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February 2003
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Letters … we get Letters!

The letters from Gwen Marston and Krys Lyle in the January Beacon share my views of the Medical Board's lack of fiscal responsibility to the community they serve.

I have been reading the Medical Board meeting minutes, and it looks like I attended my first meeting regarding the new Med Center on February 20, 2001 and several more thereafter. At many meetings I had questions and/or comments. None of them appear in the minutes. For the record it looks like I have been silent.

I have not been, and will not be silent on this issue.
I voiced my concerns about the new Center at the recent public meeting. For the record I will repeat them here:

1.) When completed, the new Center will cost more to operate, resulting in added taxes and increased fees;

2.) When you are seriously ill or injured, you will have to go across for treatment; and

3.) Sadly, the new Center would provide the same care we now have.

–Bud Cruikshank

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