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August 2003
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Letters to the Editor Regarding the BIRHC Controversy

From Joe Reed: July 17, 2003:

I made two statements the other night at the meeting which became controversial. The first was that Susan Meis had sued her former employer. I repeated a rumor rather than having a factual base for the statement. I spoke with Jayne Bailey who confirmed that it was discussed at the time but apparently Susan did not in fact file a lawsuit. Therefore I spoke based on a rumor and never should have done it.

The other dispute was over a statement attributed to me with respect to Eula Thomas. I was alleged to have said she would never be on the board as long as I was a member, or words to that effect. I must emphatically deny having said that and indeed I was preparing to be a part of a board committee who would interview prospective board members when a slate was assembled from those who responded to our announcement soliciting board applications.

In short, I regret speaking out based on a rumor but vigorously deny ever having said that I would attempt to prevent any individual who wished to serve and met the stated criteria for membership from joining the BIRHC board.

–Sincerely, Joe Reed

From Kirk McBride:

It is my sincere desire for the entire Island community that our BIRHC Board and Transition Manager act immediately and forthrightly to resolve issues brought forward by concerned citizens. If this does not happen, I sadly foresee the possibility of the entire Medical Center project failing.

I also hope that when the emotional dust settles, the board realizes and acknowledges the fact that issues run deeper and wider than the non-renewal of our PA's contract. This action taken by the board was only impetus for a call to action relative to other critical issues with the Medical Center. I've seen few other causes generate as much public interest and support, a good thing to have happen for greater public involvement with the BIRHC Board and Medical Center moving forward from here.
I also recognize that the BIRHC Board is not publicly elected but still responsible to the public. I therefore fear that if the public can not vote with a ballot, their recourse becomes voting with their dollars. The withholding of contributions or the turndown of possible millage funding is not an acceptable alternative. Neither act will serve the greater need of the Island and its medical care.
All involved individuals should realize there is no WE and THEY in this matter but only US. The world grows smaller daily and the Island even smaller. Now is the time for US to come together quickly.

Based on the public display of inappropriate professional conduct and behavior by two board members at last Tuesdays' BIRHC Board meeting, the two members should immediately resign in the best interest of the community and Medical Center. There exists a pool of talented and qualified candidates who stand ready, willing, and able to accept Tuesday nights' challenge and sit on the board's side of the table in order to fill current and/or future board vacancies.

In the board's Proposed Guidelines for Recruiting, Selecting, and Orientating Members of the BIRHC Board of Directors they have recommended the following: Mission of the Beaver Island Rural Health Center (BIRHC) is: To provide high quality, cost-effective health care that is accessible to the entire Beaver Island community. Purpose of the BIRHC Board: To ensure that the organization's mission is fulfilled within the legal, governance, and fiduciary responsibilities entrusted to it by the public.
Let's all walk the talk and demonstrate that these are more than just words on paper. Much has been accomplished but much more lies before us. Let all of US come together for that purpose.

–Kirk D. McBride


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