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White Shoal Lighthouse

As we fired photographs, some were adding the light to their collection for the first time while others, like Chuck who had been working on his book for eight years and still has a year of research and writing ahead, were getting a better angle.

Another interesting corollary was pointed out by Mac, who had started out observing birds. Many of the rarer of the 650 species he sought can be observed in only one location on Earth. He segued to encountering each of the lighthouses, of which there are around 600 on the list. While others are working on their books, he plans to assemble a collection to give to the National Lighthouse Museum in Rockland Maine.

After coaxing the adventurers into a quick group shot in front of the White Shoal Light, we finally made our way to the old Waugoshance Point light. Like at Lansing Shoal, a brigade of cormorants occupied this perch, dividing their number among the lower rocks breaking the lake’s surface and the upper tiers of the castle-like steel keeper’s structure. White streaks bleed from the windows, while crumbling sand falls on the metal structure from the exposed stone tower above.

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White Shoal Lighthouse
White Shoal Lighthouse