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June 2003
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McDonough’s Market - 70 Years serving Beaver Island

Don't bother trying to fix it … if it's not Baroque

Graduation Time

Beaver Island Chamber of Commerce Plans for the 4th of July

The Historical Society releases the schedule for Museum Week

BIPOA Nature Lecture: Painted Turtles of the Beaver Archipelago

CMU Summer Nature Walk series

BIRHC to Raffle Truck

Health Center Groundbreaking

The State of the Internet on Beaver Island

Honoring Bev and Mike

On This Date

One Hundred Years Ago

A Fine Spring Concert

An Environmental Protection section proposed for our Zoning Ordinance

Passings: Robert Smith; Gary Tepe; Margaret Way; Dan Green

Rural Arts & Culture Grant Update

Mary Gets a New Gallery

Roasting Jerry

The Sun Also Rises … over PABI's Community House: Summer Solstice Celebrations

The Class Play: A Class Act

Lighthouse School News

News from the Townships

Work at Beaver Head

BICS Students get Handhelds

Island Airways Hanger Party

Emerald Isle Security Exercise

Making a Walleye Pond

The Leadership Retreat suggests an approach for the Lansing Reception

A Report on The Lansing Reception

Peaine Township helps the Island move closer to a Master Plan

The AmVets in Action: yellow ribbons and posters

Weather or Not

Camp Quality Returns

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Classified Ads

The Class Play: a Class Act

On May 10th, the 5th and 6th grade students at the Beaver Island School put on their 11th annual class play, and brought down the house. Under the able direction of Donna Stambaugh, and with the assistance of Mike Hurkmans’ Island Karaoke equipment, these talented students stepped up to the mark and delivered their lines with professional aplomb. Sally Lounsberry sat in the wings to act as prompter, but when a line occasionally proved elusive another actor frequently whispered the first few words before she could mime her cue. These little hesitations gave the play the aura of an old tapestry fired at by a distant shotgun, and were uniform enough to not distract from the audience's appreciation.

The play itself, chosen for having the right number of parts, was like a spring-loaded box of puns that kept erupting with one-liners, accompanied by drum roles and mock dramatic gestures. As the plot unfolded, it transpired that the phony veterinarian of the title was attempting to swindle everyone he came across. Things looked dim through the intermission, during which the twenty door prizes contributed by Island merchants were awarded. Late in the second act the evildoer finally received his comeuppance, which produced a thunderous roar of appreciation from the audience. The performers did such a good job because of both their natural talent and dedication to the hard work of creating the sets, learning their lines, and rehearsing until they had it down. Since at least some of their names will someday be in lights, it's only fitting to preview that moment by listing them here: Kristy Bousquet, Caitlin Boyle, Jenna Butler, Hannah Conner, Devin Cook, Patrick Cull, Maeve Green, Linsey Kenwabikise, Alex Kuligoski, Cameron LaVasseur, Briana Maudrie, Dereck McDonough, Cassie Paisley, Signè Thomas, and Brian Timsak. Our hats come off to you all.

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