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The Grays Reef Lighthouse

in Winter

This light 23 miles SW of the Straits marks a reef that is a serious navigational hazard. It was built in 1936 to replace the last of the lightships, which was anchored there for 45 years.

The massive, two-story concrete base includes a steel door near the water line that can be opened from the deck of a ship for loading and unloading. A ladder is built into the 65’ x 65’ concrete base, and there is a hoist on the platform.

The white square two-story dwelling is encased in steel, with a steel 65’ tower rising from the center of the building. The lantern has diagonal-barred windows, and houses a modern 190mm plastic lens that replaced the original Third and Half Order lens. A radio tower has been added to the top of the lantern.


Waugoshance Point Lighthouse historical photograph in service


This story appeared in the April 2008 Beacon.

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