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July 2004
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News from the Townships

AmVets Retire Worn Flags

Long-EZ's return - Burt Rutan-designed experimental aircraft

PABI GroundBreaking

Island Airways Hangar Party

Wildlife Club News

School Election Results

Letters: To the Beaver Island Community

Walleye Pond a Success this Year

The yearbooks are in. The yearbooks are in. The yearbooks are in!

Thanks to Ed Wojan who orchestrated the event, Islanders get to Skydive from 11,000 ft. at Township Airport

On This Date

Museum Week 2004 Schedule of Events

A Sturdy New Home - Ben Fogg's new Tug Spartacus.

Lighthouse School Graduation

Silent Auction added to Fashion Tea

Phyllis Townsend 1911-2004

Preservationists named Honorary Architects

The Dig Continues - Suttons Bay Anthropology Club

Rich Gillespie will run for Charlevoix County Commissioner

Will there be a New Boat?

BIRHC Grand Opening - A Fine Celebration

One Hundred Years Ago

Art found in Nature - the Wood Sculpture of Bruce Struik

Mary Gallagher 1909-2004

Cecelia Kinney 1911-2004

Emergency Lights Available

New First Responders

Blood Drive; Hospice Needs Summer Caregivers

New Map of Beaver Island


One Hundred Years Ago
By Joyce Bartels

Charlevoix Sentinel July 7, 1904 Local News: “Rt. Rev. Bishop Richter, of Grand Rapids, has been in Charlevoix several days, and went to Beaver Island Wednesday.”

“R. M. McKeel, returned home Friday having been a month on Beaver Island painting Dr. Wilkinson's new building.”
“Surely Beaver Island is forging to the front as an agricultural section. Superintendent Coulter told us yesterday that the Ferry Co. has about 1,000 acres of peas on the Island.”

“W. J. Gallagher, representing the Beaver Island fishermen's union and Raymond McDonald, representing the Island longshoremen leave Monday for Milwaukee to attend the annual convention of the labor federation.”

“Mrs. H. J. Cox, wife of the Chicago weather wizard, and children arrived here on the Manitou Sunday, and will go to Beaver Island Monday to spend a month or more.”

“W. J. Gallagher, of St. James, goes to the World's Fair, after attending the Milwaukee labor convention. At St. Louis he will attend the grand convention of the Order of the Hibernians.”
Charlevoix Sentinel July 14, 1904 Local News: “The steamer Beaver will give an excursion from Beaver Island to Manistique next Sunday, July 17th.”

“James Donlevy, of St. James came over on the Beaver yesterday and left for Chicago on the Illinois last evening. He will visit the World's Fair while he is away.”

“The Dominican Sisters of St. James came over on the Beaver Wednesday on the way to the parent house for their annual retreat. Mrs. Prof. Cox and children of Chicago, will occupy the sisters' residence during their absence.”

harlevoix Sentinel July 21, 1904 Local News: “The steamer Beaver after reaching Beaver Island, cancelled her Manistique Sunday excursion owing to the southwest gale that prevailed that day.”

“Prof. H. J. Cox, the Chicago weather forecaster, will arrive here Sunday on the Missouri and join his family at St. James Monday. He will be there about two weeks, and will look after certain details of the proposed establishment of a weather station there.”

“Local Inspectors Henner and Blocker went to Beaver Island yesterday on inspection business.”

“The Rev. Fr. Zugelder, of St. James, came over Monday and returned Wednesday, making a trip to Mackinac Island with a friend- Rev. Fr. Brugger, of Saginaw.”

Charlevoix Sentinel July 28, 1904 Local News: “The editor accompanied Prof. Cox, of the Weather Bureau, to Beaver Island Monday, returning Wednesday.”

“The tug Margaret McCann, of St. James, was here over Sunday, shipping a new wheel.”

“There has been very much unnecessary excitement over reports of a small-pox epidemic at Beaver Island the past two weeks. The editor of this paper spent three days at St. James this week, and is in a position to give the facts, after a careful investigation. Smallpox broke out about two weeks in the lumber camp of the Beaver Island Lumber Co., about ten miles from St. James. It was promptly and effectively quarantined. The camp itself is in the woods and a safe distance from any farmhouse. There has been no dangerous exposures on any other part of the Island, and St. James is as safe as Charlevoix. Indeed, the people of St. James, while fully alive to the situation, are entirely tranquil as to any danger. We consider it as safe to visit St. James as it is to visit any other point in Northern Michigan. Even the cases in the camp are recovering. The Sentinel will be fully responsible for the truth of this statement, and any reports to the contrary may be put down as coming from those interested in an exaggerated record of the situation.” (Note: F. Protar's diary mentions the smallpox in the lumber camp. He also credits Dr. Wilkinson with the cures.)

Northern Michigan: “James McCann, of Beaver Island, has the use of the dock and warehouse at Bailey's Landing, opposite the Island House, Mackinac, and proposes to supply the Island with all kinds of fresh fish daily during the season. Many a summer visitor at Mackinac remembers, with a longing desire, for more of the fish which was set before him here; and Mr. McCann handles these varieties. He is a big dealer in fish and ships an average of one hundred and fifty tons per season to the Chicago markets.” - Resorter

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