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August 2003
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A Fabulous Flight to Beaver

The morning of July 23 found eighteen Washington Islanders gathered for a terrific trip to our sister island, Beaver Island. Bill Morris had arranged for a flight of two Brittany Norman Islanders. It took just 45 minutes from our island to theirs. Bill had reserved two vans and a Geo Tracker for our Beaver Island ramblings. Each vehicle took its own route to tour the Island. The weather was PERFECT: about 70 degrees with a slight breeze and just a few puffy clouds on the horizon. After coffee and (for some of us) some sticky buns, the group I was with took off for the south end to see the lighthouse, with stops at the Central Michigan University Biological Station and the Protar Cabin. After returning to the downtown we had an excellent leisurely lunch at the Shamrock. Then we each went our own way again. Several visited the Print Shop Museum, the Marine Museum, and the library. Of course gift shops also received some attention.

There was a lot of discussion about similarities and differences between Beaver and Washington Islands. Most of Beaver's roads are not paved, where most of ours are. We have only one airport and our runways are grass. Not all Beaver's roads are plowed in winter but that's undoubtedly because our winter population is spread out all over the island where most of Beaver's year-round residents live in a rather small portion of the Island around St. James Bay. There are about ten inland lakes to our one. And sand: LOTS of sand on Beaver. I suspect Washington Island would happily exchange some of our rock for some of Beaver's sand. Apparently there is little problem passing perk tests on Beaver. I hope that in the near future the Washington Island city fathers and those from Beaver Island might have an exchange trip. We could learn a lot from each other. Due to the favorable wind the return trip took only 31 minutes. I believe all eighteen participants hope to return.

-Bill Olson

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