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June 2004
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A Fine Mess

A number of people have recently written letters of support for Marilyn and Liam Racine, proprietors of the Stoney Acre Grill, to demonstrate how important this enterprise has become to the Beaver Island community. Consequently some of the customers have become aware of the disputation in which the Racines have become painfully embroiled.

Two and a half years ago the Racines' offer for the Old Rectory was rebuffed, so they shifted their focus to the Stoney Acres. Marilyn's brother and his wife were running a successful restaurant in Grand Rapids, and wanted to expand their enterprise. So the two couples, friends, went in together to buy Stoney. The idea was that Liam and Marilyn would be paid for their day-to-day work, and the two couples would split the profits, when and if they arrived.

Things began to go wrong almost at the start. Credit card receipts automatically sent to the operating fund account failed to arrive, so starting in August of 2002, Liam and Marilyn and the staff were rarely paid on time, and payments for supplies had to go on their burgeoning credit cards. Investigating how this could have happened led to some surprising discoveries that turned the two couples into combatants. Mediation was attempted, but the results were not accepted. A second round of mediation, involving three neutral attorneys to do a “case evaluation,” produced an equally unacceptable settlement proposal. So the matter began the time-consuming and expensive uphill climb into court.

A trial set for early May was postponed. New discovery motions were made, and detectives and attorneys hired. On June 14th another trial date will be set, probably for September. Acrimony has peaked, reducing the chances of a settlement.

By keeping their eyes on the goal of turning Stoney into a fine, International-style bistro, the Racines have managed to struggle along without reimbursement for their efforts, somehow finding fresh energy each time they seemed about to be overcome by exhaustion.

We all hope for a quick resolution; both couples have better things to do than perpetuate an energy-consuming dispute whose costs are such that neither can really hope to ever win.

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