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July 2004
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News from the Townships

AmVets Retire Worn Flags

Long-EZ's return - Burt Rutan-designed experimental aircraft

PABI GroundBreaking

Island Airways Hangar Party

Wildlife Club News

School Election Results

Letters: To the Beaver Island Community

Walleye Pond a Success this Year

The yearbooks are in. The yearbooks are in. The yearbooks are in!

Thanks to Ed Wojan who orchestrated the event, Islanders get to Skydive from 11,000 ft. at Township Airport

On This Date

Museum Week 2004 Schedule of Events

A Sturdy New Home - Ben Fogg's new Tug Spartacus.

Lighthouse School Graduation

Silent Auction added to Fashion Tea

Phyllis Townsend 1911-2004

Preservationists named Honorary Architects

The Dig Continues - Suttons Bay Anthropology Club

Rich Gillespie will run for Charlevoix County Commissioner

Will there be a New Boat?

BIRHC Grand Opening - A Fine Celebration

One Hundred Years Ago

Art found in Nature - the Wood Sculpture of Bruce Struik

Mary Gallagher 1909-2004

Cecelia Kinney 1911-2004

Emergency Lights Available

New First Responders

Blood Drive; Hospice Needs Summer Caregivers

New Map of Beaver Island


Walleye Lovers: Rejoice!

After the disappointment of last year, the Wildlife Club took extra pains to make sure its fry turned into fingerlings, monitoring the air content, adjusting the netting and turtle barricade, and bringing in fire-truck-loads of water. Perhaps most importantly, it watched the growth of its charges so it could get them out of the pond the moment they began to develop a taste for their brothers – cannibalism was the primary problem last year.

On June 25th a DNR officer arrived with his specially-equipped “minnow truck” and six hoop nets, which six strapping men in waders strung across the pond. Alternating directions, the nets were anchored with their tunnels submerged in three or four feet of water. After the nets were set, the crew had to wait until the following morning to see how many fingerlings were caught.

The next day the group met again to harvest their catch. As each net was emptied into a floating box by Jeff Powers, Mark LaFreniere, and Doug Tilly, the gobs of young fish were cause for joy. On shore they were poured through a double net and weighed. Extrapolating, a good estimate was over 9,600 fingerlings, measuring about 32 mm long. They were obviously hungry, a good sign that they'd been nabbed in time. Thankfully, only a few were jumbos, so the “dog eat dog” rule of the pond had not yet kicked in.

After chucking six adventurous turtles and a small snake, the walleyes were driven to Lake Geneserath in a stately parade of grinning enthusiasts, and released. They loved their new home.

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