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February 2003
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Getting back … to Work

Different people have different reasons for taking a long trip. Having fun is a top priority for some, but for others it's to fuel up on inspiration in order to be more productive when they come home. Perhaps there's an element of guilt involved: after treating oneself, one has to pay the price. And “expanding one's horzon” is another frequentyly cited excuse.

For visual artists like Mary Scholl, a byproduct of the vacation she took with Marge Peters last fall was to add new elements to her composition. When we stopped by her studio last week she was engrossed in a new bout of creativity. She had pulled a few dozen of the color photos she took from the six albums in which they were placed, and had already reproduced the dazzling, colorful images in a dozen new paintings. To see such an outburst was so thrilling that we wanted to chip in right then and there to send her even farther and for longer next year!

Posters of these and other paintings will be available at the Toy Museum this summer.

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