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January 2009 Beaver Beacon Beaver Island News

C o n t e n t s
        • News from the Townships
        • Letters: ORV Use
        • 26-mile Island marathon being planned as Boston Marathon qualifier
        • Save the date for the Grand Rapids Party - February 28
        • Winter sports seasons off to slippery start
        • Amvets Auxiliary fundraiser for Christmas community events
        • John recognized
        • Meet the Editor ... of Guns & Ammo1
        • Bringing the winter oil
        • How Many Deer?
        • So This Is Christmas
        • Santa's Workshop
        • On This Date
        • In for an old-fashioned winter
        • An Island Traveler
        • Donald's Duck on Tour
        • Good Investments in the recession
        • A chance to serve
        • Coast Guard airlifts Snowmobile Rider
        • One Hundred Years Ago
        • In Memory: Beatrice Bauman, John Crouse, Dolores Gallagher
        • Bio Station recognized by AIA; A Brave Gal; Father to Stay; B/R and PC Posts
        • Welcome back and thank you party on 1-31
        • What to do when stuck in an airport
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