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September 2002
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EMT Classes to Be Offered

Beaver Island Emergency Medical Service (BIEMS), in conjunction with Beaver Island Community School (BICS), will be offering two Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) classes this fall. The one-hundred ninety-two (192) hour program will be offered as part of the BICS regularly scheduled classes from 12:30 p.m.1:25 p.m. daily beginning September 4th. This daily program will follow the school policy for class cancellation, and will finish with the final exams in June 2003.

The evening program will meet every Tuesday and Thursday nights from 6:30 p.m.9:30 p.m., starting on October 1st. The evening scheduled class will be completed before school final exams in May 2003.

Both EMT programs, whether during the day or during the night, will require 32 additional hours of clinical time during the second half of the program, where students will experience ambulance operations and emergency room treatments for actual patients. These clinical hours will have to take place on weekends.

Entry requirements for adults include a 9th grade reading level and a desire to serve the community. The cost of either program to an interested adult will be the time required to attend, study, and prepare for the classes, and the time to spend on the mainland doing clinical time. All other off-Island expenses of the program for an adult willing to serve the community will be covered by BIEMS.

For further information, contact Joe Moore (448-2416) or Mike Russell (448-2700.)

–Joe Moore

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