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August 2003
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A Challenge to the BIRHC Board

On July 18th almost a hundred people gathered in the Peaine Township Hall to consider what might be done to bring about the reinstatement of Susan Meis. Kirk McBride accepted the position of Moderator, but only after twice informing Connie Wojan and asking her to invite the BIRHC Board to attend.

At the onset Kirk stated that we should all acknowledge the primacy of the BIRHC Board, and that this was to be a resolution, not retribution. He encouraged those who spoke to focus on actionable steps rather than simply vent their frustration. The meeting would be recorded, and written notes would also be taken by Lois Williams. Jeff Powers had agreed to transcribe the suggested steps and goals on a flip chart at the front of the room.
Susan Meis followed by reading from a prepared statement. She urged people not to focus on personalities or her situation, but to try to keep in mind the larger issue of insuring quality health care now and in the future through BIRHC. It was apparent that she was surprised and honored by the degree of support that had been expressed in the previous few days.

Some of the comments that followed were similar to those made at the BIRHC meeting, but some new questions were raised as well. Was the manager's position properly posted? Did she really have this degree of power? Was there a conflict of interest in those who recommended her? Is she a Townships employee? Should the Township Boards have more responsibility for monitoring this situation? Were Susan's EEOC rights violated? Should she seek legal redress if they were?

On this topic it was asked if the BIRHC would have to pay, directly or through insurance rate increases, if Susan sought legal redress for certain comments that were felt to border on character assassination. One attendee said we should temper the attacks and not let this matter pit neighbor against neighbor, which brought a round of applause.

Someone wondered what it would cost to find a replacement for Susan. Someone else thought it was fishy that a possible replacement is already looking for property.

Someone wanted to know how the BIRHC Board was tracking the Transition Manager's success at accomplishing the stated goals.
And so it went for over two hours. Upon adjournment those who had signed a passed sheet saying they were willing to work to accomplish the actionable steps were asked to stay to put together a concrete plan it was hoped would lead to the correcting of the perceived wrongs.

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