosters
  • The Very Newest Islanders
  • News from the Townships
  • PABI Ends the Year Actively – and with Appreciation
  • AmVets hold Veterans Day Ceremony
  • A Letter to the Governor - Funding Island Education
  • School plans for 21st Century Learning Scholarship
  • Back to the Drawing Board, and the BIRHC Regular Meeting
  • CMU Closing Party
  • Pumpkins' Whazoo
  • A New Town Clock
  • One Hundred Years Ago
  • Another Emerald Isle: the Monserrat presentation
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