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November 2002
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School cultural project receives Grant

Letters: Bill McDonough’s prime ribs

Letters: Joe Moore to the BIRHC Board

Letters: the BIRHC Board responds to Joe Moore

Greene’s Lake: Suitable for Framing

The Way it Was: A Man’s Home is His Castle

Walden on Skids: Dick Winnick’s home slides away

Lighthouse School receives Grant

On this Date

Beaver Island Wildlife Club

What's new with Mary Blocksma?

The CMU Closing Party

Local Couple Dines with the Vice President

One Hundred Years Ago

Pumpkinanigans at Pumpkinopolis: a Grand Pumpkinalia

News from the Townships

Bite of Beaver

Karaoke: the Island sings along

Book Review: Dave Miles’ Bob Miles’ Charlevoix II

A Fine Romance

A Fine Propeller

Health Center News

Ships in the News

News from the Gospel Ship

Washington Islanders

The Township Airport

Weather or Not

Family Discovery Safety Night

Recipes from our Readers: Venison

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Classified Ads

Weather or Not.

If there's a bustle in your hedgerow, don't be alarmed now, its just some guy in orange tracking a buck. November falls upon us not unlike the snow that will shortly follow the turning of the calendar. Most of the white stuff won't be sticking around long, until Thanksgiving, when there's a strong chance it will stay for a good five months.

El Nino is back, (can you say mudslide), and with it lots of precipitation. How much we will see, and how much of it will be snow depends on the jet stream. The winter could be wet and ugly, or, with a half dozen Alberta clippers, we could be clubbing seals instead of shooting bucks, kissing with our noses and saying things like, 'Maybe, ay, we should rename Main street for Wayne Gretzky, ay?' It could happen. Snow does weird things to people--just ask Jack Nicholson....

–Liam Racine

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