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October 2002
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Weather or Not.

The snap in the air is unmistakable; the way the light seems to have grown clearer, yet more distant, it all points to Autumn. Perhaps the finest time of year in Northern Michigan. The tourist season has ebbed. Only the truly stalwart or those keen enough to see the beauty of Fall forests remain, weekend warriors seeking solitude. Almost sounds like a personal ad.

Indian Summer is what everyone is hoping for, that scant few days of blessed sunshine. In order for this to transpire, you first must have a frost, and then several days of over sixty degrees. This looks real promising. Somewhere between the Fifteenth and Halloween. October shouldn’t be real wet, not by Michigan standards, but it will be cool. And, in truth, October is the coolest month. If October had a personal ad it would read like this: SCM (Surely the Coolest Month) looking for another cool month. I like long walks through woods exploding with color where hot apple cider awaits at the end of the trail. I like the sounds of dogs working the brush and the solitude of a bow hunter alone in a stand. I like the cadence of a quarterback just before the ball is snapped. I am full of long cool nights, and a handful of days where the sun seems as close as a smile. I am the afternoon spent picking out pumpkins with your daughter. I am the hours turning them into Jack-O-Lanterns. I am the memory of summer and the promise of winter. I am October.

–Liam Racine


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