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May 2004
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Plan is Proposed for the BMX Track

On April 14th the Township Board received a second presentation for a BMX track from three BICS students Christine Runberg, John Albin, and Dan Runberg, who had made a table-sized paper model to illustrate their ideas. The plan, for which they requested permission, not funding, occupied 111' x 176'; it featured four long runs, banked corners, a 10'-high starting block, a 6' jump, and 26 total ‘events.’

They thought it would cost about $2,000. After reading about their first request, Ralph and Jeanne Graham had offered to pay half, and the balance of the start-up money could come from a series of fund-raisers. Some events (races and stunts) might attract spectators who would make donations as well.

They had 57 signatures from students who would take a turn maintaining it–twice-a-week sprinkling, raking, and repacking would be required during the season, with shifts being two hours. The budget included money to purchase specialized tools. The track would be built from high-clay gravel, requiring between 100 and 120 yards. If the park were coated with concrete its use could be broadened and maintenance regularity might decrease, but the cost of such an enterprise is prohibitive.

After the presentation, the Board responded. It was impressed with the amount of thought that had gone into planning the track, and believed that BMX stunting was a growing sport with interest and application here. But it was also concerned that the plan was too ambitious. It said that other students had pressed for a skating rink behind the Town Hall, and that had been built, but after the initial fascination subsided it had fallen into disuse. The Supervisor admired them for acting to bring about their dream, but was afraid maintenance duties would be shirked. Some kind of proof of sustainability was thought to be in order, either a contract or a bond.

After discussion a next step was formulated: scale the plan back, come back for approval, build it, and operate it to gain experience. If no insurmountable problems are uncovered, expand the track the following year.

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