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September 2002
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A Piece of the World Trade Center

Senator Phil Hoffman has done many favors that show his love for Beaver Island, but his most recent gift is extra special. The Senator became interested in doing something for the city of Jackson to help it express its feeling of solidarity with the victims of the 9-11 terror attack, and phoned New York’s Mayor Blomberg to ask for suggestions. The Mayor said that under certain circumstances a piece of the twisted remains of the World Trade Center might be presented to a selected community. Hearing that, the Senator asked for a second "piece of the fabric of America," for "an Island up in northern Lake Michigan that has stolen my heart." He added that we had already held a fundraiser to help the victims, and that there were many ties and connections between Beaver Island and that tragic event.

It took awhile, but in early July an agreement was made, and Senator Hoffman flew to New York for a ceremony of presentation. It took awhile longer to get the 79th such commemorative piece up to the Island, but it arrived on August 20th and was temporarily placed in front of McDonough’s Market. Deciding on its permanent home will be up to the Townships and other infrastructure organizations. One suggestion, made by Barry Pischner, would be to incorporate it in some way with the development of Arran More Park—after all, the World Trade Center was intended to promote international cooperation.
That brings up the question of how this Park might be developed. If you have any ideas, address your suggestions and comments to the Beaver Beacon.

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