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October 2002
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News from the Townships.

Peaine Township: Regular Meeting of 9-11

All members present.

MOTION Nelson, second Lanier, to approve the 8-14 minutes; PASSED.

MOTION Works, second Nelson, to approve the current bills; PASSED.

Millage increases discussed. Road millage will increase $5,200; Waste Management $4,000; Fire Department $1,200; Medical Center $3,967; and the General Fund $12,000.

Resolution #010902 offered by Nelson and supported by Works: to levy 8.2859 mills for the 2002 tax year. Ayes: Nelson, Kubic, Works, Lanier, and Martin. Resolution APPROVED.

John Works has sent letters to all committees requesting copies of their minutes to be available for the public at the Town Hall.
Letter of Thanks will be sent to Jack Kelly for his recreation plan work.

CCRC will hold a regular meeting at the Peaine Township Hall on October 15 ay 9:15 a.m.

Jim Havemann, Project Coordinator for the Beaver Island Partnership Project, sent a letter inviting the Board members to a Partnership meeting on 9-16. He would like Peaine to reconsider its decision not to join the Partnership. John Works and the Board members continue to uphold their decision, made in April. They feel the township decisions should be left to elected officers.

Judy Lanier said that the Planning Commission continues its ordinance work, and St. James is starting to work on the Marine and Harbor Districts. Plans are being made for a survey development. Mailings to go out after the holidays. Judy wants to have a survey firm count the survey results.

Paul reported that the MTA picnic was well attended by Peaine Township. Its 155th Birthday Party was a nice event and attended by descendants of Chief Peaine. Paul and John are to be commended for these events.

Public Comments: “The roads are the best they have ever been.” “Township events need to be advertised better.”
Fred Haubold thanks the Board for listening to his viewpoints on many topics over the past 12 years. He wants people to realize that merging the townships has no savings or benefits. Peaine Township holds 60% of the revenues of the Island, and would lose if a merger takes place: more taxes, and less representation. John Works encourages Peaine Township residents to write letters against a merger. He remarked that township government is the last grass roots of democracy.

Judy stated that it’s good to have two townships. They might not agree on everything, but they cooperate to work out their differences.

Meeting adjourned at 9:20 a.m.

St. James Township Regular Meeting of 9-4

All members present.

The issue of burning in the downtown is the only item left to finalize on the Nuisance Ordinance. Suggestions given include banning burning totally or to allow it in the off-season. The ideas will be sent to the Township Attorney.

Curfew language examples were passed out to the Board members from other localities and MTA to review. Will discuss further at October meeting as there is a definite interest for a curfew ordinance here.

Board approved plans of Am-Vets’ public notice board at the Chamber of Commerce building downtown. The Board will have final say on design and exact placement of the sign.

An engineering study on the Harbor Light at a cost of $5,000 was approved. This is another step which must be done before a grant application can be submitted for repairs to the Lighthouse.
The Board approved the purchase of a chemical toilet for the Chamber of Commerce building. The C of C will share half the cost of the unit.

Board approved pending purchase of a maintenance truck for the Townships.

H & D bid for the Donegal Bay Trail project was accepted. Engineer Gary Vogt will ask the State for an additional $13,000 towards the project. With that additional amount the Township share would be $70,193.

Total millage to levy for St. James Township in the amount of 11.9603 mills was approved.

The Board heard comments about the dispute between BITA and BIBCo. Two BITA members, Rich Gillespie and Grace Matela, are up for reappointment. No decision was made; the matter was tabled until the next meeting, either the October meeting or a special meeting.

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