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June 2003
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McDonough’s Market - 70 Years serving Beaver Island

Don't bother trying to fix it … if it's not Baroque

Graduation Time

Beaver Island Chamber of Commerce Plans for the 4th of July

The Historical Society releases the schedule for Museum Week

BIPOA Nature Lecture: Painted Turtles of the Beaver Archipelago

CMU Summer Nature Walk series

BIRHC to Raffle Truck

Health Center Groundbreaking

The State of the Internet on Beaver Island

Honoring Bev and Mike

On This Date

One Hundred Years Ago

A Fine Spring Concert

An Environmental Protection section proposed for our Zoning Ordinance

Passings: Robert Smith; Gary Tepe; Margaret Way; Dan Green

Rural Arts & Culture Grant Update

Mary Gets a New Gallery

Roasting Jerry

The Sun Also Rises … over PABI's Community House: Summer Solstice Celebrations

The Class Play: A Class Act

Lighthouse School News

News from the Townships

Work at Beaver Head

BICS Students get Handhelds

Island Airways Hanger Party

Emerald Isle Security Exercise

Making a Walleye Pond

The Leadership Retreat suggests an approach for the Lansing Reception

A Report on The Lansing Reception

Peaine Township helps the Island move closer to a Master Plan

The AmVets in Action: yellow ribbons and posters

Weather or Not

Camp Quality Returns

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Classified Ads

News from the Townships

Regular meeting of the St. James Township Board held May 7 2003 with all members present.

A change in requirements for setting off fireworks was announced as required by the Township Insurance Plan. A Professional Pyrotechnician must set off fireworks rather than the Fireman. Chief McDonough has a lead on someone to handle the fireworks.

Dust control for Island scheduled to be applied June 7th.

Board approved EMS to use the small office in the Township Hall as a temporary office space for their computer and files.
Board approved resolution to accept terms of agreement with DNR for Yacht Dock Project.

Letter to be sent to Charlevoix County Road Commission requesting Main Street between Forest Ave. and Bonner Ave. be restricted to parking on one side of street only. Request will be for parking on west side only.

A letter will be sent to business owners asking that employees not park on Main St. during working hours. Also a letter will be sent to the Boat Co. asking for their assistance in making passengers aware that parking is available at Boat Co. parking lot, rather than on Main Street when they leave the Island.

Board approved proceeding with plans for a picnic area at the end of the bike trail at the Township Campground.

Township Engineer Gary Voogt has informed the Township that corrections will be made to the sewer pipe depth where it froze during the winter months. As construction of the bike path crosses the area of the sewer pipe, additional dirt and gravel will be placed over the pipe.

Regular meeting of the Peaine Township Board, May 14 2003
Members present: John Works, Paul Nelson, Colleen Martin, Christina Morgan, and Judith Lanier.

MOTION Nelson, second Morgan to approve the 4/9/03 minutes, motion approved. MOTION Lanier, second Nelson to approve payment of current bills, motion approved.

Resolution #010105, to accept the Michigan Bureau of Aeronautics grant to purchase Welter's hangar and authorize the supervisor to sign the grant, was offered by Nelson, and supported by Morgan. Ayes: Nelson, Morgan, Works, Lanier, Martin. Resolution passed.

MOTION Works, second Nelson to approve the $2,400.00 payment to Architecture Technology for the initial retainer fee on the new fire barn; motion approved. St. James Township will share half of this bill.

Bill McDonough has requested our $1,000.00 contribution to the Partnership Fund. Works will request a detailed accounting of these funds.

MOTION Works, second Morgan to hire Jean’s Lawn Service to do the seasonal grass-cutting at the Peaine Township Hall; motion carried.

MOTION Lanier, second Works to approve the additional cost not to exceed $1500.00 on the zoning ordinance by our planner; Gosling Czubak; motion approved. Cost to be split with St. James Township.

Dust control is scheduled to come over on June 6th.
Planning Commission has approved a 4-way split on the Old Rectory property. A public hearing will be held on the Pingel and Schwartzfisher gravel pits. Master planning survey will go out to all residents and property owners.

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