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January 2003
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Michigan Land Use Institute Island meeting

With 22 Islanders in its membership roll, the Michigan Land Use Institute will hold an organizational meeting here on Thursday, January 23rd, at 7:00 p.m. at the Peaiue Township Hall. So far, most of the talk about the advantages of developing a relationship with the MLUI has centered on the idea that although we do not currently have the kind of emergency that could best be solved with their participation, it's wise of us to develop a bond beforehand because there's a good chance problems may arise. The MLUI's staff are experts on smart growth. In the past year we have seen new subdivisions, a new BITA building, and new pavement and streetlights, and plans are afoot for a new Medical Center, Community House, and Museum, and it would be only prudent to call on the MLUI's expertise.

But a reason for us as individuals to get involved that hasn't received as much attention is that the MLUI gives us an opportunity to help bring the smart growth philosophy to bear on matters at the state level. It is an important forum for expressing our shared concerns and working on having them implemented as Michigan's accepted policy.

Beaver Island is a logical place to become a MLUI stronghold, because it champions the very same values that brought many of his here: a desire not to impinge on our natural endowment as a "hidden side-effect" of uncontrolled sprawl. Those of us who believe in this issue should attend this meeting, if for no other reason than to enjoy the pleasure of rubbing elbows with kindred spirits.

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