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September 2002
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Another Life Saved – Hillary Rasch

On August 21st Jeff Rasch took his daughters to the playground. The two older girls were playing in a swim ring while he held the baby of the family on shore. They got out of the swim ring in the shallows just before a sudden gust of wind sent it skidding over the waves. Hillary, who is three, chased after it but tripped and seemed to take a gulp of water. “When she didn’t spring up, I went into the surf but found she was not breathing and had started to turn blue,” he said. “I screamed out to call 911 and then began administering CPR.” Joe Cunningham, visiting from San Francisco, made the call. Luckily honeymooning State Trooper Mike Morey happened to be there. He rushed up and took over,” Jeff said. “She started breathing again, spitting water as she exhaled. When Mike put her over his shoulder, the rest of the water drained out and she came back to life.” A moment later the first EMS, Bruce Cull, was on the scene and checked out the young girl. She was okay, much to the relief of the hundred people who had gathered around. Hillary was flown across, where tests showed she was fine.

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