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January 2003
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A Visit from Santa

Twas the week before the night before Christmas, and all through the Island kids were beseeching their parents to bring them to the Emerald Isle Hotel because maybe, just maybe, the Santa they had not seen since his appearance in disguise in the Fourth of July parade would dodge all the meteorites and other impediments to night flights and make it to Beaver Island, and they would have the chance to tell him how nice they had been, and give him their longish lists of what they wanted for their good behavior.

The rules were clearly printed, yet someone had forgotten one all-important phrase, from Santa’s point of view: “kids only!” Consequently, without that rejoinder, Santa’s delicate lap became fair game for all who braved the wintry weather: young kids, old kids, and adults. The weight was not the problem; from his many appearances in the Santa chair and on stage, we have all learned that Santa may be a lot of things but one thing he is not is weak. No, his body was not crushed by the weight of his biggest supplicants, but oh what they wanted! For example, Brad and Drew (right, above) wanted an ice bridge to East Lansing so they could skate to school. That might be beyond even Santa.

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