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December 2002
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Letters to the Editor - The Debate about the Coyotes

As most of you are aware, my wife Wanda and myself are long-time visitors for 30+ years–9 of those as full-time residents.
I have been a breeder of beagles for many years. Normally I keep four to chase the cottontail and snowshoe hare.
On Saturday, November 9th, my beagles chased a hare into a cedar swamp and were attacked by a pack of coyotes. Luckily they escaped with a few bites to their head and neck. I took them to Jeff Powers and he put in a few stitches to close the wounds, and gave me some antibiotics. The beagles are doing fine, but are still somewhat in shock.

Two months ago another beagle was attacked and was not as lucky: the coyotes ruptured a blood vessel and the dog died on the spot. Two of my beagles are very young, and they were terrified as they ran toward the truck.

As the debate continues, there are mixed opinions about the coyotes. Some feel we should declare war on them and eliminate them, while others feel that we should not mess with mother nature, as all animals, including the coyotes, have a place in our wilds. As for myself and my beagles which became victims of the coyotes, I'm going to take the middle of the road. If they are over-populated and are a nuisance, then let's devise a plan to control them, as we do with other animals–such as by issuing doe permits to control the deer herd.

I realize there is a hunting and trapping season for the coyote. However, since there seems to be little interest from hunters in availing themselves of this, perhaps a debate to go to Plan B might be in order.

What do you think?

–Dave Roop

Letters to the Editor: Dear Island Residents

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to serve as your District 6 County Commissioner for the next two years. You can be assured I will continue to work with and for all the Island residents.

–Shirley Roloff (231-547-6169)

Letters to the Editor: Thanks for your Support!

Please accept my heartfelt "thanks" for your support in the general election, and be assured that I will represent all of Peaine Township. I am very excited to represent Beaver Island in Township government.

–Christina Morgan

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