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May 2004
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BIRHC Meeting

At the Health Center meeting of May 1st, the Board discussed how best to report financial information. The billing firm manager will be here on May 7th to look over the operation and install a MediSoft upgrade, which should help with reporting. Since mid-March, bills are going out faster and to more insurance companies than ever.

A second grant will be applied for from the Grand Traverse Bay Tribe, to cover the cost of educational and preventive services. Teleconferencing will be expanded, and testing equipment installed to eliminate the waiting time for blood to be flown across.

Money will be short for a few years, although “the BIRHC is in better financial shape than ever.” It’s hoped the Capital Campaign will raise the Endowment Fund (now at $111,021, with the CCCF) to $250,000 by the Grand Opening (June 25th, with Phil Hoffman as MC), to $1,500,000 within 3 years, and to $5,000,000 within 5. A fall-back option is to borrow against the new building (up to 20% of its value), making payments from the EF’s interest.

The survey will be repeated in June for seasonal residents; 117 replies came from the first 270 sent out, which will be collated by Eula Thomas. Lenore Jacobsen is masterminding the Fashion Show (July 8th), which will be held at Deerwood. Three practitioners are interested in joining the team, possibly including Mike McGinnity.

A $1,000,000 liability policy for the Board was approved. Gerald LaFreniere resigned from the Board because of increased duties with the EMS and at home. The truck for the raffle arrived on the boat; 500 tickets will be sold at $100 each.

Dr. White mentioned that the Board had allowed Dr. Molter, an optometrist, to move into the new building, set up, and see patients before any contract was signed. The Board apologized, saying its attorney had taken a vacation before the contract was finished. None of the eight Board members present knew permission had been given for this. Dr. White also said she had received a letter blaming her for people complaining about her water lines being left out.

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