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The White Shoal Lighthouse

in Winter

In 1906 the Lighthouse Board petitioned Congress for funds to construct a permanent light station on the White Shoal, and on March 4, 1907 $250,000 was appropriated.

A crib was built 72’ square and 18’ high with 400,000 ft2 of lumber.

It was towed to the site and sunk with 4,000 tons of stone. In 1909 a steel frame for the tower 42’ at the base and 20’ in diameter at the top was assembled with 9 internal decks, lined with bricks, and covered with a skin of terra cotta blocks.

The massive Second Order Fresnel lens was first displayed on September 1, 1910, and was visible for 28 miles in clear weather. In 1913 compressed air deck cranes were added.

The lighthouse was automated in 1976.


Waugoshance Point Lighthouse historical photograph in service


This story appeared in the April 2008 Beacon.

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April 2008 Beacon

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