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July 2004
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News from the Townships

AmVets Retire Worn Flags

Long-EZ's return - Burt Rutan-designed experimental aircraft

PABI GroundBreaking

Island Airways Hangar Party

Wildlife Club News

School Election Results

Letters: To the Beaver Island Community

Walleye Pond a Success this Year

The yearbooks are in. The yearbooks are in. The yearbooks are in!

Thanks to Ed Wojan who orchestrated the event, Islanders get to Skydive from 11,000 ft. at Township Airport

On This Date

Museum Week 2004 Schedule of Events

A Sturdy New Home - Ben Fogg's new Tug Spartacus.

Lighthouse School Graduation

Silent Auction added to Fashion Tea

Phyllis Townsend 1911-2004

Preservationists named Honorary Architects

The Dig Continues - Suttons Bay Anthropology Club

Rich Gillespie will run for Charlevoix County Commissioner

Will there be a New Boat?

BIRHC Grand Opening - A Fine Celebration

One Hundred Years Ago

Art found in Nature - the Wood Sculpture of Bruce Struik

Mary Gallagher 1909-2004

Cecelia Kinney 1911-2004

Emergency Lights Available

New First Responders

Blood Drive; Hospice Needs Summer Caregivers

New Map of Beaver Island


Letters: To the Beaver Island Community

The past year has seen the Island through new challenges, some controversy, and in my opinion several successful steps forward in meeting our future needs. We have witnessed increased public participation in the many governing functions of the Island, something I believe the various boards and committee's welcome as a whole. The literally hundreds of volunteers that staff these bodies and organizations produce a volume of effort that is little known or understood but critical to maintaining our way of life on the Island. Attendance and participation at the various meetings can only foster clearer communication and help to eliminate non-productive time addressing the 'rumor mill' or reiterating discussion held at previous meetings.

The public process is one of several institutions that make and maintain a community. Two other cornerstones of a community are Education and Health Care. Without these services Beaver Island would eventually become a far different seasonal destination instead of a vibrant year-round community. This is something I've witnessed during the time I lived off the Island in various small towns and remote areas. Once basic services such as these disappear from a community the entire structure and character of the town changes and a way of life is gone. Beaver Island, as well as many other towns and communities throughout Michigan, faces some difficult challenges in both Education and Health Care due to funding cuts and other curtailments of State government budgets. It is up to the community to find the ways and means to maintain these institutions.

As many of you know, the Beaver Island Lodge has hosted a fund-raising dinner each year in support of a local organization. This year we would like to once again perform this benefit for the Beaver Island Rural Health Center. The Capital Campaign being discussed by the BIRHC Board is a very positive step forward in meeting our long-term needs of this critical cornerstone of our community. The Beaver Island Lodge and Nina's Restaurant will host a benefit dinner in September (date to be announced) and all proceeds will be given to the Health Center. We welcome affiliations, ideas, contributions, or any other commitments that will help to make this year's fund-raiser even more successful.
Let’s look to the past only for what we can learn from it and focus our energies on meeting the challenges of the future.

– Ray Cole

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