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September 2002
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Letters to the Editor

Beaver Island Internet Company pulls back its offering

The Beaver Island Internet Company (BIIC) issued a press release on August 8th to say that it will not be able to offer internet service to Beaver Island starting this September, as had been announced. "We wish to thank all of our customers who supported our dream of a locally owned and operated Internet service company," the owners stated. "Our plans have had to be cancelled because of logistical and potential provisioning problems that could have led to a delayed start." BIIC feels it did not receive strong enough support from sections of the local market to succeed with a late start-up. "We want to thank everyone who encouraged and supported us," they said. "We believed that the Island's future technological needs and economic development could best be met through a locally owned and operated company." It's too bad this thesis wasn't more fully put to the test.


Thanks from Bill Hirschey

In the words of a friend, "You cannot change the wind; you have to readjust your sails."

The family of Ruth Hirschey would like to thank everyone who supported us when we "had the wind knocked out of our sails." The outpouring of compassion and support was overwhelming, and makes it plain to see why Ruth thought of Beaver Island as her home and why she so wanted to get back. You showed us the true meaning of community.

Perhaps you provided a dish, attended the service, sent a card, or provided caring words. Perhaps you tended a garden, planted flowers, provided furniture, or helped clean up. Whatever you may have done, your kindness was greatly appreciated.
A sincere and heartfelt thank you from the Hirschey Family: Bill Sr., Bill Jr. and Renee, Larry, Karen, Garrett, and Scott and Michele and Owen.


Blood Drive

Many thanks to the 106 prospective donors who came to the 2002 Rita Gillespie Memorial Blood Drive. The resulting donations were indeed a generous gift of life to those in need. Special thanks also to the many volunteers and to the hard working and efficient Red Cross team who combined their talents to produce an average time for the donation process of less than sixty minutes. Finally, thanks to the Island community for its total support–the transportation companies, the churches, the businesses for publicizing the event, and the Beaver Island Community School for the use of its facilities and support staff. A special thanks also to the Beaver Beacon for its support. The effort shows Beaver Island at its best, our entire community going all out to support those in need. On behalf of those people who will receive life as a result of this team effort–thanks! See you next year.
--Jerry Charbeneau, Jeanne Howell, and Fred Habold


Sailing for the Disabled

At an international conference in Stockholm this past June, I noticed a full-sized sailboat in the exhibit area. Wondering what this had to do with occupational therapy, my field, I took a closer look and found that it represented Skota Hem ("trim the sail"), a Swedish organization that promotes sailing for the disabled. Mainly by way of the boat on display, a standard 2.4m one-man keelboat which is unsinkable, can't capsize, and can be managed regardless of the sailor's height, weight, or strength. Now a foundation with public and private support, Skota Hem is developing a network of similar sailing clubs around the world, providing help, advice, and support. It also encourages participation of disabled sailors in competition, which is possible with the 2.4m boat on an equal basis, through the International Federation of Disabled Sailing ( Skota Hem can be found at; a brochure about it can be found at the Beaver Island Library.
--Antje Price


Deerwood and Kuebler Trail

Nearly half of the popular Keubler Trail, from Protar's Tomb to McCauley's Point, runs through the Deerwood Lodge property. The private, exclusive lodge, owned by Jon and Sally Fogg, is slated to open early next year. The Foggs are working to balance the competing interests of current construction site liability and future guest privacy versus their desire to allow continued public use of the Trail. Signs will soon be placed where the Trail crosses Deerwood property that read:

“Entering Deerwood
Private Property.
Please stay on the Trail.
Thank you.”

During construction, the Deerwood site is closed to all visitors. The crew of Ron Wojan Construction have been advised to admit no one not accompanied by the Foggs. "We are pleased that so many of our Island friends want to see Deerwood, but it's just not possible during construction," said Jon Fogg. Prior to opening the five guest suites and large tract of private land to registered guests, the Foggs plan an Open House for Islanders.
--Steve West, Northern Lights Advertising and Marketing


Fellow Voters,

Please accept a heartfelt "thanks" for placing your trust in me in the August Primary for Peaine Township Treasurer. Please be assured that I will represent all of Peaine Township and will perform my duties as best as possible. Thank you for your continued support in the November 5, 2002 election.
--Respectfully, Christina M. Morgan

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