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March 2003
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One Hundred Years Ago

Charlevoix Sentinel
March 5, 1903 Local News:
“The fish hatchery is in full operation. Monday night Mr. Platts arrived from Detroit with a consignment of trout eggs, and they were at once placed in the tanks. Mr. Platts will have charge of the plant, and Leslie Giddings has been engaged as night watchman. Another consignment of trout eggs is expected soon, and later it is expected that whitefish eggs will be put in process of hatching.”

Beaver Island News: “Prospects point to an early opening of navigation.”

“Three or four loads of Garden Island people were over to attend the funeral of Jas. Gibson.

“The public schools were closed Thursday forenoon on account of the funeral of Director Gibson.”

“Mrs. Annie E. Gallagher is very low with heart disease little hope being entertained for her recovery.”

“The ice is all out of the mouth of the harbor and McCann's dock at the point can be easily reached by boat.”

“The many friends of Miss Nellie Green will be glad to learn that she is rapidly convalescing from her severe illness.”

“Mrs. James Donlevy gave a very pleasant evening at cards to about 50 friends among the married people of the harbor a few evening since. The guests were served with appetizing refreshments and all returned to their homes feeling that Mr. and Mrs. Donlevy are royal entertainers. A collection was taken for the benefit of the Ladies Sodality, which organization is buying the curtains and linen for the Parish Houses on the hill.”

“On Tuesday evening, February 24 Jas. Gibson, one of the oldest settlers and most respected citizens of B. I. passed away after an illness of nearly four month. Mr. Gibson was born on Beaver Island in 1859, his parents who moved to the Island the previous year being among the first white settlers after the expulsion of the Mormons. In 1880 he was married to Miss Mary McCann, who with four children, Eva, Margaret, Julia and Mary, still survive him. He also leaves his mother, Mrs. Julia Gibson, three sisters and one brother Mrs. Sarah Bailey, of Mackinaw Island, Mrs. W. F. Gill and Miss Ida Gibson of the Island and Mr. William Gibson of Petosky. For many years he had held the position of post-master, two years as town treasurer and for a long time a valued member of the school board, Vice President of the C. M. B. A. and a faithful communicant of Holy Cross Catholic Church. In 1902 he went to the University Hospital at Ann Arbor for the treatment of a serious malady of the throat, and after a six weeks stay there, returned to the island with no hopes of being cured. He was quite resigned to his fate and was never heard to complain of his lot though hard it was to be. He was to the end always more solicitous about his dear ones than for himself. Although a great sufferer through most of his sickness, his last hours were peaceful and without pain. He was a dutiful son, a kind brother, and a loving and considerate husband and father. The funeral occurred Thursday morning at the church and he was interred at Holy Cross Cemetery.”

March 12, 1903 Marine News:
“Work of cutting out the steamer BEAVER has been commenced, and Captain Campbell will probably make his first trip to the Island some time next week.”

March 19, 1903 Marine News:
“The BEAVER will probably make her first trip to the Island Monday next.”

“John Martin, brother of the Beaver Island Martins, and formerly a captain of a Hart boat, will go as chief mate of the ILLINOIS this season.”

March 26, 1903 Local News:
“The steamer BEAVER had a good run to the Island yesterday, and the only ice seen on the trip was in Cundy Gallagher's refrigerator.”

“Charlevoix has come to be the annual rendevous of light-keepers in the spring, in getting to their several stations. The past week they have been as plentiful here as fleas on a yellow dog.”
Marine News: “The steamer BEAVER made the first trip to the Island Wednesday, with a good sized passenger list and a drayload of mail.”

Beaver Island News:
"The entrance to Beaver Harbor is entirely free from ice."

“McCann's red ice house has been moved from the old stand onto a crib over the water along side their dock.”

“Gordon and Dahimer have a dock built on their waterfront north of Bonner's dock.”

“Messrs. Jos. Left, Clarence Bissell and Jos. Brown have quit fishing through the ice and now have their nets in open water at the mouth of the harbor.”

“McCann's fishing crew began work this week Monday–their tug MARGARET McCANN is fitted out ready to fish as soon as they can break through to their store dock for coal. She tried to get through the ice on Thursday but found it too thick in the more sheltered portion of the harbor. The mouth of the harbor and for quite a distance in is all open.”

“Martin Bros. Are at work stringing their nets, and have their tug ELLIOT fitted up for spring fishing.”

“The men from the lumber camps of the Morrow Bros., are in the harbor waiting to get away on the first boat.”

“The B. I. Lumber Co. Have bought the timber gotten out by Gill and Green's camp.”

“Captain Bonner has a large mount of cedar on the banks of Hog and High Islands ready for the first schooner.”

“March 15 Peter D. Gallagher and wife were made happy by the advent of a son.”

“Capt. Johnson did four days plowing last week.”

“Mrs. Annie E. Gallagher died at her home on March 17 from Chronic vascular disease of the heart. She was born in Toronto in 1856 and was brought by her parents to Beaver Island in 1859. She was married in 1875 and bore six children, since 1893 when her husband died she had managed the farm and raised her family, but over-worked herself so that for more than a year she has been in very poor health. The death of her eldest son who was killed last December by a log rolling on him while in the woods alone, contributed largely to her own demise. All who knew her gave her great credit for the heroic manner with which she battled against adverse circumstances in raising her large family. Those of her children who survive her are Misses Mary and Bridget who are ladies grown and the two younger ones Annie and Willie. She was a member of the L.O.T.M. of Escanaba tent and one of the Ladies Sodality of the Catholic Church of Beaver Island. Funeral occurred March 20.”

“Since Mr. A. Malloy has remodeled the Pratt building for a meat market Beaver Island has as neat a place for storage and sale of meats as any one could ask for and just as neat a man to attend to their wants in that line. He handles all kinds of fresh, salt, smoked and canned meats, in the most satisfactory manner.”

–Joyce Bartels

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