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November 2002
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News from the Townships.

St. James Regular Meeting of 10-2
Present: Tim McDonough, Jim Wojan, and Jean Palmer; absent: Don Vyse and Rick Speck.

Waste Management Committee Report: Approval from Committee to purchase two new orange containers to be placed behind the Transfer Station for large debris when the compaction unit is too full. This will eliminate the times customers are asked to come back later to dump. Another has been scheduled for November 11th to review pricing policy.

The Nuisance Ordinance has not been completed. Further study being done assisted by Township Attorney whether burning can be allowed in some areas and not others. State statute is now in existence regarding a curfew. This will be reviewed with the Township Attorney to determine if the wording in the statute is adequate for Beaver Island or if a new ordinance should be adopted.

The BITA appointments were deferred until the full Board meets.
Oil bids to be posted for 2002-03 for the Township Hall, the Fire Hall, the DNR Building, and the Library.
The Board approved the State Education Summer Tax for 2003.

Peaine Regular Meeting of 10-9
Present: Works, Martin, Kubic, Lanier; absent: Paul Nelson MOTIONS: to approve the 9-9 Special Meeting minutes; to approve the 9-11 minutes; to pay bills. PASSED

Donna Kubic reported on the state requirement for collecting summer taxes. The SET portion will be collected in the summer starting in 2003. The 1% administration fee will be lost to the Township if they don’t collect the summer tax. RESOLUTION #010902 to levy the 1% of the summer administration fee: PASSED unanimously.

Jean Kinsley and other Lake Geneserath residents explained their high water problem; they are concerned about health and the environment. One solution: dredge the mouth of Cable’s Creek. John Paquin has given his permission. MOTION: to apply for a DEQ permit to do work this fall. PASSED
Don Vyse, Airport Committee plan for quarterly meetings was reviewed.

Connie Wojan, BIRHC representative, reported that Arlene Brennan was hired for 18 months (with no contract) at a high cost to revamp and reorganize the Medical Center. Lanier reported that the Planning Commission provisions and codes are being worked on. New maps are being done. Lanier has concerns about Island Airways operating from the Township Airport and wants a study on the environmental and economic impact on the Island. Of concern is the planes flying over Barney’s Lake and affecting the loons. Mike Scripps said planes don’t bother the loons.

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