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July 2003
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4th of July Festivities

BITA - BIBCO Reach an Agreement

Environmentally Sensitive Areas Ordinance on the Agenda

Vanishing Sturgeon

PABI's 1st Annual Goofy Golf Tournament

Rita Gillespie Memorial Blood Drive

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Rutan Experimentals Fly-In at the Township Airport

Annual Firemen’s Picnic

Barry Pischner's New CD: Sailing On

The Island Welcomes New Sheriff Jim Campbell

The Bike Path: an Unqualified Success

Museum Week 2003 Schedule; Museums hold Open House

Some interesting occurrences at Meetings

A Solstice Celebration: The Second Annual High Tea

Whiskey Point Restoration; Rectory Auction

Camp Quality does Beaver Island

Charlevoix County Commission Meetings

Celebrating Flag Day

Charlie's Model A: on the way to the Shop

One Hundred Years Ago

The “Seven Sisters” Opens

BIRHC Board has Opening

Sunset Cruises available Once Again

Bob Hannon: 1950-2003

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An Agreement at Last

At BITA’s June meeting, it voted unanimously to approve the Revised Management Services Agreement between BITA and BIBCO. The Boat Company's Board of Directors took similar action on May 29. This provides a positive culmination to a negotiation process that began over five years ago at the prompting of BITA to bring the Management Service Agreement into compliance with State and Federal regulations.

This agreement encompasses the contractual obligation for the operation of the Emerald Isle, as well as a forma agreement for the Transportation Authority Building (located opposite the ferry dock), an amendment to the dock license agreement and a structure for past and future capital equipment acquisitions that BITA receives for BIBCO's use in regard to the smooth and efficient public transportation service operated on behalf of the Island community. During the past seven years, BITA has received in excess of $5,000,000, which has been used in conjunction with the Emerald Isle to enhance our Island's public transportation infrastructure. BIBCO’s Bill McDonough stated, “These funds have already made a very significant impact on our Island's economy and they will continue to enable the Boat Company to provide a standard of service equal to the needs of the foreseeable future.”

BITA Chairman Rich Gillespie said, “the availability of public funding for this public transportation system allows the community, businesses and Island residents to realize the benefit this improved level of service offers, through the Emerald Isle and the infrastructure the funding provides. However, opportunities such as these often bring regulations and requirements that must be followed to meet the funding source provisions. These issues have now been addressed. We have documents in place that will allow for the continued growth of both organizations and protection of public and private interests.”

Members of both organizations complimented each other's negotiating teams and staff members for their dedication and work. A copy of the agreement will be at the Beaver Island District Library for public review.

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