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May 2004
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On This Date

Ten Years Ago The winning limerick from St. Patrick's Day was published in the Beacon, a team effort by Julie Gillespie, Beth Lucas, and Kathleen Green:

There once was a lass from Kilkeny
Who stumbled upon a lost penny
She fell in a hole
After meeting B Cole
And said “Ooh baby I haven't had any.”

Chicago's Thai Temple, in conjunction with the Midwest Buddhist Council, offered a one-day Meditation Retreat on Beaver Island on May 14th. Dr. Chuen Phangcham planned to offer a full day of “insight meditation” for anyone seeking peace of mind and self-understanding.

Russ Green’s Retirement Party was set for May 29th.
Peaine Township talked about raising $750,000 to apply a hard surface to 20 miles of Island roads: the East Side Drive, Sloptown, Darkeytown, McCauley’s, and Paid Een Og. The supervisor recommended 2 mills be assessed to begin procuring these funds.

Open positions: manager of Holy Cross convent rental program, and Red Cross certified swimming instructor for the Beaver Island Community School.

The March of Dimes’ Mother’s March set a record by raising $1,484 from 53 donors.

The passing of Carl Braden was noted, a frequent visitor who, with his son-in-law Ray Becker, purchased a cottage on Michigan Avenue in 1966.

Twenty Years Ago At Peaine Township’s Annual Meeting, Bob McGlocklin proposed that any Board member not attending a meeting be docked $100 from his or her salary.

In discussion of building a new Town Hall, Joe Cunningham suggested that it be built at the Township Airport, and Paul Rolain thought realtors should be approached about selling the property at Four Corners. St. James was to be asked for permission to build at the jointly-owned airport. Paul Rolain also asked for the formation of a “road improvement” committee.
At a special meeting Al Dudzik spoke against building the Town Hall at the Airport, and suggested that the old Peaine Town Hall property (on King’s Highway) be improved by digging a north-south drainage ditch.

At the St. James Annual Meeting Gay Cole, representing the Civic Association, announced a Clean-up Day for Main Street, and asked for $250 to build benches to place around the harbor and $300 for fireworks. Expanding the Ball Park and straightening the Donegal Bay Road curve were also discussed. Some members of the audience asked why there were two townships, and appointed themselves as an informal committee to study how to unite them into one.

At the regular meeting following, Cole's requests were approved. Phil Gregg appeared on the behalf of the Historical Society to discuss its planned storage (and possibly display) building at Heritage Park.

The Game Club decided to spend $1,000 to plant Tiger Muskies in Font Lake and $600 to plant Brook Trout in beaver ponds around the Island.

The Fire Department Auxiliary asked for volunteers to staff the Resale Shop.

The Sweet Adelines, after much success, announced they were disbanding because of a lack of interest.

The Civic Association announced its Harbor Beautification plan, a property improvement contest, the starting of flower and rock gardens, and a new bulletin board near the boat dock. It also provided an information center, brochures (some of which were placed in various tourist stops around the state), Fourth of July fireworks, and the Winter Games. They asked businesses to join for an annual fee of $35.

Thirty Years Ago On the 1st of May every student boarded the Beaver Islander for a 7:00 a.m. departure and a series of trips. Fred Annand met the juniors and seniors in a new motor home, and drove them to Lansing. There they acquired two additional vans for a trip, chaperoned by John and Jean Gillespie, to the Air Force Museum in Dayton. That evening they camped on King's Island, a huge amusement park. The next day they sampled the rides and then headed for the Cincinnati Zoo. After six days of hectic traveling they returned to Charlevoix.

In the meantime the 5th through 10th graders boarded a big school bus: 33 students, plus Sister Nancy, Sister Agatha, Sister Jane, and Sister JoAnn, and Bing and Madonna McCafferty and Lil and Phil Gregg. They too headed for Lansing's Holiday Inn, their home base. They toured the Capital, and then took in a movie. The next day they drove to Greenfield Village. The following day they headed back to Charlevoix.

The youngest group confined their travel to nearby sites. Chaperoned by Lil Cole, Rita Gillespie, Mary Gillespie, Skip McDonough, Joy Green, Sister Emeliana, Lil Left, and Karen Campbell, they set off for Daniels' Dairy Farm. The next day they visited the Petoskey Fire and Police Stations, the Call of the Wild in Gaylord, the Fish Hatchery in Oden, and several schools and businesses. They met up with the next older group for the ferry back.

The West-Pike nuptials took place on April 13th, joining Steve and Elaine, who had met at Nazareth College.

The passing of Sister Alexandra Gallagher at age 89 was noted. Born on Beaver Island as one of Salty Gallagher and Hannah McCauley's 13 children (including Mamie Salty, whose cabin still sits a mile west of the Fox Lake Road), she entered the convent at 19 and served for 70 years.

Forty Years Ago The new Fire Officer Bill Wagner reported on April’s weather: a high of 80º, and a low of 9º. After a dark winter, the Whiskey Point Light began to shine again during April.
Four children made their first communion at Holy Cross Church: Julie Gillespie, Doris Kenwabakise, Pam McDonough, and Ray Cole.

The first boat to tie up at the after the ice left Yacht Dock was Tom Loeb's Tim-Tom from Charlevoix; he was also first the year before.

The Rustic Villa’s Ellen Hill produced and directed a synchronized swimming show in New Delhi (after spending a year in an ice show in Chicago.) Among the guests was Ambassador Chester Bowles.

The smelt run was heavy but short-lived, lasting only 3 nights, but the suckers continued to splash into the Island streams. Brook Trout were being taken at Fox Lake, the largest, early in the season, being 16". The Game Club thought the turkeys were doing fine.

Experts Milt Bennett and Karl Kuebler were finding mushrooms by the barrelful.

The new Erin Motel was nearing completion.

The PTA discussed how to raise funds to support an activities program for the students. On Drama Night, the six performances presented included one, Surrender at Appomattox, that was written as well as enacted by the 5th through 8th grade boys. Ed Wojan won the school’s essay contest; John Gillespie was the top draftsman; and Pam McDonough, Joan LaFreniere, and Audrey Wojan won special scholastic awards. Entertainment at the High School Banquet was provided by Robert, Edward, and Evelyn Palmer.

Walter Wojan and Rogers Carlisle offered rare ‘black beaver’ pelts for sale.

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