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October 2002
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One Hundred Years Ago.

October 2, 1902,
Charlevoix Sentinel:
Local News: "Rev. Fr. Zugelder of St. James was here Tuesday after masons to plaster his new house."
Marine News: "The steamer Lou A. Cummings laid at Beaver Harbor from Sunday till Wednesday with a broken cylinder. She was there after a load of shingles for the new Northport Hotel when the accident happened. The Columbia of the same line was at the Soo with peaches, but went to the Beavers Wednesday and towed the Cummings here.”

October 23, 1902
Local News: "The U. S. Fish Commission is preparing for its annual campaign of spawn gathering at Beaver Island, a consignment of spawn boxes having gone over on the Beaver yesterday. The closed season begins November first, and continues for forty-five days, during which time three tugs will fish for the Commission."
Beaver Island News: "Beaver Island is strictly on the boom and don't leave out the "o's" and spell it with a "a"
either, for we won't stand for it. Instance: we have a first class harness and shoeshop, three of the best general stores in the country, and one of the most recent and welcome additions is a barber shop in charge of Mr. G. Richards."
Dr. Auld and family of Charlevoix spent Friday, Saturday and Sunday with Dr. Wilkinson. The Doctors made a trip to the Head. Dr. Auld was there and secured a nice bag of rabbits and ducks from around Lake Geneseret. Our genial friend Geo. Faust entertained the gentlemen in a royal manner at the pleasant home of Mr. and Mrs. Phil Malloy.

October 30, 1902
Local News: "Shades of King Strang! Just think of it: a railroad on Beaver Island! Imagine the Hotel Beaver porter shouting "all aboard for Lake Geneseret!" or "Train for Mount Pisgah!" Yet that is what is proposed by a Chicago firm which has large land holdings there from which the timber has not been cut. Last week this concern bought out W. F. Gill's sawmill plant and will build a narrow-gauge railroad from the mill ten miles up the Island. This means much more than a lumbering project. The timber is mostly hardwood with some cedar covering good farming lands. It means the enlargement of agricultural interests and a general and permanent development of the Island. And that, in turn, means larger lumbering interests on the adjacent islands, which contain much valuable timber. It looks like a period of industrial activity at "the Beavers" and rapid agricultural development. These things, in connection with summer resort prospects, are very encouraging to Beaver Island people."

–Joyce Bartels

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