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February 2013 Beaver Beacon Island News

C o n t e n t s
        • News from the Townships
        • Revised Airport Terminal plans
        • The Community Foundation's new Trustees
        • Untitled
        • Delayed/1-13-13
        • CMU goes Deeper - New Vessel RV Chippewa to increase reasearch capacity of CMU on Beaver Island
        • A Public Notice: The Draft Peaine Recreation Plan
        • Invisible Gardening
        • The Leader of the Pack
        • Riley Justis Selected to lead Beaver Island Community School
        • Katrina becomes Assistant Prosecutor
        • One Hundred Years Ago
        • Some Little Known Facts
        • 40 Years of Flying So Far
        • Smoke, Bad
        • On This Date
        • In Memory: Barbara Duval Fox, Ed Loveley, Mary Jane Schmidt
        • Where's the Water?
        • Where's the Snow?
        • Is there a doctor in the house
        • Chris VanLooy Lauded
        • New PA for BIRHC: Welcome Gayle L. Paget
        • BIRHC Board Openings
        • Quiz Bowling
        • Choose Your Hero - Beaver Island Citizen of the Year
        • Here's how we recreate: Recreation Survey Results
        • NRESC, about time; Why NRESC?; Funding; When; Goals of the Plan
        • Charlevoix County Internet Satisifaction Survey
        • An Opening - Beaver Island District Library
        • Classified Ads, Island Property for Sale, Beaver Island Rental Cottages and Homes [ view classifieds online ]
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