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April 2009 Beaver Beacon Beaver Island News

C o n t e n t s
        • News from the Townships
        • Notes on the Island Budget
        • The Budgets
        • Calendar of Island Events
        • A Brighter Light-over there: City of Charlevoix and the Charlevoix Historical Society recieve grant from the Michigan Lighthouse Assistance Program for the Charlevoix South Peir Light
        • The View from Five Hundred Feet: A Sentimental Journey
        • The Elders Speak – and George Anthony has been Listening
        • Library Girds Up
        • Sunbows
        • Road Rally #7
        • The Gertrude K – it seems we hardly knew ye
        • One Hundred Years ago: the more things change, the more they stay the same
        • The music is coming
        • St. James, Serbia
        • Ah, ‘tis great to be Irish – on St. Pat’s
        • The Charlevoix mayor attempts to Defuse Tensions
        • Wind Farms
        • In Memory: Charles K. (Chuckie) Dudley
        • Lady Islanders complete sweep
        • Boys play short-handed but not short-hearted
        • Hockey on the Harbor
        • The Mobile Bay returns to open the harbor for the ferry season to begin
        • A long trip and a deep dive
        • The Kids are Coming
        • Care to sweep the floor – in a Lighthouse?
        • Our Health Center
        • On This Date – and the news that was fit to print (and reprint)
        • Classified Ads, Island Property for Sale, Beaver Island Rental Cottages and Homes [ view classifieds online ]
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