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        • No Snow, No Problem – Christmas still brings Much Joy!
        • News from the Townships
        • Coast Guard cancels Live Fire Zones due to public, environmental outcry
        • News from the Beaver Island Wildlife Club
        • Thanks to Dean and the EMS
        • V-6: Island Families
        • A Big Step Forward… for Beaver Island Music: You Don’t Know Me – brilliant new release by Sheri Timsak
        • On This Date
        • In Memory: Clayton A. Kline
        • goes forward
        • Broadband wireless meeting – Joint Township & Public with NG Wireless, Inc. – January 17th.
        • Out of the Blue - a serial science fiction story starring people and places of Beaver: Episode 5 Song Lines
        • Don't Pull the Plug on the Great Lakes
        • Beaver Island Calendar of Events
        • Wishlists for Santa
        • Dody Bedford: fascinated by Beaver
        • Islanders open season with double sweep
        • Twelve Days: our school’s Wonderful Christmas program
        • Letters to the Editor: Port St. James Association Actions
        • The Next Big Invasion: Shrimp
        • First Snow, Time to Go
        • Island Firm Merges
        • Knitting toward a Big Goal: 1, 2, 3, 4 … 100,000 ‘Sweaters for Kids’
        • Elsenheimer takes on School Funding Inequalities
        • The AmVets choose Dave
        • Grant for BIYC Arts
        • The Cantata Hits Six
        • One Hundred Years Ago
        • New & Improved Classified Ads [ view classifieds online ]