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February 2003
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One Hundred Years Ago

Charlevoix Sentinel Feb. 9, 1903
“No mail since January 21, but all is calm and serene on Beaver Island. The Garden Island Indians and white men were over on the ice Saturday. John Bonner, who is working on Hog Island, reached Beaver Island the day before. Nothing heard from High Island yet.”

Charlevoix Sentinel Feb. 12, 1903
Local News: “Engineer Sherman has a force of men at work repairing the boiler of the steamer Beaver. This is no slander on the Beaver's boiler, because it is a first class affair. Henry begins to think that fitting out time is close at hand.”

“Patrick Roddy, a son of the late Capt. Roddy, has been promoted to 5th assistant chief of the Milwaukee fire department.”
“Capt. P. D. Campbell has been awarded the Beaver Island mail contract for a period of four years from July 1st, 1903, summer and winter.”

“It begins to look as if Beaver Island was doomed to wait for the first boat before they got any mail. Judging from present conditions, navigation will open in March.”

Charlevoix Sentinel Feb. 19, 1903:
Local News: “The weather the past three days has probably provided a bridge for the Beaver Island mail.”

Charlevoix Sentinel Feb. 26, 1903
Local News: “The mail came over from St. James on the ice last Friday for the first time this winter.”

Beaver Island News: “Fishing through the ice is the popular pastime around the harbor now.”

“More business on Beaver Island this winter than for many years previous.”

“Dominick G. Gallagher who has charge of the ‘Head’ Light this winter was in town over last Sunday.”

“The Dominican Sisters have changed their residence from the harbor to the new Sisters’ home near the church.”

“Preparations are rapidly being made to harvest the ice crop. Mike McCann is getting a foundation laid to move his red ice house from where it now stands, to a more convenient location over the water near the dock.”

“The Island has not been burdened with snow so far this year, scarsely enough in the woods to haul timber on, and as for the north end of the Island we have yet to get enough snow to have a good sleigh ride all around the harbor. Since the harbor froze over, when anyone wanted good sleighing, they have had to take the ice for it.”

“Logging operations are being carried on in the woods near the "Head" this winter by several parties who are running camps. Foremost in point of numbers employed being the Morrow Bros. of Central Lake, Malloy Bros. of the Island, Gill and Green, Thomas and Rice and Boyle Bros., all of the Island, are also busily engaged getting out the various products of the forest.”

“The Beaver Island Lumber Co. is making rapid strides toward the completion of their lumber and shingle plant. The four large boilers are all in position, and nearly all the brick work completed. The engine and other heavy machinery is all in place. The shingle mill is nearly ready for its machinery. A crew of fifteen men and three teams are at work on the grade of the right-of-way and all the cuts on the road will be made before the snow goes off. By the middle of May the road will be in running order, so says manager Stevens.”

“Father Zugelder has recently moved into the new stone house which has just been completed. This elegant residence which is by far the finest dwelling on the Island is a credit to the Island and especially to the Parish and friends who built it. The congregation here is greatly indebted to their faithful pastor, Father Zugelder, who made it possible for the Parish to own such a handsome church house. The location of it could not have been better. The view from the highest point on the house where Father Zugelder has cleverly planned an observatory is magnificent, for one can see not only the whole north end of the Island with Font Lake so daintily nestled among the trees, but the north channel, the Harbor and point, all the neighboring islands in their picturesque beauty, and on a comparatively clear day, the north shore and the mainland to the eastward.”

–Joyce Bartels

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