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September 2002
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Hello, my name is Ted Nicholas

My mother Wanda Nicholas Wolosuk owns a small cottage on the Island. My wife Pam and I are planning a move to the Island and will be living there year-round, after some improvements to the cottage. We are looking forward to the peace and quiet and small town community again.

I've been browsing your web site "" and thought I would make pre-contact. Pam and I currently live in Frisco, Colorado, at the 9000’ altitude. We are surrounded by ski areas and 14,000’ mountain peaks. We love the mountains immensely and have been living here for more than 20 years. We've watched our small mountain community grow from a peaceful little town into a bustling commerce center. The development in this area has sky-rocketed, and our peaceful community no longer exists. Since our family already owns a cottage on the Island, and we've loved every visit we've made, we decided to "make the move." We are looking forward to becoming a part of the Beaver Island Community, hopefully in the spring of 2003.

A brief history of "Us":
Pam and I were born and raised in lower Michigan, Flint area. We attended grade school together and then fell out of touch for more than 10 years. In that time we each went through our own lives, had children, and ended up single again. I moved to the mountains of Colorado in 1981. In 1988 I received a phone call from Pam; she was ready for a major change in her life and I knew where she could find it. She ended up moving west and eventually we were married on the side of a mountain overlooking a lake. We've been living, working, and playing in the Rocky Mountains ever since. We've pretty much lost the peace and quiet and nature that we used to love about this area. Our seasonal tourists are now here year-round. Development has taken over the area and it is just too busy for us. So we've decided to make the move.

Our talents and training are varied, we think we could have a lot to offer to the Island community. Pam is a CNA (Certified Nurses Assistant) and plans to be re-licensed in Michigan. She has gotten a very good name for herself here in Summit County and specializes in elderly home health care and hospice. She is currently working as a medical records coordinator, but she wishes to return to her CNA career that she loves. She is interested in further training in the medical field as well. Besides being an avid hiker and nature lover, Pam also loves arts and crafts and shopping. By the way, her maiden name is McNally.
I am an artist and musician, and a nature lover as well. I play 12-string guitar (Seventies era) and vocals. I've excelled in art in many forms for much of my life, mostly scenery paintings in acrylics and oils. I've taught oil classes on occasion, in the Bob Ross style. I am also somewhat of a digital specialist, focusing mostly on creation and capture of art and nature into the digital world. I have done multimedia creation, 3D modeling, and advanced beta-testing for an educational software publisher for many years, all through email. I can produce interactive multimedia for web, CD ROMs, and live presentations. I'm also expanding my writing career. I've written books and tutorials in the past, mostly focused on technology. I'm also moving into the writing of philosophy and poetry.

We also have a special situation that makes us long for a small community and natural surroundings. I was born with a genetic eye disease that is deteriorating my eyesight. I've been legally blind for more than 25 years. I currently have less than 10 percent of my original vision. I will eventually lose my remaining vision, but I'm learning to live with it. Learning to live without vision can put a person through some major changes in attitude. I've always found refuge in nature, art, music, and friends. Since Pam is a home-grown country girl, she longs for the peaceful community that we once had here in the mountains. We look forward to improving the cottage and yard, and exploring the Island. We both enjoy gardening, hiking, camping, digital photography, good food, and good friends. We are both very much looking forward to restarting our lives on Beaver Island.

If anyone can send helpful information or would just like to contact us to say Hello, we can currently be reached at PO Box 1619 in Frisco, CO 80443. Sand-dunes and beaches,
here we come!

Ted and Pam Nicholas
nicholas (at)

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