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September 2002
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News from the Townships

St. James Township Regular Meeting – August 3

All members present. The Board approved the final payments on the 2001 Beaver Island Improvement project. The final payment to H & D was $155,715.85, and the final payment to Moore & Bruggink, the engineering firm, was $130,720.28. St. James Township received $40,000 from Charlevoix County Road Commission, and the balance came from Township savings funds.
Vyse explained the Health Center Building, which is jointly owned by both townships, is being considered for use as a Government Center when the new Health Center Building is completed. Don Vyse, Gary Damstra, John Works, and Don Spencer are working on this.

Approval was given for AmVets to put an Information Board in the downtown area, but exact location is yet to be determined.
Municipal Yacht Dock improvements and paperwork is nearing completion.

Plans for the new Bike Trail are complete. We want to start the project this fall.

The Nuisance Ordinance was tabled for 30 days, with the burning of trash the only unresolved issue.

The Board heard concerns for and against a curfew from many residents. No action was taken at this time, but the Township Attorney will be contacted for samples of other community curfew ordinances.

Peaine Township Regular Meeting – August 14

Members present: Works, Kubic, Martin, Nelson, Lanier.
MOTION Lanier, second Kubic: to approve the 7-10 minutes; Passed. MOTION Works, second Nelson: to approve the 7-21 minutes; Passed. MOTION Lanier, second Works: to approve the current monthly bills; Passed.

Connie Wojan, representative of the Med Center Board, requested Peaine Township to levy the maximum millage for the Med Center. A joint township meeting with the Med Center Board will be held on Aug. 21. Arlebe Brennan will give a report on the whole operation of the Med Center, and the architects will give a presentation. Fred Haubold questioned the $48,000 write-off, and Grace Matela said it was written off because they could not determine the origin of the old billings. Haubold feels the billing process is still pathetic. A suggestion was made to have monthly reports showing the billings, receivables, and outstanding balances.

MOTION Works, second Lanier: to adopt the 5-year Recreation Plan; Passed. A 'thank you' letter will be sent to Jack Kelly commending him for the nice job he did putting the Recreation Plan together.

Curfew discussed: the County Curfew Ordinance has a 10:00 p.m. curfew for under-12-year-olds, and a midnight curfew for under 16. The community is very concerned about crime and what is being done about it.

Airport millage discussed: the Airport Renewal millage was defeated by 8 votes. Peaine Township is half-owner of the Beaver Island Airport and responsible for its operation and maintenance. The General Fund will have to support the Airport if the millage is not voted back into effect in November. It was suggested that the Airport charge landing and tie-down fees. Mike Scripps stated that a federally funded airport couldn't charge landing fees. All our Airport improvements have been funded by grants, and the townships' share is a low 10% of the total cost, an excellent deal. Complaints were made that the Airport Committee doesn't have enough regular meetings. It was suggested that the Airport Committee have a joint meeting with Peaine and St. James Townships to review the budget. MOTION Lanier, second Works: to put the Airport Millage Renewal proposal back on the ballot for the November General Election; Passed.
Reports: Lanier reported that the neighborhood meetings are going well for the Island residents' input on the Master Plan.
Public comments: Bud Martin said it's hard to believe that Peaine Township voters wouldn't support the ¾ mills for the Beaver Island Airport.

Meeting adjourned at 9:35 p.m

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