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August 2002
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Project achieves Major Milestone

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Weather or Not

New Owners Jeff and Bill Cashman

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A Local Poet Steps Forward

For years Beaver Islanders have heard about poems Robert Cole published in a California literary journal or read to a packed house in Chicago, but few Beaver Islanders had the chance to see what all the fuss was about. Now a pamphlet of his work is available at Livingstone Studio and the Beaver Boat-Tique.

These nine poems written over the past ten years contain a common theme: something else is here, something ineffable and mysterious that animates the world…something that takes a special peacefulness to receive and elucidate. It can't be named, but he can approach it in his poems. In one titled To the Mystic, he says "Some days the lake turns over:/everything that settled on the bottom/rises to the surface,/lifted by the sun./ A museum of debris,/all scattered on the ripples./ Anyone can see it./ Anyone who's looking." Who has not felt this happening inside himself, as old memories and hopes and plans echo again on their life-long trek to oblivion? We have other distractions most of the time, but thankfully Robert is at his post, steadfastly looking.

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