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January 2003
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Letters: Questions about Med Center

According to the November 2002 letter from the Medical Center Board asking for donations, our Medical Center has lost its funding for operating costs and now will be relying on patient revenue, property taxes, and private contributions. At the same time, according to Joe Reed's report in the October Beacon, the Medical Center Board is happy to announce the hiring of a "half time" manager for $120,000 for 18 months of work. Wow! This seems like an extremely excessive amount of money for a part-time job. Furthermore, if funding the operating costs of the medical center is a problem, might we be better off with our existing medical center rather than a new and bigger one, which certainly will be even more expensive to run? For the many of us working folks who can't afford health insurance, a fancy new medical center, with its operation funded by increased taxes and, probably, increased patient revenue, isn't as exciting as some might think. For those who can't afford to go to the Medical Center now, paying more taxes for a new fancy building isn't an attractive idea. By the way, do we really need a new building? I have never been to the Medical Center when it was crowded.

–Gwen Marston

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