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November 2002
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A Fine Romance Starring Jack Gallagher and Judy Lanier

These two good Island citizens have been longtime friends and business associates. They first met in 1968 when Jack's daughter Dorothy married Dick Prawat (Graduate Assistant to Judy, who was an educator/administrator at Michigan State.) When both Judy and the Prawats bought homes on Beaver Island, Jack and Judy's friendship grew, and, as an attorney/accountant, Jack became invaluable as Judy's right-hand man at Montaage. Their close relationship has now been brought even closer by their becoming husband and wife.

On October 12th, with the joyful blessing of Father Pat Cawley and the delight of a large group of families and friends at Beaver Island's Holy Cross Catholic Church, Jack and Judy became Mr. and Mrs. Jack Gallagher. Judy's daughter Liz was her Maid of Honor, and Jack's best friend Leonard Barrow was his Best Man. Bill, Jim, and Tim McDonough served as ushers.

In the established Island tradition, Jack and Judy invited their guests to the Parish Hall for a celebration of their vows, with the accompaniment of a marvelous dinner, fine wine, and music for dancing.

Although marriages are familiarly the beginnings of families, this one was a joining of two wonderful grown and growing families. Members of Judy and Jack’s families attending the wedding were Judy's daughters Liz, Melanie, and Cindy (plus two children) and son Mark, and Jack's seven children and sixteen of his eighteen grandchildren and great grandchildren. Jack insists he has forty-nine grandchildren, which must include his six brothers' and sisters' grandchildren. In any event, at dinner at Judy's the night before the wedding, she served sixty-five--now, there's a family!
All in all, it was an event thoroughly enjoyed and sure to be fondly remembered, and good will and good wishes abounded. We add our good wishes to the others for Judy and Jack--both fine contributors to Beaver Island.

–Chuck Hooker


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