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October 2002
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In Remembrance.

Reflecting on the passing of many of the Island's beloved family members and friends, I wish to make the following observation: "They graced Beaver Island with their presence, talents, contributions, and ready smiles. Let us not remember them with sadness, for they instilled happiness in our very being for all time by their example.”

A Smile
You can smile when you look at the sunshine,
Smile at floating white clouds in the blue.
Smile at twinkling stars in God's heaven,
And the rainbow's most beautiful hue.

Thank our Lord with a smile for His blessings,
Keep a song in your heart every day.
Oh the feeling is grand when you reach out your hand,
And to some other person you say:

"There's a great deal of worth in a smile,
Though it doesn't cost you a cent.
It's just a small effort on your part,
But think of all it has meant.

"There are others around you less cheery,
So why not make their day look bright?
Just smile, and the frown they've been wearing,
Will soon have faded from sight."

–Eleanor LaFrenier


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