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October 2009 Beaver Beacon Beaver Island News

C o n t e n t s
        • What are they talking about – at the Townships
        • Who’s Old House – and what’s Buried in the Yard?
        • Fingers Crossed: both Beaver Island Broadband Inc. & Island Telephone apply for Internet stimulus funds to bring new possibilities to the Island; meanwhile, DSL roll-out delayed until Q1 2010 due to microwave upgrade problem and all local dialup set to end December 8
        • Into These Hands – we Commend our Youth: New Year, New Faces at Beaver Island Community School
        • Islanders run, kick, set and spike to victory
        • A Long Way to Paddle, but he had the Wind at his Back
        • Hey, know what happened – On This Date
        • Remembering Dr. Lange: an evening of friends, family, memories, and more
        • Great athletes, but none could run 26 miles
        • The Beaver Island Celtic Festival: Kilts in the wind
        • The First Beaver Island Marathon: The Run of their Life AND toss the caber over their head
        • They came to Paint
        • Letters: Blessed to have Our Beaver Island Rural Health Center
        • Letters: Good Job Road Commission Employees
        • An Opportunity for BIRHC: the possibility of an expanded affiliation between our Health Center and Northern Michigan Hospital
        • A silver bracelet takes the Grand Tour: Lost and Found: the Good Luck of Good Neighbors
        • Education on the Island
        • Threads, Speak
        • Return to Tara's Meadow
        • Welcome to our world: Katherine Isabelle Moore
        • Photos from Labor Day at Northcutt on Garden Island
        • Destination Paradise Bay: ah, for a moment’s peace
        • Par for the Course
        • One Hundred Years Ago
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