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August 2004
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News from the Townships

AmVets Fishing Tournament Scheduled for September 11th-12th

Staff Changeover at Beaver Island Community School

Fourth of July Golf Tournament a Big Hit

Marching in the Rain: A Forth of July few will forget

Dedicating the Town Clock

On This Date

Shipping out the Logs

Concert on the Harbor

Sunset Picnic August 15th

Inland Seas Kayaking Inland Seas Eco-Tours

Art Show Success highlights Museum Week

A Wedding on the Beach

Volleyball Camp

Boyne Thunder Poker Race to Beaver

Recreation Resource Project Special Summary Report

One Hundred Years Ago

Sky Divers Return

Livingstone Studio's Meet the Artist

BIRHC Fashion Tea at Deerwood

B.I. Christian Church celebrates 41 years, honors Greggs

Camp Quality on Beaver

Trouble with the Bridge

BIRHC Benefit Dinner September 17th at Nina's

Go Wendy!


News from the Townships

St. James Board
The July 7th, 2004 meeting of the St. James Board included an update on the new Fire Truck, which will cost $180,000 ($150,000 of which was provided by Anna Steinbach.)
The Yacht Dock repairs are on hold because the bid had not been approved by the understaffed state office.

Supervisor Don Vyse reported on a Traverse City seminar on Lighthouse preservation. He mentioned that one of the reasons the Fresnel lenses are so valuable was that the ''cement'' holding their facets together was a secret recipe that has never been duplicated.
The full 10,000 gallons of dust control material has now been applied.

A resolution of the thorny parking matter at the Donegal Bay Park seems to have been reached: additional west-edge parking will be provided via a widening of the road.

The township is the owner of the new "downtown sound system" provided by Gary Voogt and his friends. (It still needed some fine-tuning when it was used on the 4th.)

The "Government Building" (the former Med Center) will be used by the Zoning Administrator/Assessor so that St. James Hall won't have to be heated every day during the winter. The 2nd deputy will live there for $275/month. The Hospice group will be allowed to store materials in the basement for free.

Development of the Township Airport is progressing, with 5 interrelated projects: 1) the acquisition of a hangar as a storage building; 2) the creation of a layout plan for the facility; 3) the acquisition of land to the west of the runway; 4) tree clearing 600' from the center of the runway; and 5) the relocation of Island Airways (which is not yet economically advantageous for IA.) Because Lansing has been dragging its feet, we may hire Ollie House as a consultant. Greater utilization of the Airport would help procure FAA funding.

The Board voted to upgrade trash containers and add picnic tables to the new playground.

The impasse with the maintenance employee has been solved by raising his pay from $16.33 to $18, and not having a regular assistant will cover this added expense.

The Board approved the purchase of a new propane forklift for the Transfer Station; on a five year low-interest note, the total cost will be $21,313.

Township Engineer Gary Voogt presented information on the King's Highway repaving. He said the CCRC was legally required to pay for it, but could not because it did not have the money; it has trouble meeting its payroll. Many townships are angry, and if the CCRC accommodates one of them, it's afraid the others will scream louder.

Gary presented a plan for repaving the 1 mile of King's Highway in St. James, widening the south section from 26' to 30' (a 30' gravel base was installed ten years ago.) He proposed going to Four Corners, which would cost St. James $198,000 and Peaine $62,000. The existing pavement would be covered by an additional 1½" of asphalt (1,800 tons), and there would be 5' bike paths on both sides. It would last for 15 years. He wanted the Township to pass a "resolution to bond" (which it did), saying that each year, when the payment came due, we could press the CCRC to make it. He mentioned again that if Beaver Island had its own Commissioner, these things could be accomplished more smoothly.

Peaine Board
Gary Voogt appeared at the Peaine Town Board meeting on July 14th, 2004, unfortunately stating that the CCRC had refused to pay even the requested 1/3rd of the cost for paving back from the King's Highway intersections. He outlined the project he had proposed to St. James (the repaving to Four Corners), and said H & D would come around Labor Day to pave the new parking lot, the BIRHC parking lot, Beaver Lodge Road to past the tennis court, and the King's Highway to Four Corners–if Peaine agreed.
Many angry barbs were directed at the Road Commission.

It was noted that at the BIRHC dedication, Jason Allen agreed to push the dropped bill Walter North had initially promised to push through, which would treat the ferry route and the King's Highway at this end as an extension of M 66. The Ludington car ferry route was made into an extension of U. S. 16, which is the precedent. And there’s a state highway encircling Mackinac Island–which no one can drive on.

Gary spent much time explaining the intricacies of the make-up of various kinds of gravel.

Afterwards Supervisor John Works proposed that a "motion of intent" to get a bond in conjunction with St. James be passed, noting that St. James would handle the paperwork; it was.
In other business, the Board approved buying a Caterpillar forklift for the Transfer Station, and agreed to rent two rooms of the Government Building to the 2nd Deputy.

Some progress towards a nuisance ordinance was made, although Paul Nelson cited examples of how tricky this was. For example, for a loud noise to be suppressed, we would have to acquire test equipment and demonstrate that the decibel level of the nuisance was prohibited. John Works wanted to look into an expanded "Disturbance of the Peace" ordinance as being simpler to enforce. Some residents who've been pushing for some relief were very frustrated.

The Maintenance Employee's raise was affirmed.
Jack Kelly appeared and discussed the Recreation Plan, suggesting it be

referenced in the coming Master Plan.
Ed Wojan mentioned that he had received several calls from confused and angry clients who felt the survey recently submitted by Continued on page 6.

News from the Townships, from page 5.
Fred Hoisington was very biased–something Gary Voogt had noted to St. James. Some multiple-choice questions did not have the preferred answer in their list of possible choices. The audience was assured that John Fiegen would not accept the survey results verbatim.

St. James Planning Commission
On July 1st, 2004 almost 20 people attended a meeting of the Planning Commission to protest the attempt to rezone Freesoil Avenue in such a way as to allow some existing commercial uses by McDonough's Market, which seem to violate the ordinance. Jerry Sowa, their spokesperson, held the floor for almost half an hour, citing procedural irregularities. He said he had been against this proposed rezoning (from R to H) since first having it broached by then-Zoning Administrator Tom McDonough in 1985, and felt it was important to preserve the historic residential use of this area and to proceed in a transparent manner to avoid the appearance of special favor. Some of the anger dissipated when the appearance of a previously unfound application was feasibly explained as being due to a misfiling error. Yet resentment lingered over matters being undertaken without the people affected by them being sufficiently consulted.

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