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June 2004
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Letters to the Editor: Karaoke

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The Annual "Fashion Tea" July 8

Congradulations to Ryan Wojan


Letters to the Editor: Karaoke

I feel compelled to write after reading the wonderful lists of volunteers on the Island put together by the Americorp group. I realize that they could not remember everyone, so I would like to add my grateful thanks to Mike and Sharon Hurkmans for the tremendous time and energy they put into the Talent Show for the past couple of years.

This was the 18th annual show, and before they arrived, all we had to work with for anyone who could not play an instrument was a CD player and you had to sing along with the singer or do as I did, a cappella. The Hurkmans never ask for any kind of payment and also have opened their garage numerous times for practices and for anyone who would want to come out and use their equipment.

At this time on the Island, when many parents are asking for activities for their kids to do, we have to ask ourselves why, when Mike and Sharon offered their services free of charge for a Karaoke Night at Peaine Twp. Hall, the Youth Consortium threw it back in their faces and someone said to them “well, I think kids would rather learn to play an instrument.”

One of my questions to that is: who is going to teach or accompany them? And where were they when I needed someone to accompany me all those years ago? My instrument is my voice, as it is with many of these talented kids. And if not for Kevin White, I never would have had the chance to sing with music–at least not until the Hurkmans moved here.

On any given Saturday night , you can find me with my car loaded with 12-15 kids heading out to Hurkmans’ garage for a karaoke night. And the wonderful thing is, they don't have to be great or to find someone to accompany them–it's right there; all they have to do is add their voice. So maybe we should let them have a voice and give Mike and Sharon the respect and gratitude they greatly deserve. If you or your child have not had the opportunity to do karaoke, give it a try, but please don't judge it or the Hurkmans until you have.

So thank you Mike and Sharon from me and also the countless number of kids that are grateful that you chose Beaver Island to live and that you let us invade your lives and garage.

– Sheri Timsak

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