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August 2003
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News From the Townships

St. James Township, 7-2-03

Compared to June's rather volatile meeting, this one was rather calm. After the minutes were accepted and the list of bills to be paid expanded and approved, Supervisor Don Vyse delivered a few reports. He sent letters to the downtown merchants asking them to ask their employees not to park on the street, but had not received any response. He was reluctant to suggest a parking ordinance. Ed Wojan informed the Board that BIBCO had obtained permission from Evan Karnes to park on the north side of the Resale Shop lot, which could accommodate 8 or 9 cars.
The supervisor reported that the permit for improving the Yacht Dock had finally been received from the Army Corps of Engineers. The work, which includes dock repair and expansion, some dredging, an upgrade of the electrical system, and some work on the building, is expected to be ready to start in the spring. Funds from a $1.1 m grant are in hand. (As a sign of how urgent this matter has become, the next night a handful of people fell into the lake when a outside finger pier on which they were standing collapsed. Other boaters were quick to call the EMS and help pull the victims from the water. Luckily, there were only scrapes and bruises, no serious injuries.)

The supervisor said that after considering how much good was done for the Township's projects at the Lansing Reception, he was not sure he would recommend that St. James donate $1,000 to these efforts again next year.

The dust control is complete for the year. Almost 10,000 gallons were applied, including a second coating of the Donegal Bay Road.

The Nuisance Ordinance was published on July 1st, so that if it isn't challenged it will go into effect on July 31st.

The State Preservation Office tweaked and then accepted the architect's plan for his report about the condition and requirements for the Whiskey Point Light, so now he can begin to prepare it.

Township Engineer Gary Vogt is sponsoring a Writing Contest and offering prizes for the best essays about how enjoyable the new bike path is. The full-mile path was officially opened at 11:30 a.m. on July 4th, with dozens of bikers, first, and then walkers setting off from Heritage Park.

The Township investigated the requirements of running the new paid EMS employees' (6 in number, taking two slots) payrolls through its books, and decided it would be best to simply take over the EMS account – similarly to how it handles the Fire Department account.

A Bike Path ordinance was suggested, to determine rules for its use. Because of the MDOT funds, no motorized vehicle of any kind can be allowed. Graffiti Art will be prohibited as well.
The Airport Hanger agreement is nearing completion. The two townships will buy out the present owner's (Ed Welter) interest for the appraised value of $91,000, with 90% of this coming from federal funds and possibly another 5% from the state.

A Sanitary Sewer resolution was passed compelling everyone contiguous to the sewer line to hook up to it. Sally Pryce, in the audience, said she had been trying to hook up for about a year but had constantly been put off even though she'd obtained all the permits. (The next day her connection was made.)

There was a discussion of the deteriorating condition of the seal coat surface of King's Highway; it was said to be good for 7 years at the time, and now we're approaching 10. Gary Vogt stated it's a County Primary road, so the Charlevoix County Road Commission has a responsibility to maintain it, and the $500,000 estimated cost for a 20-year "hot mix" paving (for the portion in St. James Township) could not be born without the County's participation. (It was noted that the road is 26' wide to Four Corners and then narrows to 20'. This was done in order to mark with white paint two lines to create 3' walking and bike paths on both sides, but no one ever came up with the paint.) If the CCRC would pay 2/3rds, the balance could possibly be financed over 3 to 5 years.

There was some criticism of Peaine Township for not paving 100' of Sloptown Road where it meets the Highway (which would cost $8,400) because this corner is sometimes taken at a certain speed, and the loose gravel has sent cars sliding.

Dick Moehl, the President of the Great Lakes Lighthouse Keepers' Association, addressed the Township regarding his interest in working with it to restore and maintain the Whiskey Point Light. He recounted how he had facilitated the possible purchase of the Boathouse and donation of it to CMU. (Ed Wojan refreshed the Board's memory of how this had come to pass: the Township had been offered the property (including 400' of frontage), but had decided not to spend the $17,000 it would have cost. Consequently Tom Child purchased it at auction for $60,000. He listed it for sale at $400,000, but by the time a buyer was located decided to raise the price to $700,000; and by the time a new buyer was found at that price, he declared that it was now worth $1,000,000.) Dick Moehl sketched in some of his accomplishments with the St. Helena Light and the Round Island Light, and talked about his vision for the Whiskey Point Maritime Complex. All aspects of his plan seemed satisfactory, in part because the Township alone does not know how it could fund the needed improvements. The supervisor felt that a partnership with GLLKA would be a win-win situation. The Board voted to pursue this partnership, and to refer to it in its application to receive title to the Light, which is due on August 1st.

Peaine Township Regular meeting: 7-9-03 all present
MOTION Nelson, Second Morgan, to approve the
6-11-03 minutes; approved. MOTION Lanier, Second Works, to approve the payment of current bills; approved.

Judy asked the Board for suggestions on the type and price range for the new tables and chairs.

MOTION Works, Second Nelson, to authorize Supervisor John Works to sign the hangar lease agreement with the Beaver Island Airport; approved.

Correspondence: Don Vyse, St. James Supervisor, requested Peaine work with St. James on the goal of improving the King’s Highway. John and Paul volunteered to work with Don.

A letter was sent to Sandy LoDico commending her on her excellent cleaning of the Township Hall.

Reports: Planning Commission hopes to have surveys out by end of month. Two special use permit applications for gravel extraction were reviewed; one was approved, one denied.
Public comments were voiced on nuisance ordinance, civil infraction ordinance, and the gravel pit special use applications.
Jim Campbell is the full-time deputy, and Justin Good the seasonal deputy. Adjourned at 9:20 p.m.

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